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What the LIY Team is Loving on Amazon // July 2020

July 6, 2020


Erin Schrader

Another month is here, and no surprise, Amazon delivery drivers showed up at our houses a few more times than our husband’s would appreciate. There’s something about not knowing what the answer when they say “what did you order this time?” that tells me the the add to cart button is getting a lot of use. Fashion? Yep. Home decor. Mmmhmm. Beauty items? You bet! Amazon, you’ve truly got it all [and I can get down with that].

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Erin’s Romper

Daily Ritual Utility Romper [true to size, wearing in 2 in dark olive] // Wedges [true to size]

Am I going on a safari or headed out for a dinner date? You’ll never know 😉 I’m all for a good romper and I love that this one can work for spring, summer or fall. It’s a lightweight material and thanks to the buttons down the front your pee breaks don’t become a 30 minute saga 😉 Rock it with wedges or heels for a feisty look or dress it down with sneakers or sandals.

Becca’s Outfit

Flutter Sleeve Tee [TTS] // Jeans [TTS] // Sandals [TTS]

Here’s a casual little outfit that brings the fun! This flutter sleeve tee is soft and comfortable, and would pair well with just about anything in my closet! I added these black sandals to cart because I already have them [and LOVE them] in tan. They are super comfortable, go with everything and are super affordable!

Steph’s Dress

Dress [TTS, wearing in L, Evergreen Dash Dot] // Sandals [TTS, Spanish Tile]

When I came out in this dress my husband said “WOAH you are just bursting with color today!” If that doesn’t speak to the fact that this is quite out of my normal realm I don’t know what does! While not a color I would normally order (because it is a color other than black), I really like the fit and think my days are about to get a little more bright!

Hannah’s Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

We adopted a dog a couple months ago and she has been the perfect addition to our family!! We noticed once the warmer temps hit, she started shedding a lot more! She has a smoother/thinner coat, but she was shedding quite a bit! Personally, I can’t stand cleaning out dog brushes because it feels like it just gets all over. This brush had over 16,000 reviews and sold me and I’m SO glad I ordered it! The bristles aren’t too sharp, I love that with one click the bristles go down and it’s easily cleaned and reviews say it works magic on heavier coats!!

Lauren’s Satin Hair Scrunchies

Satin Hair Scrunchies

I’ve been all about that Silk Slip Pillowcase and Slip Eyemask life, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on the Slip hairties, knowing I’d only be wearing them around the house! Insert the satin wannabe version by Kitsch! For a fraction of the price, I’ll be treating my hair to a little TLC when I throw it in a ponytail [life with a newborn, am I right?]!

Katy’s Stacking Rings

Udalyn 2 piece Stacking Rings [ TTS (for wedding ring finger) Size 5 / Copper, Rose Gold]

I’ve always thought the “stacking ring” trend was so cute, but I never wanted to spend hundreds or thousands on extra rings that I may not wear forever! I’m a sucker for copper, rose gold and these two are really pretty for under $10 (also available in silver). You can wear these together or separately with your existing rings, or throw them on a different finger to mix it up! Be sure to size up or down depending on which finger you think you’ll want to wear them on most.

Erin’s Throw & Pouf

Rivet Geometric Diamond Throw // Pouf // Similar Basket

With the purchase of our new lake house, I’ve been turning to Amazon for as many home items as possible [who would have ever thought we’d all be turning to Amazon for the latest and greatest home decor items?!] When I spotted this throw and pouf, I knew both belonged in our sitting area as I’ve been weaving in shades of white and blue wherever possible. I was so surprised by the quality of the throw, it is incredibly soft and plenty large to cuddle up in.

Becca’s Supergoop Defense Refresh Sunscreen Mist

Supergoop Defense Refresh Sunscreen Mist

Your daily moisturizer is not enough sun protection for you all day long, but who wants to slather on some SPF over a full face of makeup? Nobody. Supergoop Defense Refresh is the lovechild between a great makeup setting spray and a quality face sunscreen — talk about a summer essential!! It sprays the most lightweight mist, and keeps your makeup fresh and your face protected with SPF 40. Small enough to keep in your purse so you can spray away whenever you need it. It’s a little on the pricey side, but a spray or two is all you need! And the protection of your skin is well worth it in my opinion!

Steph’s Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug [Navy/White] 

We’ve been slowly working on sprucing up our outdoor space since last Fall. As we wait for our new sliding door to arrive, I thought it would be a great time to get a new rug. I ordered this one because I was looking for a rug to span the width of the door, not just the side that opens. If you are looking for a rug that feels similar to an indoor rug, I wouldn’t suggest this one, but unlike a lot of entry rugs – this one is easy on your bare feet. The texture kind of reminds me of the lining you might put in the bottom of your cabinets – similar to that rubbery no slip surface. According to the reviews of those who have had it longer, it does not fade in the sun and I saw lots of cute pictures creating the layered rug look with this one on the bottom!

Hannah’s Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls Set

Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls Set

These bowls are GENIUS!!! It’s the perfect set of bowls all perfectly organized making it easy to store!! If you have minimal cabinet space I can’t recommend these enough! It has everything you need for a first set or an extra set, and the colors aren’t too bad either!

Lauren’s First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I’ve struggled with red bumps on the backs of my upper arms for years, which makes me gravitate towards shirts and dresses with sleeves instead of going sleeveless! I’ve heard good things about this Ultra Repair Cream for treating this, so figured it’s time to give it a shot! I’m just starting to use it, so TBD on how well it’ll work, but I’m giving it a shot!

