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March 25, 2021


Erin Schrader

She’s here! And by “she” I mean our brand new LIY Merch that we’re so excited to bring your way! From the cutest tees, coziest sweatshirts, and mugs you won’t want to stop sippin’ from, we have something for everybody all born out of personalized quotes, sayings, and feel-good graphics that will hopefully bring all of us some joy to our day. We’ve been working on this project for quite some time and it’s such a time of celebration to launch it alongside our new branding and website that you see here! When mama gets a facelift, we make gear to show it off 😉 We have 9 different designs of items to choose from all shown below along with the inspiration and meaning behind them! Are you ready to meet a few new closet faves? Let’s jump in…

Be Still Sweatshirt

Be Still Sweatshirt // Fit Tip: Size up one! Size up two if larger chested, Erin wearing in L

Modeled after my wrist tattoo that I got several years ago [you can read behind the full meaning here] I love the reminder that is held within these two words – Be Still. This simple statement can be so powerful when we let it truly marinate in our minds and we act on the words. For somebody like me who has dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, and the overall need to be bouncing all over the place all of the time, I love the simple reminder that He has it all in control if we just “Be Still” and know He’s got it [and us]. This sweatshirt is ultra cozy and plush for those “still” days at home.

Living In Lemons Tee

Living In Lemons Tee // Fit Tip: true to size, Erin & Cassidy in Small, Steph in Large

There’s just something about lemons these days that are bringing me so much joy. It all started with a table runner I picked up last year from Target garnished with the cutest lemons running down it that brought a smile to my face every time I looked at our dining table. Since then, I’ve associated lemons with joy [and a great garnish for a cocktail] and knew we had to do something fun with lemons when it came to our merch. I love this take on a graphic tee in this vintage shirt that brings a little bit of edge alongside it.

The World Is Your Oyster Tee

The World Is Your Oyster Tee // Fit Tip: Size up one, Erin in Medium, Cassidy in Small

One of my favorite sayings of all time – the world is your oyster. I love the reminder that we can do anything and everything that we put our mind to! Embracing “the world is our oyster” mantra is a great way to seize opportunities and go after what we desire! This tee will tell you [over and over] again that the world is your oyster and my hope is that when wearing it [and when not wearing it], you believe it and chase after your dreams, goals and the fun side of life!

The World Is Your Oyster Sweatshirt

The World Is Your Oyster Sweatshirt // Fit tip: true to size, Erin in Small, Steph in Large

I love the saying so much, I wanted it on more than just a tee. Introducing our “the world is your oyster” sweatshirt – nice and lightweight for spring, summer, and fall – whether you’re wearing this by the sea or cozied up on your couch, there are no bad days when you’re snuggled up in this cutie!

Awkward & Awesome Pocket Tee

Awkward & Awesome Tee // Fit Tip: Size up one, Erin Medium, Steph in XL

If you’ve been around for an extended period of time, you may recall the days of Awkward & Awesome blog posts. The purpose of them was to provide laughter and a regular reminder that life really is both awkward & awesome [and in my case, often times more awkward than awesome ;)] If you feel like this describes you and/or your life perfectly, this slub pocket tee is for you. Let it serve as a reminder to not take life so seriously and embrace the odd, quirky, and also awesome moments of life.

LIY + Shine Graphic Tee

LIY + Shine Tee // Fit Tip: true to size, Erin & Cassidy in Small

Say hello to our graphic LIY tee, known internally as our “band tee” [except sorry for us, only one girl on the LIY team actually has musical talent], you can rep our brand with pride in this fun sunshine-soaked tee! I love the vintage look of this graphic tee and how easily you can rock it under a blazer, denim jacket, or wear it alone! I can’t wait to spot a fellow LIY lady out in public [warning: hugs will ensue].

Lemonade Day Giveback Tee

Lemonade Day Giveback Tee // Fit Tip: Size up one, Erin in Medium

A perfect example of how to take lemons life gives you and turn it into something good — several months ago we wanted to come up with a fun and engaging way to refer to our LIY Community. Something a little more exciting than “followers” and because Lemons had made such a cheerful impact on my life over the past year [and the fact that lemons are yellow which is a great tie back to the brand], we came up with the name “Lemon Drops”. Long story short, the LIY Community as a whole didn’t love the name after a while of using it but because I get an idea, get excited, and want to act immediately, we had already produced and paid for several merch items with “Lemon Drop” on it, meaning we had to come up with a plan B. Insert our Lemon Drop gear that is now celebrating entrepreneurship in our youth! Lemonade Day is an organization that raises awareness for youth on what it looks like to own and operate your own business. We will be taking 100% of profits from our Lemon Drop gear and donating it to Lemonade Day which I am so incredibly excited about! A cute tee that goes towards a good cause? Sign me up.

Lemonade Day Giveback Sweatshirt

Lemonade Day Giveback Sweatshirt // Fit Tip: Size up one, Steph in Large

With the same story as our tee above, our Lemon Drop sweatshirt profits will go towards supporting Lemonade Day! We can’t get enough of the coziness of our Lemon Drop sweatshirt and it instantly makes us want to grab the mug you see below and relish in a whole cozy lemon moment [we’re making it a thing, go with it].

Lemonade Day Giveback Mug

Lemonade Day Giveback Mug

Fill your mug with a cup of cheer – our Lemon Drop mug is here! Available in 3 colors, we love this for putting a smile on our face in the mornings with our go-to coffee or heck, come evening time fill it up with your favorite Lemon Drop Martini [we won’t tell anybody] and get down with your bad self. 100% of profits from the purchase of our Lemon Drop mug will go to Lemonade Day organization which helps inspire youth to chase after their entrepreneurship dreams! Helping kiddos dream big, one cup at a time!

And there you have it! I hope you love our new LIY Merch and we’d love to hear from you in the future if you have any designs you’d love to see us do! In the meantime, be sure to check it out all right here! As always, thank you for your love and support! It is because of YOU we get to create these fun things!

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