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How to Throw a Virtual Girlfriend Party

September 16, 2020


Erin Schrader

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: 2020 has been tough, especially on the social aspect of things. For those of us social butterflies [hi, enneagram number seven here!] who thrive on human contact, staying social in a socially distant world hasn’t been easy. If there’s one positive takeaway from this year, it’s been the world’s ability to adapt to “unprecedented times”. My glass is– quite literally– half full, friends. Hey, that’s one way to adapt. 😉 So if you’re anything like me and craving an extra dose of girlfriend time these days, virtual fun is your new GNI [Girls Night In]. It’s safe to say the majority of us are missing our gal pals lately, so we pulled together a few creative ideas for bonding minus the gathering.

Let’s Party

  • Virtual Wine Tasting: Grab a glass and your girlfriends for a virtual wine tasting. The host sends a list of which bottles all party goers should pick up or order, as well as a few other party supplies like these wine tasting printables or a party menu. Go through the wine list as a group, tasting and comparing at your own pace. Bonus – no DD required! ps. We reviewed the Best Grocery Store Wines Under $15 here to help you get started!
  • Virtual Book Club: Bookworm or not, turning pages with your pals can be a lot of fun. Not to mention a little extra motivation to actually [finally!] dive into that stack of to-read books that are piling up. Start your own with your long-distance BFFs or join LIY Book Club!
  • Virtual Movie Night: Pop some popcorn and enjoy your favorite movie with a friend from afar! Use a service like Netflix Party to interact chatroom style while you watch together, or Kast to video chat while you watch!
  • Learn Something New: There are tons of fun eCourses available online these days, from pasta making to learning to shibori tie dye to interior design to yoga and beyond! Pick a fun one and sign up with a buddy. You’ll have lots to talk about on your next FaceTime or phone call! For more eCourse ideas, check out Skill Share or AirBnb Online Experiences.
  • Tackle a House Project: Would you normally invite over a friend or two to help you paint your living room or to go through your closet? Why not do it virtually? Get on a Zoom call with your girlfriend while you both tackle a house project. You can keep each other company while you work, and get her opinions on paint colors or whether or not you should keep that sweater from 2002.
  • Virtual Game Night: Download an app such as Psych or Heads Up and play along with your friends on Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime! You can even ditch the phones and play a classic game of Charades.
  • Virtual Dinner Party: Everyone decides on a recipe to make at their respective homes. You can hop on and chat with your friends or family while you’re cooking and as you sit down to eat! If you need side dish ideas check out our LIY Mac & Cheese E Cookbook!
  • Virtual Bridal Shower: Send a zoom invite out to your friends and family so they can watch the bride to be open gifts, share stories, and you can even set up virtual shower games! Email out a game sheet to your guests and ask them to print it off before the party to play along.
  • Virtual Spa Night: You and your girlfriends may not be able to sit around together or enjoy a day out at the spa, but we can bring the spa to us! Grab a glass of Rosé and relax with a face mask! You can decide together which color to paint your nails and make a DIY scrub!
  • Virtual Paint Night: Get in touch with your creative side from a distance! The possibilities are really endless with this one! Decide beforehand if your group will order blank canvases and use their own supplies, order a starter set complete with an easel or pick up a paint by number set. Whether you decide to all paint the same thing, choose a theme (like Where I’d Vacation Right Now If I Could, Seasonal Plaid or Self Portrait), or let each person’s creativity take over, it’s sure to be a fun time!

And there you have it, folks! How have you been staying connected with girlfriends this year? If you give any of these ideas a try, be sure to tag us @livinginyellow and let us know. Happy GNI!

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