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Our Latest Amazon Finds

June 8, 2022


Team LIY

Another month, another round of Amazon orders [again and again]! While we can’t tell you how many times the delivery man has showed up recently, we can tell you that what he’s been bringing has been goooood. And we’re here to tell you about it! Get ready, we’re going in.

Also, fun fact – we found SO many items this month, we had to split it up into two posts! You can find even more of our latest finds here!

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Erin’s Amazon Finds

Swimsuit Coverup

Coverup [wearing in dark beige] 

And just like that, I may have discovered my all-time favorite Amazon coverup! I love the look, the fit, the breathability, and the fact that I can wear it to a beachside bar and feel covered up enough! Under $25 and several color options available!

Hannah’s Amazon Finds

Black+Decker Handheld Vacuum

Black+Decker Handheld Vacuum

The vacuum I currently wouldn’t want to live without! I tend to be a clean freak [there I said it lol] so when there’s dog hair on the couch, stuff on the corner of the steps our regular vacuum didn’t get or I need to vacuum a small space, this guy has been a lifesaver!! This baby is POWERFUL and gets the job done! My kids even love using it, which has been great for them to help a little more around the house 🙂 Easy to clean, attachments are easy to use, it’s not heavy and charges quickly!

Rael Collagen Face Masks

Rael Collagen Face Masks

Oh the days of being in my early 20’s without a care in the world of what I was putting on my face or hardly taking care of it for that matter, those were the days friends lol. Well those days are gone and my Summer skin tends to take a turn [I love aging :)] since then I’ve been looking for face masks that work well, leave my skin feeling more youthful and minimal breakouts! This face mask has not only made my skin feel good but also hasn’t given me the annoying breakouts I tend to get with new products and the reviews are amazing! 

Chalk Alive

Chalk Alive

Anyone else’s kids LOVE chalk?! Mine are a little obsessed and love drawing! I somehow stumbled across an ad for this Chalk Alive and could’t hit #checkout fast enough! It’s really easy to use; kids pick their stencil, use the chalk and color it in, parents download the free app, take the stencil off, use the app and point your camera at the drawing! The image will appear based on the stencil used! My kids absolutely love it and get a kick out of the animals or things that show up!

Aqua Magic Doodle Mat;’

Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Summer Break is here and I was desperate to find activities for my kids that would work well both indoors and outdoors! I wasn’t sure how well this color mat would work since it looked like it would be best for younger kids but my kids [8 and 6] have loved it!! It’s super easy to use, literally add water to the “pens” and voila endless hours of fun! Mess free for the most part, non toxic so great for smaller kids and the mat just dries so easy to clean!

Claire’s Amazon Finds

Beach Chair 

Beach Chair 

Alright friends, I’ve been seeing this beach chair trending all over the internet. As someone who loves to read while I tan, I couldn’t hit “add to cart” fast enough! You can officially comfortably tan your back side without giving up your book, phone, or kindle. It’s a hit! 

Bike Shorts

Bike Shorts [size down if in between, wearing large but need mediums] // Tee Shirt [fits oversized, size down one] // Sneakers // Belt Bag

For the biker short girls, and girls who WANT to be biker short girls, BUY THESE! These are the first pair I’ve found that don’t squeeze my thighs or roll up when I walk. The material is SO soft and comparable to Lululemon Align fabric. If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect pair, give these a try!!

Lauren’s Amazon Finds

Golf Tank Top

Golf Tank Top [true to size, wearing medium] // Skort [true to size] 

Anyone else looking to spend some time with your husband on the golf course this summer?  From skorts and tanks to dresses and polos, there are a lot of golf options out there, but I wanted to give Amazon a try [golf clothes can be priiiiicayyyy!]. I love how lightweight this tank top is and the little zipper in the front! Plus it’s available in a ton of colors and priced right!

Insulated Lunchbox

Insulated Lunchbox

I’m finding that my days are spent running around here, there, and everywhere, sometimes at home around lunchtime and sometimes not. I’ve started packing a lunchbox and taking it on the go with me, so no matter where I find myself I’m more likely to reach for the healthy stuff I packed the night before verses the fast food down the street! This cooler folders up nicely and with an ice pack thrown in, keeps my food cool until lunch!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The latest addition to our back deck space? This waterproof bluetooth speaker! From the color changing lights to the fact that it’s waterproof, it’s a fun speaker to keep on the deck for late-night hangs! It’s not crazy loud, but it works for a small group hanging out! If you have a large space or are having a big party you might want something with some more volume!

Kids Swim Trunks

Pineapples // Watermelons // Men’s Version

The adult men’s version of these swimtunks are a hot Amazon item, and so when I saw they had them in toddler and little kid sizes, I knew I wanted to try them for my boys! I love the shorter length and all the fun prints that they come in! And my kids like them too- bonus!

