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LIY Team Target Finds Under $100

November 15, 2020


Erin Schrader

Oops, Target does it again. It never fails to get the best of me [and my wallet]. You walk in with a short shopping list of “needs” and walk out with a cartload of everything you didn’t know you “needed”. Sometimes in life, you just have to let Target tell you what you need. It had been awhile [and by “awhile”, I mean “a few short weeks”] since I tore up the aisles of Targ and lo and behold, there were all sorts of new arrivals waiting to be added to my cart. With so many exciting new goodies being added to the shelves– virtually and in-store– the LIY team took it upon ourselves to hit up one of our favorite retailers to bring you the latest and greatest all under $100. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Without further ado, here’s what we found from Target all under $100…

Erin’s Finds

A New Day Textured Sweater [size up if in between, wearing in small] //  Jonathan Adler Mini Keurig //  Mrs. Meyers Basil Hand Sanitizer

 Jonathan Adler Mini Keurig

The minute I spotted this cutie, I knew I had to have it. For under $70, I’d put one of these in every room in my house 😉 I bought it for our master bedroom of all places, but let’s be real – can one ever be close enough to coffee first thing in the morning? I think not. I love that this mini Keurig brews up to a 12 oz cup [the more the merrier, friends] and let’s not forget about the design. Between all of the different hues of blue and geometric shapes and stripes, it’s *almost* too good to be true. BRB, my caffeine dreams are coming true…

Mrs. Meyers Basil Hand Sanitizer

A few years ago I made fun of my husband for buying me a mini bottle of hand sanitizer as a Valentine’s Day gift and now I’m finding myself perusing the aisles of Target getting excited about adding a hand sanitizer spray into my cart. 2020, you’re weird. If there’s one thing I am hooked one [spoiler alert: I’m hooked on a lot of things], it’s Mrs. Meyers anything. If you haven’t tried a spray sanitizer, I highly recommend it. You don’t have the sticky leftover feeling and the smells, oh the smells. If you love all things herbs, this Basil scent will make your scent garden grow.

A New Day Textured Sweater [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Similar Jeans // Similar Booties

Does the fashion section of Target ever do wrong? The answer is no, no it does not. I have found myself migrating towards the Target clothing section more and more every time I walk through the doors. Immediately this textured sweater caught my attention. Between the under $25 price tag and the nice quality, it was a no brainer. I’m loving this neutral color for fall and winter!

Becca’s Finds

Hearth & Hand Large Crockpot // Hearth & Hand Small Crockpot // Toddler Queen Band Tee [TTS] // Super Cozy Socks // Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Face Cream

Hearth & Hand Large Crockpot // Hearth & Hand Small Crockpot 

We are heading into major crockpot season! When I saw this collaboration between Joanna Gaines and Crockpot, I decided it was time to update my old Crockpots with these! Let’s face it, the original Crockpot is not exactly the most beautiful servingware in your kitchen, but this matte cream colored set is actually quite pretty! I know they will get lots and lots of use this season and beyond! The 6 qt option also has a built in clamping system for easy travel, and pre-programmed time settings for the perfect cook every time! Now the only thing left to do is decide what to make first — check out this post for tons of crockpot recipe inspiration!

Toddler Queen Band Tee [TTS, wearing 2T] // Bauble Cardigan [Size Down One, wearing in 12-18] // Boots [TTS]

Band tees are really in these days, even for the tiniest of music lovers! This tee makes a great gift for any littles in your life who love to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody, or who’s parents are Queen fans! Monroe is loving her new tee, and we’ll be over here having dance parties to the This is Queen Spotify playlist on repeat!

Super Cozy Socks 

I have to admit, I am a bit of a sock snob. Comfort really starts with the feet, don’t you think? I have been obsessed for the longest time with the J Crew camp socks for cozy around the house wear. And while I still love my camp socks, I believe these socks from Target have actually usurped the sock throne! I can buy 4 pairs for less than what I pay for one pair at J Crew, and honestly these are a little softer! I’ll be filling my drawer with multiple pairs of these for sure!

Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Face Cream

To call my skin dry is a complete understatement. As we head into winter, I am already getting some major flaking going on. Because of this, I need a majorly hydrating moisturizer — the richer the better! I found this deep hydration face cream at Target and I am hooked! I slather it on both day and night, and it has been slowly healing my flaking skin! I love that it is made without parabens, phthalates or dyes as I am slowly replacing my beauty products with more natural options. It also has no synthetic fragrances, but rather uses essential oils for a very nice and calming scent! Highly recommend to anyone with dry winter skin!

Steph’s Finds

A New Day – Zip Closure Tote // Brass Pocket Watch Clock // Crossbody Bag

2 bags and a clock for $100?! I was pretty impressed with myself on making that fit into budget, but I’ve been even more impressed with the items I received. It was TIME to replace some bags! (see what I did there) I’ve been using my beloved Calpak backpack for a few years now. While I still love it, I prefer to use it more for travel. Since I haven’t been traveling for a while and have zero plans to, it was time to invest in an everyday tote for work. This one has pockets upon pockets which easily fits my laptop, planner and large notebook as well as all of my personal essentials, including this crossbody. When I received this new crossbody, I was impressed with the pockets, quality and the inside liner that feels like it could be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Another win! And this clock? Well, it looks great with my decor, is easy to read from across the room and so far it just keeps ticking away in time.

Lauren’s Finds

Chunky Diamond Pillow // Hearth & Hand Stoneware Mugs // Red Berries in Pot // Pine & Berry Stem // Kiss Gel Nails // Vanilla & Bergamot Room Spray // Pink Sweater

Hearth & Hand Stoneware Mug

My husband and I are still using [and loving] the dinnerware set we were gifted 8 years ago for our wedding! It’s held up so well! However, the mugs haven’t held up, and our cabinet has become a mashup of way too many different mugs. I fell in love with these mugs from the Hearth & Hand line, and bought everything they had in store! I’ll be going back for more to complete our coffee cabinet!

Red Berries in Pot // Pine & Berry Stem

I try to keep my holiday decorating neutral enough that it can stay up for the winter, rather than just through December 25th! Lots of red berries, green stems, etc! Both these berries in a pot and this large stem [28” long!] were only $5 each, and add a bit of winter decor in a subtle way!

Vanilla & Bergamot Room Spray // Kiss Gel Nails [similar]

My preferred room scent changes throughout the year, so I like to have several candles, oils, and room sprays on hand [can you ever truly have enough? I think not!]. This has a good vanilla scent with just the subtlest hint of citrus!

Okay. I’ve fallen in love with these. Between nail salons closing due to Covid, and having a baby this summer, my regular trips to the nail salon went out the window. These press-on nails [no glue needed!] have lasted up to a week for me, come in so many shapes and colors, and are super affordable. They’re great for when I have something that I’d like to have my nails done for, but don’t have availability to go get them done! Note: I definitely recommend the Kiss imPress rather than just the Kiss! They tend to stick better and last longer because the sticky is already attached to the nail!

Pink Sweater

This bright pink is way out of my comfort zone, but 2020 has brother crazier things than me in neon. While it doesn’t feel like the world’s greatest quality, the price was right, and it’ll last a season or two!

Katy’s Finds

Textured Faux Fur Throw Blanket [cream] // Tall Striped Basket

This blanket is what fuzzy, cozy, dreams are made of. Plus, it’s cute to throw on the couch or in this beautiful basket when you’re not using it! It’s also available in three other colors. You can use this basket for any type of storage, but I thought it made a great “blanket basket”. I love the wicker and the natural/black colors give it a homey, but luxurious feel.

Weekend Forecast Graphic Tee [true to size, wearing xs] // Mid-Rise Jeggings [size down one, wearing 2 short but needed 0 short, dark wash] // Canvas Sneakers

I could spend hours looking through the clothing section of Target. You really can’t go wrong. This time, I went with a casual look. As the daughter of a football coach, I think this shirt would make him proud. Even though we can’t actually go to football games this year, it’s still been fun to root for my teams at home! These jeggings are COMFY. Let me tell ya, you will not want to take these off. These run big so I definitely recommend sizing down one. Sneakers under $20? I’m in! I love a versatile sneaker I can throw on with jeans, leggings, or a casual dress. Another win for Target!