Katy’s White Denim Shorts

Modarani Cut Off White Denim Shorts [ TTS, if between I would size up, Small/ #1 White] // Navy Plaid Shirt [Similar]

Of course when it’s 90 degrees outside we want to have some “go-to” denim shorts that we can throw on, but the struggle is real finding some that are a) cute and b) COMFORTABLE. I’ve been looking to add some white shorts to my closet to mix up my summer outfits! I love that these are stretchy and have the fringe for a fun, casual feel! Plus, there are SO many more options for style/color. I would also love to try the blue denim with the stars – so cute!

Erin’s Watering Can Vase

Rivet Brand Watering Can Vase Set

Can we take a moment to appreciate just how freaking cute these little watering can vases are?! I spotted these and had to purchase immediately. I love that they come in a set of 2 and can be used for decor [what I’m using them for ;)] or literally used for watering your plants or as a vase by sticking your fresh cut flowers in. One of my favorite Amazon finds to date!

Becca’s Pill Case

Pill Case

Keep all your vitamins, supplements and medications organized in this stylish little case! It comes in a few different color options and has sections for 6 different capsules. Whether you use it at home, in your purse or for travel, this case has you covered!

Hannah’s Mini Manual Vegetable Chopper

Mini Manual Vegetable Chopper

I don’t know what it is about cute kitchen devices, but they get me EVERY time! I don’t mind chopping vegetables but who doesn’t love a cute little device to do it for you in a matter of seconds instead of minutes doing it by hand?! This little guy is SO fun!! Quick cut of your vegetable, throw it in the bowl portion, place the top on and secure it, a couple pulls and you have perfectly chopped veggies!! AND if you have little ones, they will LOVE helping with this!

Lauren’s Shark Steam Mop 

Shark Steam Mop [similar Bissell option]

I’ve been influenced [about 100 times] to give a steam mop a try on my floors! I’ve been using the Swiffer for the past 5 years, and haven’t been overly impressed. Not only does a steam mop get all the grime off your floors, they’re also supposed to be a sanitizer – something we’re all taking a little more care about these days! While I won’t lie, I worked up a bit of a sweat using it [maybe I’ve been getting spoiled by my Roomba, or maybe it was the steam itself], I was impressed with how easily it cleaned up our floors! **WARNING: We have Pergo Laminate Flooring, and after using it I learned that you’re actually not supposed to use them on laminate floors. So moving forward, I’ll just be using it on my tile! Do your research about your floors before using!

Katy’s Outfit

Collective Slip On Sneakers  [ Size 8 (could’ve done a 7.5), Blush Suede] // Brubobo V Neck Tie Dye Shirt [ TTS, Small, Blue] // Jeans [ TTS, Size 26, Similar if exact are sold out]

I used to have a pair of shoes similar to this that somehow ended up in the land with all the lost socks and missing earrings (oops),  but I loved the cute slip-on vibe so much that I wanted to try more! These are super fun, comfy shoes that can go with so many looks! Throw them on with jeans, a hat, and a T-Shirt or dress them up with a skirt or sun dress! The memory foam sole will keep you walking around all day! Also available in white.

I love a good tie dye shirt and am SO pumped it’s making a comeback. A few things about this one: 1.) it is going to give you more of that “slightly baggy” fit, so if you are wanting a tighter look, I would size down! 2.) I love this color and the other colors they have (especially this fun one), but I was a bit disappointed in the material. I was hoping for a super soft, cozy, feel and this material didn’t give me that! 3.) I wish the V fell in a different place on me, it wasn’t my favorite fit – but I did love that they already have the sleeves cuffed!

Hannah’s Joseph Joseph CleanTech Dish Brush

Joseph Joseph CleanTech Dish Brush

I’m beginning to really love these Joseph Joseph pieces!! We unfortunately don’t have a dishwasher [I know, I know, but I’ve grown accustomed to it lol] so hand washing dishes is a daily thing! I started noticing our dish brushes were collecting food, and smelling AWFUL  no matter how much I cleaned them and we were going through them too fast. So, it was time to find an alternative! This brush is powerful, dried quickly, and didn’t collect any food! It also comes with a replacement brush and does such a good job cleaning dishes!!

Katy’s Candle Lighter

Suprus Electric Candle Lighter

Meet the item you never knew you needed! You’re probably thinking, “Why would I need an electric candle lighter?”, but once you’ll try it you’ll see why! This baby is rechargeable, portable, and butane free. Think of all the cakes at outdoor birthday parties you’ll be able to light! #nottodaywind

Claire’s Body Scrub

Creamy Face Scrub // Birthday Cake Scrub // Original Coffee Scrub

Confession time: I was influenced. I had been seeing this brand of body care products advertised all over my social media feeds, so when I spotted the frank body Original Coffee Scrub in-store at Target, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I tried it out that night and was so impressed that I immediately ordered the Creamy Face Scrub and Birthday Cake Scrub. It all smells delish and I try to gently exfoliate 1-2 times a week to stay silky smooth. WARNING: the coffee scrub can get a bit messy, so proceed with caution. Up next on my list? Lip scrub.

Claire’s Adhesive Bra

Push-Up Adhesive Bra // Front-Closure Backless Bra

It’s no secret that strapless bras can be tricky [this is our all-time favorite strapless], but backless bras can be even trickier. I have a few summer weddings and showers this season and found myself needing to get creative with the bra situation. I ordered two different styles: the push-up option pictured [because we all know no-straps requires all the support we can get] and and a front-closure version. So far, I’m preferring the front-closure option as the push-up is slightly more padded than I typically prefer. Both are super-sticky and held up well in 80-90 degree weather PLUS dancing. And as a bonus, they’re both reusable and can be easily washed by hand!

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