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The Best of Amazon Fashion Basics // Tested & Reviewed

August 28, 2020


Erin Schrader

Oh Amazon, we love to love ya. If you haven’t caught on between our Monthly Amazon Hauls and our LIY Amazon Finds & Fails Facebook group [strictly dedicated to all-things Amazon], Amazon is our jam. While the never-ending virtual aisles are near and dear to our hearts, we completely understand it can be an overwhelming [yet magical] place. If you browse long enough or often enough, a lot of items can start to look nearly identical. And if you’re in the market for something as simple as a white tee, good luck– the literal thousands of options are endless. But never fear, LIY is here to help.

Today we’re going back to the basics and breaking down the best of Amazon Fashion. From plain white tees to t-shirt dresses and beyond, the LIY Team tried out some of the highest ranked Amazon Fashion Basics so you don’t have to. You can meet the entire LIY Team here, but today we recruited our favorite petite gal Becca [5′ wearing size XS-small], Katy [5’4″ wearing size XS], Erin [5’4″ wearing size small], and Claire [5’5″ wearing size medium] to help provide a visual. Without further ado, here’s the very best of Amazon Fashion Basics


Daily Ritual Swing Tee [TTS, size up if in between]

First up is the Daily Ritual Swing Tee. If you’re a fan of the swing-style t-shirt, this one might be for you. As for us? Not so much. None of the girls on the team were big fans of the shape and found the arms to fit somewhat tight. Overall, not the most flattering and seemed to show bra lines. While it was super soft and stretchy, it had an overall funky flow. “Pit stain central” -Us

Amazon Essential [true to size]

Next up is the Amazon Essential tee. This wasn’t the favorite overall, but it’s a great tunic-length option! It’s soft, stretchy, and covers the booty. We would recommend this one for legging season or for anyone who prefers a longer option for everyday wear.

GoodThreads [TTS, size up if in between]

Our Favorite: Winner winner, chicken dinner! We love the cuff sleeve detail, curved hem, and slub material of this everyday basic GoodThreads t-shirt. It wasn’t quite as stretchy as some of the other options [in a good way] and held its shape well. Thumbs up from Team LIY! 

T-Shirt Dresses

Daily Ritual [TTS, size down if in between]

From T-Shirts –> T-shirt Dresses. It’s a house divided. This dress received split feedback from the team and wasn’t everyone’s fav. It’s really soft and a little on the heavier side, similar to sweater material. It’s roomy, so size down if in between!

Amazon Essentials [true to size]

Petite gals, this one’s for you! While the LIY Team doesn’t typically prefer the swing-shape, we couldn’t find anything wrong with this dress. It’s a great option if you’re a fan of swing dresses: very soft, good length, good swing.

Goodthreads [True to Size] 

Our Favorite: Goodthreads strikes again! Several girls on the team owned this one prior to testing and named it a favorite. It’s your classic slub t-shirt material making it a lightweight [pretty casual] summer dress. We also loved the fun pocket detail! The only downfall? It might not work best for petite gals.


Daily Ritual Sandwashed Modal Blend [TTS, size down if in between]

Moving on to our favorite category of testing: the joggers. These were super soft, but on the thin and slightly sheer side. They would be great for summer lounging or anyone who runs hot while sleeping [hi, that’d be me]. They’re roomy and extra stretchy, so size down if in between. If you’re in the market for a lightweight pair of joggers [perfect for jammies] these are it.

Daily Ritual Terry Cotton [TTS, size up if in between]

Next up is the Daily Ritual Terry Cotton JoggerThese joggers were made for winter. Nice and thick + super soft. The cons? We didn’t love that you can see pocket outlines in lighter pairs. They were slightly legging-like, so be sure to size up if in between!

Amazon Essentials [TTS, size up if in between]

Moving on to the Amazon Essentials jogger. The fleece lining was cozy city and definitely put them on the heavier side. Note: they were a tad long on the shorter ladies. If you’re petite, these might not be your best best. Size up if in between!

Goodthreads [TTS, size up if in between]

Our Favorite:Goodthreads three-peat! Now these are true sweatpants. They’re a thick [winter friendly] sweatshirt material. We approve of these for weekend chillaxation on the couch, running errands, or traveling- if that day ever comes again. The world is your extra-comfy oyster. Not a ton of stretch [in a good way: not frumpy], so size up if in between!


Daily Ritual [True to Size]

Sweat baby, sweat! We’ve officially made it to the last [but certainly not least] category in our Amazon Fashion review: The Sweatshirts. We’re giving this little number a thumbs down. Swipe left. Nada. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photos, but the side slits had an odd cut giving it a bodysuit fit. Seriously, just add snap buttons and voila! Not what I’m typically aiming for in a tunic. Overall, not a very flattering look. The pros? We loved the french terry material [very comfy!] and that it covers the booty. If you are not very wide in the hip region, you could probably pull this one off. Unfortunately it was a hard pass for us.

Amazon Essentials [True to Size]

Up next is the Amazon Essentials sweatshirt. Very traditional sweatshirt, folks! It’s fleece lined, but doesn’t offer a lot of give at the hips. If you’re in the market for something similar, we have and LOVE this Old Navy option [TTS, size up if in between].

Goodthreads [True to Size]

Our Favorite: Goodthreads. You better believe it! If you buy one tunic this season, do us a favor and let it be this one. It’s made from soft and cozy fleece-lined material and, more importantly, is legging friendly. It covers the booty AND front which is equally as important coverage. The slit doesn’t go too high on sides and was very flattering. Checked all the boxes, friends!

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  1. Deborah says:

    They all look frumpy with no waist definition – no femininity or class. You might as well wear PJs all day.

  2. Kelly says:

    What about all the tall ladies?
    I’m 5’8” which isn’t that tall, but most things won’t fit me like a 5’3” person, at all. I have a 34” inseam so your joggers would be capris on me.

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