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Your Guide to Styling Denim & Pants

December 30, 2021


Erin Schrader

Let’s talk denim! Within the last few years, we’ve seen so many fun styles taking over. Gen Z says skinny jeans are out [spoiler alert: I’m not ready to let go], so I’m slowly but surely embracing the latest trends. Insert: styling panic. What shoes do I wear with them? How do I style these? What’s the difference between boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans?! If you’ve asked yourself these questions recently, let me be the first to say girl, ME TOO. We’ve all been there! But never fear, the Ultimate Guide to Styling Bottoms is here. Today we’re walking you through styling 7 different styles of bottoms [from leggings to flare jeans!] to create 30+ everyday outfits.

ps. If you’re focusing on footwear, you can find the Ultimate Guide to Styling Boots & Booties here!

Styling Leggings

Moto Faux Leather Leggings [size up if in between, code LIYXSPANX for 10% off of anything on the Spanx site!]

My leggings have gotten more use within the last two years than ever before. Anyone else? It’s amazing how creative you can get with your outfits in order to avoid putting on “real” pants. Dress them down with sneakers and booties, dress them up with heels and boots. There’s really nothing a girl can’t do in her leggings!

Shop Leggings Below:

Styling Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans [TTS]

You’ve probably mastered the skinny jean by now. Gen Z says they’re out, but they can pry my skinny jeans off my cold dead body. Okay that’s a little extreme, but I’m not giving up on my skinnies anytime soon. From sneakers to heels, I still reach for this style of denim more than any other cut in my closet. Old habits die hard, friends.

Shop Skinny Denim Below:

Styling Straight Leg Denim

Straight Leg Denim [size up if in between]

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It’s me, I’m the old dog. Straight leg denim is the newest addition to my wardrobe. I was hesitant at first – because HOW in the world do you style these things?! Turns out, you can wear just about anything with them. I love that they offer a little extra wiggle room and aren’t as restricting as skinny jeans. If you’re still on the fence about this style, come on in! The water’s fine. 😉

Shop Straight Leg Denim Below:

Styling Boyfriend Cut Denim

Boyfriend Straight Cut-Off Denim [TTS]

Meet my boyfriends. 😉 This style is slightly more relaxed than straight leg denim and can be dressed up or down. I also love reaching for these durning the warmer months to pair with sandals on cooler evenings!

Shop Boyfriend Styles Below:

Styling Girlfriend Denim

Girlfriend Denim [True to size, size down if in between]

Next up is the girlfriend style! Stay with me, friends. I get it – keeping track of all the girlfriends, boyfriends, tomgirl/tomboy styles can get confusing. This cut is the most relaxed style of the bunch and fits loosely from hip to ankle. Meaning they’re the most comfortable in my opinion which also means they’re worn on repeat around these parts. This is another style that is great year round and can be pair with anything from flip-flops to combat boots!

Shop Girlfriend Denim Below:

Styling Flare & Bootcut Denim

Flare Jeans // Bootcut Style

Let’s go girls. *Insert Shania Twain music & a hat tip.* Every time I slip into a pair of flare or bootcut jeans, I can’t help but think of the local 4H Fair. Nevertheless, these babies have slowly but surely been making their comeback the last few seasons. They can be tricky to style, but my biggest word of advice is to pair them with a pointed toe of some sort! Whether it’s a boot or stiletto, the pointed toe will elongate your legs and make them appear a mile long!

Shop Bootcut & Flare Denim Below:

Styling Work Wear Trousers

Trousers [Size down one]

Just whistle while you work! Last [but not least!] are workwear trousers. I get it – styling pants for work can get repetitive. Especially during the colder months if you live anywhere that turns into a winter wonderland this time of year. This pair has been my go-to favorite for years! I love that they can be dressed up with heels and dressed down with sneakers. Don’t be afriad to get creative with different cuts and styles of boots or booties! The workin’ world is your oyster, friends!

Shop Workwear Trousers Below:

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