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Jeans for Tall Girls

September 7, 2021


Katy DuBois

Hi LIY friends, Heather here and I’m so excited to share all about my favorite tall girl friendly jeans! I’ve been having so much fun being a part of the LIY Ambassador program – thank you for following along!

I suggested this blog post because finding tall/long length jeans can just be hard! In this post I share some of my all time favorites from brands I love and found new favorites along the way! I hope my fellow tall girls find this helpful! Let me know if you try out one of these or have a favorite that I haven’t rounded up in this post! Cheers to making shopping for tall girls easier! Xo, Heather

AG Jeans [true to size, wearing 27] // Top [true to size, wearing Small] // Similar Wedges


These jeans are definitely an investment (the priciest pair I own!), but hands down worth it! I’ve had this pair for 4 years and they are still in great condition. These are my go to, dressier jeans as they’re a 31” inseam which is great for pairing with heels and wedges on my 6 foot frame. If you’re looking for a quality and comfortable pair of jeans to wear for years, this is it! [sizing tip: true to size]

Target Jeans [true to size, wearing 4 Long] // Top [true to size] // Loafers [true to size, wearing 10]


I’m shocked by how good these are AND they’re only $25!! I haven’t worn Target jeans in years so I wasn’t expecting much, but Target denim has stepped up their game! These are very comfortable and a great length (31” inseam) on me! [sizing tip: true to size]

Madewell Jeans [true to size, wearing 27 Tall] // Tee [true to size] // Jacket [true to size] // Sneakers [true to size]


Hands down my favorite pair of tall jeans! Madewell is always my go to and the Roadtrippers never let me down. They are quality, comfort, and the perfect high rise. From day one they have that broke in jean feel and feel great on all day long. If you have to pick just one pair of jeans from this post, this is my vote! [sizing tip: true to size]

Abercrombie Jeans [tts, size up for looser fit in legs, wearing 27 Long] // Top [true to size] // Sneakers [true to size]

Abercrombie & Fitch:

I snagged these recently after seeing them on Erin and LOVE them! A&F isn’t somewhere I typically shop, but I’ll be back. The long length is great, they’re very comfortable, and a great price point when grabbing them on sale. This pair is super skinny and reminds me of a thicker jegging material. [sizing tip: true to size or size up for looser fit in legs]



Levi’s Jeans [size up if in between, wearing 27/30] // Tee [size up one] // Sandals [true to size]

I had such high hopes for my first pair of Levi’s, but I just didn’t love them. The denim quality seems really great, but it’s very thick and felt stiff. I think they will break in over time as I wear them. Levi’s does off a 30” (what I’m wearing here) and 32” inch inseam though! [sizing tip: size up if in between]

Old Navy Jeans [size down if in between, wearing 4 Long but needed 2 Long] // Tank [my go to! size up one] // Sneakers [true to size]

Old Navy:

To be honest, I didn’t love these when I initially tried them on. I wore them for a day and they just felt too loose and big on me (mostly in the waist). After washing and drying them they now fit much better, but if in between I would suggest sizing down on these. I think these are best paired with a fitted top. I wore them again today and they are very comfy! [sizing tip: size down if in between]

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  1. TAMMY says:

    Great Post Katy. I am a tall slender woman too. I am 6’1. Surprised that you didn’t like the Levi’s jeans. Year they are a little on the stiff side but they will stretch out a little in time. Last time I wore pants was mid May. Been living in skirts, shorts and dresses since. I love those AG jeans. Perfect to match up with a nice top and high heels for a night out. I love wearing white jeans too. For taller women the perfect jeans is a hard to find.

  2. regina smith says:

    So excited for this post. I would enjoy seeing others for y’all women. I’m 6’0 tall with 32-33 inseam and it is very difficult finding pants or properly proportional clothes. Thank you

  3. Sandy says:

    Great does any of them come longer than 32”?

  4. AW says:

    Love the post! Always looking for tall/long jeans(among other things, too!)! Erin looks darling in everything but she is so petite I always wonder if it’s doable for me or if the sleeves/legs/dress length will be too short. Heather/Katy keeps these coming💕.
    Just wondering how tall Heather is so I can better gauge length on me:). TY!

  5. Julie nobbe says:

    We have had good luck with jeans and sweatpants from “American Tall”, We think they beat Madewell. Height 6’1”

  6. Stacey says:

    Finally jeans for tall women, but my inseam is 34 inches. I only wear low-rise jeans, so finding any with 34″ inseam is really difficult.


    Love that you’re finally featuring tall sizes. I’ll check out these jeans. I’m 5’11” & mostly all leg so I need at least a 34 inseam. I’m hoping some of the jeans you featured have those. Thanks again for thinking of us tall gals!!!

  8. Nikii says:

    I am 5’11” and often find even the 32″ inseam to be short. I have found Flying Monkey jeans from The Buckle to be stretchy, former fitting and available in even a 36″ inseam.

  9. Maria Rafferty says:

    6′ here but 34″ inseam which is a whole other category of tall. I recommend American Tall, Gap and J Jill. You have to get all of these online.

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