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Our Best Purchases of 2021

January 3, 2022


Erin Schrader

2021 was a year full of unexpected twists and turns, but it was also a year full of unexpected new favorite items! From fashion, to beauty to home decor, and all the random things in between, the team is sharing our favorite purchases of 2021. We’ve got a few favorites that made our wallets a bit lighter, and we’ve got favorites as low as $5! Take a peek at what we’re deeming our absolute favorite purchases from 2021, and you might just be finding a few of your new favorites as well!

Best Fashion Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: While it may not be something you see from the outside, this has improved my daily outfits [and comfort] 110%!
  • Becca: You’ll see me wearing these every bright, bright sunshiny day
  • Steph: Love these ruffles so much I’ve got 4 of the 22 options!
  • Hannah: I’ve been wearing this flattering sweatshirt non stop since it arrived!
  • Claire: Let 2021 be known as the year of cozy! I look forward to bedtime every night with these – I own 4 of them!
  • Cassidy: I wear these all. the. time. They are perfect for everything and sooo comfortable!
  • Lauren: Having one pair of these leggings just wasn’t cutting it, so I added another!
  • Katy: For any event in your life, this dress is a must! 
  • Macy: I wear these shoes with everything!

Best Home Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: I use this every day [sometimes multiple times a day] and it has made my tea drinking moments even more delightful!
  • Becca: These let the sunshine in and add texture to our home!
  • Steph: Sweet dreams are made of these.
  • Hannah: I actually like cooking now that I have this duo 😉 
  • Claire: New mattress, new me. I’ve never slept better! Pair with this pillow and you’ll be out like a light! 
  • Cassidy: The most powerful little machine that leaves your couch, rug, carpet [and more] sparkly clean! 
  • Lauren: Seeing what’s going on at home has never been easier than with this.
  • Katy: Feel like a Queen while I sleep thanks to this bed frame!
  • Macy: Baking bread has never been easier with this bad boy!

Best Beauty Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: I won’t ever let this product run out without having another on hand! The smell and the way it’s helped brighten my skin is worth every dollar!
  • Becca: This gives my brows a super full effect!
  • Steph: The drink my thirsty skin needs daily.
  • Hannah: Shiny, smooth and healthy hair with this lil guy 
  • Claire: My first grown-up perfume! A little bit of a splurge, but I smell like a million bucks. One spritz lasts all day! 
  • Cassidy: At home gel nail extensions? Yes please! 
  • Lauren: Why it took me so long to finally try this, I’ll never know, but my hair thanks me for giving in!
  • Katy: Say goodbye to yellow hair with this shampoo
  • Macy: I feel like I’m late to the party just now trying this product but gosh I’m so glad I finally did!

Best Big Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: We wouldn’t want to live without this now that we have it. The best way to get a good sweat in just 20 minutes!
  • Becca: Beauty meets function with my favorite addition to our living room.
  • Steph: The family that paddles together stays together.
  • Hannah: I wasn’t so sure about this but WHOA my workouts are so much more intense with this
  • Claire: New mattress, new me. I’ve never slept better! Pair with this pillow and you’ll be out like a light! 
  • Cassidy: Absolutely no regrets on this purchase!
  • Lauren: Our whole home and it’s occupants’ health [aka me, the husband, and the kids] are benefitting from this purchase!
  • Katy: No plug, no problem – cleaning is free and easy with this

Best Purchase Under $25 of the Year

  • Erin: I don’t understand why every human doesn’t use this every night. Both Shawn and I are big believers!
  • Becca: I use this everyday for a cup full of relaxation!
  • Steph: Newest read by my favorite author.
  • Hannah: This stuff dries CRAZY fast and stays put!
  • Claire: I use these every single day! So cute for relaxed styles and healthier for your hair than elastic hair ties. 
  • Lauren: These made the list 2 years in a row because, well, I still absolutely love them and buy them all.the.time!
  • Katy: These look similar to UGGs, keep my feet warm and are under $20! 
  • Macy: I paint my nails so much more now thanks to this product. Their polishes have been wonderful as well!

Best Amazon Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: From the minute I bought this during Prime Day, I knew it was going to be an all-time favorite of the year! 
  • Becca: These hide the mess and instead make our family room so much prettier!
  • Steph: Obsessing over this made me feel like an adult.
  • Hannah: It may be small but it’s mighty and cleans my car so well!
  • Claire: I hopped on the bandwagon this year. I own this bag in 3 colors and use it for every errand! 
  • Cassidy: This little tool keeps my furniture looking brand new! 
  • Lauren: My new laptop tote looks and feels almost identical to a much more expensive bag I’d been eyeing!
  • Katy: Haven’t switched to another bag since this one arrived. 
  • Macy: These are great for hanging plants indoors.

Best Random Purchase of the Year

  • Erin: If you like Pina Coladas….🎶 This made summer hosting even more fun! 
  • Becca: This has made potty training both easier and more aesthetically pleasing!
  • Steph: A simple, affordable way to modernize a room.
  • Hannah: This thing is so accurate we threw all of our other thermometers away!
  • Claire: Two dogs + a white couch don’t mix well. This cover has been a life saver! 
  • Cassidy: I never knew how often I [or my friends] would need this! Definitely not something you use everyday but is sooo handy when you need it!
  • Lauren: This impulse purchase upgraded my purse to “off the floor” life, and I love it every single day!
  • Katy: No sticking (or harsh chemicals) with this pan set
  • Macy: No more cold hands with this around!

The LIY Ambassadors’ Best Purchases of the Year

  • These are a great accessory to have on hand to dress up any everyday outfit
  • I don’t ever miss a day of these; I have seen such an incredible difference in my skin and my hair.
  • These are worth the splurge; I wear them everyday and were a nice treat for myself while working from home.
  • These are worth the extra pennies and the hype.  So soft, so comfortable, and hold up in the wash.
  • This leave-in conditioner is a must have for me when the weather changes.  The dry winter months always takes a toll on my colored treated hair and this product has helped so much
  • Love this grass fed collagen powder from Amazon for smoothies! Really helps my joints!
  • This sports bra from Amazon has just the right amount of support for all of my workouts and comes in so many pretty colors at a good price!
  • These slingback pumps are my new favorite shoes from Express! Lots of roominess for my wide feet!
  • You get a lot for your money with this big container of lotion from Amazon with no parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.
  • This is the best hairspray I’ve tried!  It has sunscreen and 25 botanicals and it works! Humidity resistant for my frizzy hair!
  • I think these boots from Target look just as good as more expensive ones!
  • This massager from Amazon is the best!  It really feels like someone is actually giving you a massage!

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