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Our All-Time Favorite Amazon Purchases

October 9, 2020


Erin Schrader

Two years ago we were just dabbling in the world of Amazon – do people actually buy clothes here? Holy cow there is a lot of stuff! Wait, I can buy THAT on Amazon? And now here we are, basically using Amazon as our Google for any and all shopping that needs to happen. And to answer that question of “do people actually buy clothes here?” Why yes, yes they do, and we most definitely do. And we’ve found some GOOD stuff over the years.

While we’ve most definitely had some major fails [um, please look at this sweater post], and we’re definitely learning how to find the good stuff along the away, we like to think that we’ve had some major Amazon wins. So today, we’re sharing our all-time favorite Amazon purchases, for fashion, home, beauty, and the all encompassing miscellaneous category. And if you haven’t had a chance to check out our monthly Amazon roundups, you can find them right this way! 

PS we asked our LIY Amazon Finds and Fails Facebook Group what their all-time favorite Amazon purchases are, and they’re sharing them here!

Best of Fashion

Erin’s Fashion Favs

Anrabess Turtleneck Sweater

It’s a sweater I’ve bought over [and over and yes, over] again. When you find something you love, buy it in every color, right? This has been a go-to for fall and winter for over a year now and I have no intentions of stopping wearing it anytime soon. I love the fit [it is slightly oversized so size down if in between] and think the material is great! You can wear it with jeans or leggings which automatically earns some brownie points with me. Best Amazon sweater I’ve purchased to date!

Tempt Me One Piece Swimsuit 

This swimsuit took the internet by storm last year and it tempted me enough [yes, that was a pun off the brand name] to buy it. I’ve now worn this suit more times than I’d like to admit but it’s that good. Not only have I worn it a ton, my sister, my friends and thousands of LIY readers have worn it as well over the past couple of years. It’s truly the most comfortable suit I wear that covers me in all of the right places while bringing a little sex appeal with it. I find it true to size and absolutely recommend adding to your swimsuit wardrobe!

Core 10 Build Your Own Onstride Leggings

The leggings that stuck with me through a million and two quarantine walks and beyond. These won our “best of athletic leggings” comparison months ago and I haven’t doubted that claim since. I love the mesh ventilation on the back of the knee, a fun zipper detail at the ankle, and a ton of hidden pockets for your keys/money while out and about or at the gym. They’re the BYO [build your own] style, so you can pick your rise and your inseam to fit how you prefer! They are so comfortable and have stayed in perfect shape wash after wash! I find them true to size!

Becca’s Fashion Favs

Heels [TTS, Black with Studs]

These ankle strap heels have been my go to all year! They are super comfortable for all day wear, great quality and pair well with honestly any outfit I could throw together! They are a super classic silhouette with a fun little touch of the tiniest and dantiest little studs. A definite closet staple in my book!

Sandwashed Modal Joggers [TTS]

These joggers are so soft they made me “ooooooh!” outloud when I pulled them out of the box a few months ago, and I have been lounging in them ever since. They are the first pants I reach for when the laundry is done, and they get worn time and again before I reluctantly decide to place them in the hamper. If 2020 has proven anything to us, it is the power of a good sweatpant — trust me, you need these! And snag a pair or two as a gift for your favorite homebody!

Slippers [TTS]

These slippers make my feet [and me] so happy! As you can see from the nearly 4 star and 12,000 reviews I am clearly not the only one who feels that way! These things are just as soft and comfortable as they look, and slipping my toes into them still makes me smile even after 4 months of use! A great cozy holiday gift for all the gals on your list, and make sure one of those gals is you!

Steph’s Fashion Favs

Leopard Print Cardigan Coat [Size down, wearing in Small in A-Beige]

Can’t stop, won’t stop with this sweater. I received it last Fall and I’ve worn it an embarrassing amount of times since then. It’s thick and warm, layers beautifully and has pockets (which I recently started using to keep my mask in when between errands). I love it so much, I just might marry it.

Goodthreads Modal Fleece V-Neck Sweatshirt [TTS, wearing in M]

The inside of this sweatshirt is GOOOOOOD! So good, that when quarantine began, I was wearing it at some point every day. I had to take off to do laundry and I put it right back on out of the dryer. I took a little break from it during the warmer months, but now that the temps are back down this sweatshirt is back on and I’m loving it just as much.