Claire’s Finds

Lounge Sweatshirt [TTS] // Lounge Shorts [TTS] // True Comfort Cookbook // Wooden Cookbook Holder // Holiday Tin Bergamot Spice Candle

I can’t stop, won’t stop talking about the Stars Above line at Target. Every single piece is DREAMY. It’s too soft and cozy to put into words, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll just have to take my word for it. This set [Sweatshirt // Shorts] is so nice, I bought it twice [I own a similar set and get sad every single time it’s in the wash]. On the bright side, the price point makes it easy to keep coming back for more. Moving on to the cookbook. This one was initially on my Christmas list, but when I took a peek inside, I decided some of those recipes simply couldn’t wait until December. And with a new cookbook, comes a new cookbook stand. Last but certainly not least, is the holiday tin candle. I’ve been super impressed with the Hearth & Hand candles in the past, so naturally, I couldn’t leave Targ without a new one for the holiday season. This one smells like Christmas in a tin. Joanna Gaines; you can do no wrong, girlfriend.

Hannah’s Finds

Hearth & Hand Stoneware Serve Bowl // Acacia Wood Salad Serving Set // Who What Wear Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt // Stars Above Leopard Print Moccasin Slipper // Milani Keep It Full Lip Plumper [Rosewood]

Who What Wear Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt [TTS, wearing in XS] // Jeans [Size up if in between, wearing in Short for 5’2”] // A New Day Loafers [TTS]

I don’t know what magical material this sweatshirt is made out of but I wish all of my clothes were made out of it! It’s the perfect weight, not too heavy but nice and soft while also keeping you warm! It is a little boxy but a little front tuck and you have the perfect amount of shape! I also love that the neck isn’t too tight or floppy [lol]! No one likes  floppy neck!!

Stars Above Leopard Print Moccasin Slipper [TTS, size up for .5 sizes]

You had me at leopard!! Throw it on comfy slippers and I’m sold! This pair is comfy, surprisingly didn’t make my feet sweat and have rubber soles so it felt more like a shoe than a slipper! For the leopard lover in your life, these would make a great gift!!

Milani Keep It Full Lip Plumper [Rosewood]

I love a good lip gloss [if you ask my husband he would tell you I have WAY too many] so I’m always in the market for something new! This one was a surprise! I thought for sure it would be tacky, and have the typical stinging sensation most lip plumpers have but it was the exact opposite! It goes on pretty smooth, a really pretty color and more of a cooling sensation! Definitely a must try for under $8!

Hearth & Hand Stoneware Serve Bowl // Acacia Wood Salad Serving Set

Doing BIG things over here!! I realized the other day my servingware and nice serving utensils was pretty much nonexistent, so I figured it was time! This black serving bowl is pretty heavy and I love that it’s stoneware! It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe! And the gold details on this salad serving set, is the perfect addition to the bowl! Now I just need to add a little more to this [lol] and someday I will be ready to host a dinner party!

Cassidy’s Finds

Aeropress Coffee Maker // Clip On Pan Strainer // Compost Bin

I have been wanting an Aeropress for some time now! It is a super affordable and simple way to make coffee and you practically take it anywhere with you! An Aeropress can create American coffee, espresso, lattes, and cold brew in 1-2 minutes! I love how it is so compact so it doesn’t take up room on my counter top! I also love the fact that it is easy to use and simple to clean! I plan to use this daily as well as taking it along for weekend or camping trips! For $30, an Aeropress could be the perfect gift for the barista in your life! Next, say hello to the best tool for under $10! When it comes to cooking, the number one thing I cannot stand is dirtying more dishes than necessary! This little tool simply clips onto your pan and allows you to pour out your water without having to remove the contents in your pan! It is made out of silicone so it is easy to clean, safe to use with hot water and dishwasher safe! Last but not least, is a kitchen compost bin. Our little family has been composting for over a year now in an attempt to reduce our waste, buuuuut we really needed an upgrade for our kitchen compost bin! This little stainless steel bin is perfect for our needs–It is vented, compact and easy to carry for when we empty it into our compost pile! We plan to place this bin directly on our kitchen countertops, so the stainless steel will flow nicely with our stainless appliances. It is dishwasher safe, making for easy and simple clean up when necessary!

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