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Cozy Cabin Collections

August 9, 2022


Erin Schrader

Inspired by our cabin in the woods, it was time to create products that emulate the coziness that being in one of my all-time favorite places evokes. Insert not one, but two, cozy cabin collections – the first one being with my sister, Joyfully Said, in a brand-new modern cabin collection full of signs designed with colors and textures that are on trend and in-season. Secondly, we were able to join forces with Antique Candle Co to partner together on a brand-new candle for fall, fittingly named, Cozy Cabin. Keep reading to learn more about all of this goodness!

Cozy Cabin Candle

I can’t wait for you to get this candle into your homes and burning immediately – Cozy Cabin is a soothing scent of fresh mountain air, intertwined with woodsy autumn notes of fir, sandalwood, amber, and lush cedar. It’s as wonderful as it sounds, I promise. Even better it’s clean burning, 100% vegan, made of sustainable materials, and hand-picked fragrances. Grab your Cozy Cabin candles now!

And now for the signs…

Use code LIY15 for 15% off all signs!

Forest View

Painted by artist, Katie Garrison Art, this duo couldn’t have turned out more beautiful. The scene is inspired by the front pond at our cabin with hints of our weeping willow tree and other landscape! You can buy this as a single sign or a duo that pairs together!

Wooden Antlers

It wouldn’t be a modern cabin collection without a pair of antlers [the less frightening kind ;)] I love this painted sign with the wood cutout of antlers to add texture and a 3D element! This sign is a great one to throw in a gallery wall as you can see above!

Normal Day

I couldn’t love this quote more — a reminder to simply enjoy the every, “normal” day. As somebody who can often be looking for “the next shiny thing” I love that this sign reminds me to be grateful for the normal days, to not wish them away, but to soak them up for the good that they are.

Edge of the Woods

Another painted sign by Katie Garrison Art this one is a real beauty. It’s another landscape photo that captures the pond with all of the greenery surrounding it! With shades of blue, green, and clay, this sign will look great in nearly any space! I love the mini version for styling shelves!

This Morning With Her

The minute I saw this quote I knew it had to be in our Cozy Cabin collection. I love the visual that it instantly creates – a scene of two people enjoying their mornings together, sitting [always in a screened in porch in my mind ;)], talking about the day ahead, mapping out their dreams, and sipping away on warm coffee in a hand-painted ceramic mug. And that my friends, is why you need this sign in your home. It will make you smile every time you see it, guaranteed.

Earthly Mod

I couldn’t love this modern artwork more. Charcoal, rust, and green make up the color scheme – it’s a minimilistic sign that makes a bold statement in any space! I feel like this sign really captures our modern cabin theme we were going with!

Toward The Cabin

I literally feel myself driving down our cabin lane when I look at this sign. Another painted sign, this scene is capturing the long lane down the cabin as you enter and exit, lined by large evergreen trees. It evokes the excitement of entering into a cozy place and I hope that it brings that same anticipation to your homes.

I Like This Place

Another quote I read and knew I wanted hanging in my home. It’s another one of those that simply makes me smile and think “that’s true” every time I read it. If you love your home and know you could willingly waste time in it, you may need this for your walls.

Cozy & Adventure

Last but not least, this Cozy & Adventure vintage modern duo! You can purchase them as a pair or individual, depending on which word is speaking more to you! The lettering on these is such a vibe all on their own and can fit in so many rooms/settings!

Don’t forget to use code LIY15 for 15% off your purchase!

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