Hannah’s Fashion Favs

Daily Ritual Teddy Bear Fleece Quarter Zip Pullover [TTS, wearing in XS]

By far my favorite Amazon fashion item to date! I’ve owned this pullover for a year and after slipping it on this Fall I was quickly reminded just how cozy this one is! The quality of this one is so good and it’s the perfect throw on and go [no fuss] pullover for Fall/Winter! 

Racerback Sports Bras [TTS]

Hands down the most comfortable sports bras I have ever owned!! Their over 20,000 reviews sold me but after slipping them on and working out in them, I could wear them ALL day they are that comfortable! Easy to slip on and off [post workout] and the band doesn’t dig into you! If you are in need of a new sports bra, I highly recommend you give these a try!

Cassidy’s Fashion Favs

The Drop Tie Dye Lounge Set – Top [TTS] / The Drop Tie Dye Lounge Set – Bottom [TTS] / Treasure & Bond Cozy Cardigan [TTS]

Raise your hand if you are team tie dye!! I am HERE for it! I love wearing these pieces as a set [because hello comfort and cuteness], but I also wanted to show how I have been lounging in them separately! I just can’t get enough of it! This fleece sweatshirt and these fleece joggers have been my go-to over the past few months while working from home!

Lauren’s Fashion Favs

Colorfulkoala Leggings Printed // Colorfulkoala Leggings Solids

These leggings have been worn on repeat [literally weekly or several times a week] for the past year! AND they worked for the first 6ish months of pregnancy! They’ve been called out as being a dupe for the Lululemon Align leggings, and I’d have to agree with that! True to size, available in plenty of colors and prints!

Katy’s Fashion Favs

Plaid Turtleneck Sweater [size down if in between, wearing small, black] // Hat [black] // Jeans [true to size, wearing 2] // Boots [true to size, wearing 8, cloud suede]

Okay, I have to shout out the hat & sweater because I love them both and couldn’t feel good about writing this without letting you know they are both amazing 🙂 Almost everyone here at LIY has one or both of these. The hat comes in 39 colors and the sweater comes in 8!

Best of Home

Erin’s Home Favs

iRobot Roomba 675

The home product of all home products and the one Amazon purchase I honestly don’t know if I could live without, the Roomba. We have owned and used Roombas now for several years and if there’s one thing I tell anybody and everybody they should own, it’s one of these. The amount of dust and dirt and hair and every other gross thing hanging out on our floors on a daily basis is insane but also amazing because I had to do absolutely nothing [other than hit “go”] to get it all cleaned up. If you don’t own one yet, please, show yourself some love and make the purchase. I promise your life will dramatically change for the better forever.

Hatch Restore

If I was giving out an award for “best purchase made in 2020” this guy would take the trophy home. We bought this Hatch Restore after learning about it on Shark Tank [same inventor of the Hatch Baby that’s been a top seller with over 9,000 reviews] and I fell in love after night one. It’s a personalized sleep machine that will ensure you get the best night of sleep possible. You simply set-up your desired “sleep routine” ranging from reading time, meditation time, a sound machine during the night, a natural sunrise to wake up to, an alarm clock with sounds that are fun [and relaxing] to wake up to and so much more. I truly look forward to crawling into bed every night, starting my sleep routine via the app and letting the Hatch do its thing. Husband approved as well! Ps. I think this will [or at least should be] a hot seller for Christmas this year — what better gift can you give than an awesome night of sleep for life?

Tyler Diva Detergent

This is hands down the most incredible smelling laundry detergent that transfers to your clothing [in the best way possible] I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been buying and using this for almost two years now and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. While it is on the expensive size, I quickly learned that you don’t have to use the 1/3 cup per wash that it calls for. To make it last longer I use my regular detergent but add a tablespoon or so of this to get the same amazing scent on my clothing and bedding. I can truly understand how others have said they have people stop them to ask what scent they are wearing after washing their clothes in this. Get ready to fall in love with laundry.

Becca’s Home Favs

Vintage Medallion Area Rug [in Ivory, 5×8]

This rug has a special place in my heart because it is one of the key pieces in our daughter’s nursery! It is so beautiful and gives the room a sophisticated look! We’ve had it for 2 years and couldn’t be happier!

Steph’s Home Favs

End Table with USB Ports [shown in white]

I purchased these tables several years ago when we purchased new furniture for our living room. Actually, to be technical, I just ordered one at first because if I hated it I could more easily return 1 than 2. When it came I could not have been more pleased. The only assembly required was the inside shelf and the 2 knobs, it looked great and the charging ports were so handy! I quickly ordered another for the other side of the room and am currently thinking about ordering more for our basement as we finish up that project. Since I work from home, I love being able to plug in next to whichever cozy spot I prefer to sit rather than being limited to seats near a wall.

