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How to Make Your Bed Look + Feel Luxurious

May 9, 2022


Cassidy Miller


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Did you know that we will spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping? Yup, you read that right. Cassidy here from Team Living in Yellow and I am a BIG advocate for getting a good nights’ rest – I always say, sleep is the epicenter to health and wellness. That being said, I wanted to ensure my bed would promote the best night of sleep possible! Not only did I want my bed to feel luxurious, but also to look luxurious because who doesn’t love having a beautiful bedroom!? I wanted to be sure that while I was making some upgrades to my bed and bedroom that I was also being cautious of cost. Beds, bedding, mattresses, etc. can most definitely be costly so I was sure to integrate a lot of what I already had in order to avoid doing a complete overhaul! Check out a few of my tips + tricks on how to make your bedroom a luxurious oasis!


Of course, we have to start with a good mattress! My husband and I opted for the Casper Original Foam Mattress and have 0 regrets. Although it is an investment, it was worth every penny in my opinion! Install was easy peasy – It’s you classic “bed in a box” and it truly is an amazing concept. You do need a box spring or a platform bed! Next, let’s talk mattress toppers. I purchased this mattress topper after Lauren [see more about her here!] suggested it! Did I mention it has almost 60,000 reviews and is under $40?! Yup. If you take anything away from this post, let it be this! As for bed sheets, I buy these again and again! And talking about reviews… these sheets have close to 300,000 reviews! 😱 They give you that luxurious feeling without breaking the bank!

Now that we have the foundation set, let’s move on the making the bed look beautiful! One trick that I love to do to make my bed look more luxurious is to add a coverlet! After I put my sheets on the bed [don’t forget to tuck the top sheet at the bottom of your bed to give it that hotel feeling!], I place the coverlet on top. It gives the bed warmth, texture and that designer feel. Next comes the comforter or duvet. If you are are using a duvet, another tip that I live by is ordering a duvet insert that is one size larger. This ensures that the duvet cover is full and plump! In the summer, we opt for just using the coverlet and in the winter months, we use both the coverlet and the comforter. And finally, when adding a throw blanket to your bed, buy the correct size! If you have a king bed, find a throw blanket in a king size. Having a throw blanket that is too small can make your bed look disproportionate and not as luxurious! This is my go to throw, its beautiful, soft, warm and comes in various colors and styles. I added these oversized square throw pillows to finish the look.

And finally, I have been fighting with my metal bed frame for years now… with fitted sheets, bed skirts, all the things and nothing has felt quite right. I would love to just buy a new bed frame with an attached headboard, but it felt like a waste when I have a perfectly good headboard, metal bed frame and box springs. Plus it just wasn’t in the budget! Insert the Standard Textile Circa Bed Wrap – the answers to my prayers. After purchasing and installing it [I recommend two people and NOT trying to do it alone, ha!] I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars! I do love the look and how it gives the illusion that my bed is more custom but, installation was kind of difficult and I have realized in some areas it looks a little creased maybe? Overall I am super happy with this purchase and I love that in comes in so many colors to match your room. This bed wrap works best with metal frames that do NOT have an attached headboard.

And there you have it! Simple tips + tricks to make your bed look and feel luxurious! I hope that these simple ideas can help create an oasis for your bedroom! Shop my entire bedroom below!

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