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Spruce Up Your Space with $100 or Less

January 26, 2022


Team LIY

We might be right smack-dab in the middle of January, but Spring Cleaning is right around the corner and the LIY team has been itching to get our spaces organized & updated! Complete home renovations may not be in the cards [for now, that is 😉 ], but we’re firm believers that a little sprucing can go a long way. From DIY bathroom facelifts to simple closet organization, it’s all here! Today, Team LIY is sharing a few ways we spruced up our spaces — for $100 or less!

Steph’s Game Area

Black Glass Board [36 x 24] // Chalk and Glass Markers // Wood and Black Wall Pockets // Macrame Wall Hanging 

My kids have been asking for a fun way to keep score for games in our work-in-progress family game room in the basement – enter this black glass board  and these markers! The markers are seriously little miracles. I was so skeptical – I thought they would either not write very nicely at all, or be impossible to erase. Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. They’re nice and bright, and a dry rag cleans the board right up! We added these wood and black wall pockets to hold the ping pong paddles and balls (and the rag for the board), and this macrame wall hanging to spruce it up even more. The room might be mostly for the kids – but I can still have it still coordinate with the decor of the house, right?!

Shop Steph’s Space:

Hannah’s Closet

Expandable Closet Shelf // Velvet Hangers [Kids] // Shoe Storage Boxes // Over the Door Pocket Organizer // Ceiling Light // Lightbulbs

If there’s one area of our home that’s drastically needed sprucing, it’s my closet! YIKES it’s been a huge mess, unorganized and a place where everything gets thrown or shoved into. There’s always stuff on the floor and it was time to take action! One thing that I noticed I needed was another closet shelf and this option was perfect!! It’s incredibly easy to install [tons of pictures, videos and directions], adjusts to the length you need and very sturdy! I also ordered these Velvet Hangers that have been a game changer! They are a kids size because I didn’t need a ton of them to hold my jeans but leftovers I could use for my kids clothes [ended up organizing their closets too]! And these shoe box organizers are amazing! Super easy to install and keep my shoes so visibly organized!! The final piece to the puzzle was how to organize my handbags! While the picture of the pocket organizer was for diapers and wipes, I think it worked pretty well for handbags as well!! And lastly, a new light and lightbulb, hanging the floor mirror and this closet has never looked better!! Now, let’s hope I can keep it this way 😉

Shop Hannah’s Space:

Cassidy’s Dresser

Wood Picture Frame // Silver Branch Picture Frame // Gold Jewelry Case 

My bedroom dresser went from drab to fab! We moved into this home not too long ago and this dresser has been empty ever since I got it! I finally spent some time decorating the top of it and I am super happy with the simple yet elegant outcome. I really wanted a spot for my everyday jewelry and this beautiful gold + glass box caught my eye! I also finally got around to framing some photos of my hubby and I! I loved the idea of mixing metals here and brought in this charming silver branch picture frame and paired it with this sage and gold wood picture frame! Love the outcome!

Shop Cassidy’s Space:

Lauren’s Bathroom

Shower Curtain // Tank Basket // Accessories Set

My 1 and 4 year old’s bathroom is also our main guest bathroom, so I try to keep it as put together as I can. Adding in a tank basket to contain sprays and TP, updating the shower curtain to something that flows better with the rest of our house, and buying a new accessory set made a big difference in the way this bathroom looks! Sometimes it’s the little purchases that make all the difference!

Lauren’s Spice Drawer

Spice Jars // Spice Labels

The amount of times I’ve bought 4 containers of pumpkin pie spice or onion powder because I couldn’t find mine… sheesh. I saw these black jar labels on Amazon along with these square [aka non-rolling] spice jars, and knew they were coming to my spice drawer. I love how easily I can find what I have [or don’t have] now and the clean look of it all!

Lauren’s Light Fixtures

Lantern Drum Light // Cylinder Light

After 6 years of living in our home, we decided it was finally time to replace the “boob lights” that filled out entryways, hallways, kids bedrooms, and laundry room. And boy do we wish we would have done it sooner! We absolutely love the way they turned out, and how the two styles coordinate but aren’t too matchy matchy! For our entryways we used the lantern drum style lights, and for the rooms and hallways we used the simple cylinder lights!

Shop Lauren’s Spaces:

Katy’s Tablescape

Tablecloth [A-gray Grid (No Macrame)] // Similar Table // Rug // Artificial Flowers //  Dish // Candles

It’s amazing what a tablecloth can do! This table was feeling a little sad, but I feel like this really brought it to life!

Katy’s Area Rug

Area Rug [Blue/Light Blue, 4×6]  

I loved everything they had in our home when we first saw it so I am basically trying to slowly turn it into how they had it staged 😂 They had a rug with blue tones in it, so you guessed it, I added one now too! I think it really freshens up the space, plus is very functional! This one from Amazon has multiple colors and sizes. It was a bit wrinkled when I first unrolled it, but has straightened out with time! They usually have it on sale too, so the price is right!!

Shop Katy’s Spaces:

Macy’s Bathroom

Shower Curtain 

I wanted to incorporate a little more black into my bathroom to tie into the black hardware we have in there now. It’s amazing how a simple update like a shower curtain can update a space so much! I am loving how simple and clean this one looks.

Macy’s Light Fixtures

Ceiling Light

Changing out light fixtures is not my thing, but hey that’s what husbands are for right?! We are currently turning our office into a nursery…painting, changing carpet, all the things. I decided to replace our bulky chandelier with a simple more modern look. We still have a lot to do to the space but I am already loving the way this light fixture changes the feel of the room.

Shop Macy’s Space:

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