Hannah’s Home Favs

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

The brownie pan I’ve been reaching for ever since it arrived!! If you are a brownie edge lover, like me, you need this pan in your life, and if you aren’t my husband says they are the BEST brownies! Somehow this pan cooks the most delicious brownies every.single.time and I will never use another pan again! Gooey centers and the perfect edges in every single brownie!!

Cassidy’s Home Favs

Buffalo Plaid Rug [23×51]

Love love love the extra little something this buffalo rug gives my patio! One of my favorite purchases because I can use it with my Fall/Halloween decor all the way to my Holiday/Christmas decor! It is suuuuper durable and cleans off nicely! This will be the second year using it!

Porter Silicone and Ceramic Lunch Container

I absolutely love my Porter ceramic + silicone lunch container from Amazon! It is so stinkin’ cute and it encourages me to actually pack my lunch! I also bring it along while dining out to avoid getting a takeout box, saving the earth one meal at the time! It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe! I use it ALL the time and it has held up great for almost a year now! It comes in multiple colors and also an all silicone version!


Pour Over Kettle

This is the perfect pour over kettle for your home brewed coffee [for under $40!]! It has a temperature gage on top to accurately boil your water! It shows you what the preferred temp is for making coffee too, easy peasy! We have used this daily for over a year now and it has been amazing!

White Peel and Stick Subway Tile

Okay, long story short, I painted my bathroom a color I didn’t like but I don’t want to repaint. SO here is what I did to give it a pop without costing too much $$ or too much time! This Peel and Stick Subway Tile is the best kept secret! It is so easy to apply [I am lazy and didn’t even measure, HA!] but it still turned out great [or at least good enough for me!] You can stick this stuff anywhere, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, showers, ANYWHERE! If you mess up, don’t worry, you can just pull it right off! 6 months after putting it up, it is still looking beautiful! It comes in six colors so you have a lot of options to choose from!

Lauren’s Home Favs

Drawer Organizer

Our junk drawer was full of a] junk and b] stuff we actually needed frequently but could never find! I ordered this 10 pack drawer organizer set and had my mind blown by how easily I can find everything I need now! It’s amazing what a little organization can do!

Bathroom Organizers

Organization is one of my love languages, and when I saw how ridiculously out of control our bathroom linen closet had become, I knew it was time to call in some Amazon reinforcements. I absolutely LOVE these stackable clear drawers. They fit perfectly on one another, easily slide out, and allow me to see what I actually have [rather than digging or accidentally buying multiples]. I used a combination of the 6 ¾ height, 4 ½ height, and one open compartment organizer for my taller items! I organized by body, face, hair, medicine, bath, tanning/sunscreens, nails, etc! So many ways to organize!

Katy’s Home Favs

Throw Blanket [50×60, Silver]

I’ve had this baby for over three years and I am still in LOVE. It’s soft and cozy, but also looks pretty as a throw on the couch when I’m not using it!! It also comes in 25 other colors.

Area Rug [5×8, Gray]

This rug is new to my collection, but it’s already a favorite!! I love the feel, color, and design. They have other color sizing options as well if this one isn’t for you! I live in an apartment so I got the 5×8 for my living room…for $50! Great quality for an amazing price.

Best of Beauty

Erin’s Beauty Favs

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag

I still can’t believe how incredibly well this makeup bag has held up over the years. I have truly used this thing every. single. day. for almost two years now and it still looks brand new.  It holds a crazy amount of stuff [and believe me, I have a LOT] and travels perfectly [you know, for when trips are a thing we take]. For under $20, you truly can’t beat it! I love that it has a hook to hang and the pattern options it comes in are adorable! Seriously, buy this and then buy some more for gifts. It’s that good. 

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask

When you see something is one of Amazon’s best selling items and for under $13, it’s worth trying. The reviews don’t lie – this hair mask packs a big punch. And the best news? It doesn’t actually take much time at all. I simply use shampoo in the shower, rinse and then try to ring my hair out as much as possible. Then I slather some of this hair mask on my hair by running my fingers through my hair to get it covered throughout and then wait around 7 minutes to rinse. During that 7 minutes it’s a great time to shave or do similar activities you’ve been neglecting for weeks. The end result: smooth, soft, smell-good hair that feels and looks amazing.