Katy’s Amazon Finds

Pink Dress // Black Dress // Olive Dress

Pink Dress // Black Dress // Olive Dress

3 Amazon T-Shirt Dresses you are going to want this Summer! All 3 are slightly different but all SO comfortable and come in other great colors and/or prints! Lightweight + comfortable for all of your fun in the sun ☀️☀️☀️ These are going to get me and my growing belly through the warmer months!

CeraVe SA Cream

CeraVe SA Cream

Bumpy legs are no fun…especially during swimsuit season. I have been struggling with blackheads on my thighs and Cassidy on the team recommended this cream – so far I feel like it has really helped. Here’s to a confident, bump free, Summer!

Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug [Black/Grey, 7’9”x10’2”] // Patio Set

A rug can really spruce up a concrete slab! After scrolling the pages of Amazon, I found this one and am so happy with it! Cheers to grillin’ season ♨️

LIY Ambassador Amazon Finds

Aundrea’s Boob Tape

Boob Tape

I’m traveling to Jamaica for a little vacay from some friends! The more I packed, the more I realized that I had a few items that a strapless bra might not work for! So, ya girl went on the hunt for some boob tape!! Of course I went to AMAZON, and found my new BBF, Busties! I love how easy and comfortable Busties tape is! It came in a kit full of all the things and east step directions I would need to support my girls! What I love most is that a portion of the purchase is donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation! After a little practice, I can say I will confidently be wearing my fav summer/beach looks in Jamaica without worry of the girls! I am a 42/44 DD normal bra sizing (for size reference).

Allison’s Metal Flowers

Metal Flowers

Allison here! Who else kills all their flowers by July?!?! 🙋‍♀️ I found these super cute metal “flowers” to put in my flower pots put by the pool. Love the colors, they match my color scheme perfectly! I may just switch all my real flowers to metal ones for next summer!

Allison’s Headbands


have never been a headband girl due to my small head, but these headbands fit snuggly and the knot on top, gives my head the illusion of being a little bigger! They come in a 10 pack, so many fun colors/prints, and for under $14, you can’t go wrong! Looking forward to wearing them all!

Allison’s Swim Coverup

Swim Coverup

These airy, shirt bathing suit cover ups are so versatile, and come in an array of colors! Love switching up how I wear them; tied, opened, buttoned, etc. I have even worn these shirts as actual “shirts” buttoned and tied with a pair of jeans. The length is perfect for my six foot frame- long enough for full booty coverage!

Sthefany’s Sunglasses

Retro Square Aviator Sunglasses // Oversized Square Polarized Sunglasses // Cateye Sunglasses 

Amazon sunnies for the win! Hey LIY, Sthefany here. These Amazon designer dupes are of good quality and worth the price. All for under 25 dollars! Which one is your favorite?

Lisa’s Romper

Romper [true to size] // Wedges [size up .5]

Well, as much as I wanted to love, love, love this romper; it’s questionable. Although – I did not send it back because it is comfy with a capital ‘C’ and thought, ‘well maybe I wouldn’t wear it out on a Saturday afternoon, I will happily wear it around the house.’ Are you a romper lover? If so, how do you style them? Should I have sized up?

Lisa’s Body Oil

Osea Body Oil

Summer is right around the corner LIY! Time to switch from body butters to something a little lighter for skin hydration. I made a commitment to myself to have a better skin routine, and that means all my skin. I came across this amazing body oil and not only does it absorb quick into your skin it leaves you smelling like you just received the most luxurious spa treatment. While trends and styles come and go, your skin is with you forever. Show it some love!

Skye’s Swimsuit

Swimsuit [size up]

Is it possible to own too many swimsuits? Asking for a friend. Hey LIY Fam! Skye here! I’ve got another winning Amazon swimsuit find for you today! Not only is this swimsuit super comfortable but it is fully lined, has great support and padding for the ladies, and comes in lots of pretty colors too! I would recommend going up a size – I am wearing in a size 14

Skye’s Dress

Dress [true to size, wearing in Large] // Heels [true to size] // Strapless Bra [true to size]

I’ve found the *perfect* summer wedding dress!! Skye here, and this is one of the best Amazon finds I’ve ever come across! I love the one-shoulder style with the bow and… it has pockets! I found it to be true to size and a great length too – I am wearing it in a size large.

Skye’s Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag

I needed a bag I could take all my Hotworx gear to the studio along with my yoga mat! I love that this one is under $20, comes in several colors/patterns, and holds all of my gear! It also has inner pockets for your phone, keys, and whatever else you need to organize!

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