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How to Build a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

September 9, 2022


Team LIY

If you’ve been following along with us for any length of time, you may already know the drill. New season = new capsule wardrobe. Fall is officially in full swing here and Indiana and it’s safe to say I’m embracing sweater weather with open arms. In my humble opinion, fall fashion is the BEST type of fashion. From boots to cardigans to leggings, adorable jackets, etc, etc, I can’t get enough. Nothing screams cozy more than layers and fall is the prime time for doing just that. Add in a Caramel Apple Spice [spiked please] and some delicious smelling fall candles and well, time freeze please. If you’re new around these parts, you may be thinking “what the WHAT? a fall capsule wardrobe? girlfriend, speak English please.” I get it, this is all new territory for some. But have no fear, a fall capsule wardrobe explanation is here!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

If you aren’t familiar with what a capsule wardrobe is, I’ll quickly explain – a capsule wardrobe is where you take several pieces (15-20) that all work together within your wardrobe to interchange and get creative with. The point behind a capsule wardrobe is to minimize the number of items you have on hand while maximizing the number of ways you can wear each piece. From a creativity standpoint, it’s awesome – a capsule wardrobe will force you to be more intentional about making sure all items work together in multiple ways, which really will make you feel like you have a closet full of options with just a few pieces! This not only creates a lot less headache and time in the morning when deciding what to wear but also saves you money as well. I think we can agree that we like saving on all of the above.

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

For this Fall Capsule Wardrobe, we went with a cool color scheme. You’ll notice classic fall tones that are neutral enough to mix and match, while also incorporating a few fun prints and my personal favorite piece: a graphic tee. Comfort is key, friends. This capsule was intended to fall on the more casual side, but we included several pieces that can be easily taken from work to play. Today you’ll see three bottoms: a midi skirtclassic denim, and a pair of basic chinos. You’ll see these three bottoms styled with several tops [paired with various jackets and outwear since it’s chilly season]. Of course no wardrobe would be complete without accessories, so keep an eye out for those too!

Meet the Pieces




Shoes & Accessories:

Styling the Henley Dress

Midi Dress [TTS, wearing small] // Faux Suede Jacket [TTS, wearing small] // Distressed Denim Jacket [size up if in between] // Solid Camel Sweater [TTS, wearing small] // White Sneakers [TTS] // Booties [size up .5 if in between] // Tote Bag

Styling the Midi Skirt

Graphic Tee [TTS, wearing small] // Luxe V-Neck Tank [true to size] // Distressed Denim Jacket [size up if in between] // Blazer [size down, wearing XS] // White Sneakers [TTS] // Booties [size up .5 if in between] // Tote Bag

Styling Classic Denim

Graphic Tee [TTS, wearing small] // Floral Ruffle Blouse [TTS, wearing small] // Colorblock Sweater [size down if in between, wearing XS] // Button Up Top [TTS, wearing small] // Solid Camel Sweater [TTS, wearing small] // Blue V-Neck Tee [TTS, wearing small] // Faux Suede Mule [size up .5 if in between]

Styling Chino Pants

Chino Pants [size down if in between, wearing small] // Graphic Tee [TTS, wearing small] // Floral Ruffle Blouse [TTS, wearing small] // // Distressed Denim Jacket [size up if in between] // Blazer [size down, wearing XS] // White Sneakers [TTS] // Booties [size up .5 if in between] // Faux Suede Mule [size up .5 if in between]

And that’s a wrap, friends! Remember to have fun with your capsule and don’t be afraid to mix it up! Once you begin putting outfits together, you’ll find the possibilities are endless! Happy capsuling! 😉

Create Your Capsule:

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