Becca’s Beauty Favs

ArtNaturals Bath Bomb Set

I have ordered and reordered this bath bomb set for myself, and bought them as gifts for numerous people. No joke, I have purchased at least 7-8 sets of these — they are just. that. good. I love that they are natural, and the scents are amazing — not too sweet like so many others I have tried! Totally a one for you, two for me kind of a gift!

Hannah’s Beauty Favs

Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ Skin Clearing Serum

After 30 days of using this HIGH rated skin clearing serum my skin hasn’t looked this good in a LONG time! Over 17,000 near perfect reviews, my skin is so much clearer, minimal to no breakouts and my dark spots are starting to fade! I love this one so much I also started using this eye gel and collagen boosting serum!!

Katy’s Beauty Favs

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

$5 mascara for the WIN! I have been using this for about a month and was skeptical, but have been loving it! I don’t consider myself someone with long lashes, but thanks to this mascara I feel like I get that effect. Also pictured (which I am also enjoying) is this highlighter palette (4 colors for under $8, yes please), and this primer.

Best of Misc.

Erin’s Misc. Favs

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

My favorite morning treat, these apple cider vinegar vitamins! Not only do they taste absolutely delicious [for real, you must try them] they are packed with some great benefits. I take two a day and as for me personally, here is what I’ve noticed after doing so for several months: increased energy, decrease in appetite, and better gut health [yes, I’m more regular if you must know ;)] I don’t know why apple cider vinegar packs such a punch but I’m so glad it does. Highly recommend!

Aluminum Desktop Phone Stand

Who knew $10 could bring so much joy into your life? This little phone stand was yet another product recommended to me by a friend of mine [I owe all good things to my friends these days] and said that she loved using it for FaceTime calls at her desk. I bought one thinking “eh, I’m sure I won’t use it” and still, over a year later, every time I sit down at my computer I prop my phone up next to me on this stand and love having it there! I love it so much I actually gifted this last Christmas to my girlfriends as my favorite thing. It’s so easy to read incoming texts or like I said, awesome for phone calls while working. Some readers suggested using it for airplane travel [great for sitting on the tray and watching movies], using it while cooking in the kitchen for recipes, etc. You can charge it while it’s on the stand as well which is awesome! 

Calming Dog Donut Bed

I asked Max and Ollie what their favorite Amazon purchase has been and they both 100% agreed that it’s this bed. They have been taking the best naps of their lives in this thing now for over a year and say it’s the snuggliest, most cozy bed they’ve ever owned. They hope all of their other doggie friends get one and can snuggle up as much as they do in theirs. Ps. They are in the large size!

Becca’s Misc. Favs

Collapsible Tote Bag [Heather Grey]

This collapsible tote bag has only been in my possession for a little over a month, but I have used it countless times already! It is sturdy and stands on its own, but also collapses completely flat and secures with an elastic strap to keep it stowed away in a closet, under the bed, or in the trunk of your car without taking up space. Perfect for shopping, toting all your holiday gifts to the in-laws, and makes a perfect gift for anyone, especially that super practical person on your list!

Lauren’s Misc. Favs

O Key Ring

Being a working mama to a toddler and infant, my hands are usually full of some sort of combination of laptop bag, sippy cup, tiny human, snacks, purse and car keys when I head out the door each day.  That’s a lot of things and not a lot of hands. I’ve been noticing these O key rings more and more, and figured I’d give it a try to free up one of my hands! Plus, snakeskin is so trendy this fall, I couldn’t resist throwing a bit into my everyday [don’t worry, if snakeskin isn’t your jam, they are available in plenty of other colors!]. These rings are big enough to fit over your wrist so you can wear it like a bracelet when you need a free hand [think running into the grocery store and not wanting to take your whole purse in!]. They also are large enough that you’ll have NO problem finding your keys in your purse anymore!


Add this massager to everyone’s list that you’re buying for this Christmas! One of my friends has one of these that I may or may not have borrowed for a solid month [hi, sorry again for keeping it so long], but we [me, my husband, AND my dog – yes, my goldendoodle] all loved it. With several heat, speed, and rotational settings, you can work out those kinks at home rather than scheduling bi-weekly massages! I know I sure can’t afford that! [this exact one pictured is no longer available, so I’ve linked a similar one.]

Most Purchased Amazon Items

As of that wasn’t enough, we wanted to share our most purchased Amazon items by all of YOU from the past two years. Use the arrows to the left and right to scroll through and see what’s made it into all of your homes!



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