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Lululemon Bags We’re Loving For Fall

October 25, 2022


Team LIY

Ahhhhh Lululemon 😍 We knew their apparel and workout gear was top notch, but over the past year we are now caught up in a love affair with their bags as well. Do we check back a little too often to see if a new cutie has hit the site? Maybeeee….don’t judge 😂 From belt bags, to backpacks, to totes + more – we have found ourselves carrying these babies everywhere we go! While some are on the pricer side, the quality really holds up and we think once you try one out you will see what the hype is all about! (dibs on that being their new song or slogan)

Need tips on styling the oh so popular Lululemon belt bag?! We’ve got you covered with this post! (I use mine EVERYDAY)

p.s. Did you say Lulu on sale?! Check out the Lululemon “We Made Too Much Sale” for some major discounts…🥳

Lululemon Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag

Fleece Belt Bag

Lululemon On My Level Bag

On My Level Bag

One piece of advice: buy this bag. I had been eyeing this bag since my girlfriend used it on our beach trip and I finally took the plunge and made it my own! The fabric is 👌🏻 and I love all of the ways you can wear it/use it! It’s great for the beach, the gym, or an every day tote as it holds all of your items you’d need!

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon Wristlet

Lululemon Wristlet

Lululemon Clean Lines Tote

Lululemon Clean Lines Tote [in Burnt Caramel/Black]

Mini Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack

Mini City Adventurer Backpack 20L

Perfect for the girl on the go! 🏃‍♀️ This mini backpack is PERFECT for boppin’ around town with your essentials + more! With lots of compartments, this little bag can hold more than meets the eye!

City Adventurer Backpack

City Adventurer Backpack 20L [color trench]

Another Lululemon bag to add to your cart or wishlist 😍 This city adventurer backpack caught my eye and is SO CUTE in person! It has tons of space and compartments. Perfect for hiking, school, or even a diaper bag! This is the full size but they have mini and micro sizes as well 🥳

Side Cinch Shopper Bag

Side Cinch Shopper Bag

Fleece Everywhere Belt Bag

Fleece Everywhere Belt Bag

How cute is this fleece version of the Everywhere Belt Bag?! So perfect for Fall and Winter and available in Ivory, Black, and Camel! LOVE!

Fleece Phone Crossbody Bag

Fleece Phone Crossbody Bag // Non-Fleece Version

Okay this one is very similar to the Fleece Everywhere Belt Bag, but it’s a bit smaller [perfect for a cell phone and has interior slots for cards!] and lays vertically, crossbody style! I love a phone crossbody for traveling [you don’t have to spend time searching for your ID at airport security 😉 ] or running errands! This would also be a good option for anyone who hasn’t hopped on the belt bag bandwagon yet. PS the smaller attached bag is removable! Comes in three colors!

All Night Festival Bag

All Night Festival Bag

I am pretty picky about bags because I like my stuff to be easily accessible and lots of opportunities for organization. But WOW WOW WOW I LOVE THIS BAG! There are so many spots to put stuff, and it’s plenty big enough for allll the mom things, wife things, and my stuff things!

All Night Micro Festival Bag

All Night Micro Festival Bag

I’m officially on the Lululemon bag trend 🙃 I would typically carry nothing to my kid’s games and hold my phone but after using this bag I can be hands free! There are SO many pockets in this thing, I love that it’s weatherproof and despite its size it holds quite a bit [I had my card wallet, phone, chapstick and key]! The strap is also adjustable making it easy to wear as a crossbody or if you prefer it as more of a belt bag or across your chest it works well that way too!

Snap Large Tote Bag

Large Snap Tote [Grey Sage] // Bag Organizer [size XL]

I love the size of this tote and that it could be used as a work tote, gym bag, or travel carry-on – whatever your heart desires! You can fasten the snaps on the sides to make a smaller version, or unsnap them for even more space! This one easily fits my laptop for office days, several beach towels for days by the water, or a change of clothes + shoes on the go!

New Crew Backpack

New Crew Backpack 22L

Combine Lululemon + a backpack and I am SOLD. As a mom of two little ones I find it difficult to carry anything but a backpack these days. This bag is so lightweight and has so many different compartments to hold allllll the mom AND kiddo things. The fabric is water repellent so I feel comfortable carrying this to my son’s swimming lessons and throwing his wet swimsuit in it after he’s done. It’s also big enough to carry my laptop making it a great option to use for work.

On My Level Bag

On My Level Bag

My absolute favorite work bag because she holds.it.all. My breast pump, camera, laptop, planner and more. I can’t get enough!

Quilted Grid Tote Bag

Quilted Grid Tote Bag 26L

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