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The World Is Your Oyster

June 24, 2020


Erin Schrader

It’s literally the last sentence that popped up on my Slack thread so we’re going with it. It’s also one of my favorite sayings ever known to mankind so there’s that. I’m a big “say yes to everything” “live out your passions” “buy the boat, take the trip, eat the gallon of queso” type of gal. Hence my love for the world is your oyster saying. Plus, those little oysters are cute. Just all clammed up inside of their shell waiting to see what is behind closed doors once it opens. Similar to how I feel most mornings after showering and I ask myself “where will I end up today?!” which usually results in a Chick-fil-A drive-thru but regardless, exciting stuff that oyster mentality is.

Speaking of opening up yourself to new opportunities, I’m coming to you live for one of the first blog posts written from our new house. After years of living and loving life on the river, we decided to switch things up and head towards the lake instead. While there is still a decent amount of furnishing and decorating to be done, it’s quickly feeling like home and I am loving the new view and the crashing of the waves an incredible amount. Our roles of hosting family and friends has quadrupled over the past few weeks but with that brings glasses of wine, grilled to perfection hot dogs [I like ’em BURNT] and one too many cookies so I’m not complaining. Oh and then there’s swimsuits. I will say that Summersalt one piece swimsuits have made me feel way more confident than those skimpy bikinis I was wearing for years so thank God for fabric. Truly. You never realize just how much you value something until you wish you had more of it covering your privates and love handles. I’ll always miss the days when my nieces referred to certain regions of the female body as “prove-its”. I’ll also always miss the days when I wrote blog posts that were titled around finding out my sister’s kid has nuts. Note to self: make my sister have more kids.

So what else is going on around here? Other than the fact that I wrestle between not wanting to do anything at all and struggling with the fact that I’m not doing enough on an hourly basis, not much. I keep waiting for this constant desire for whatever it is I’m not doing to pass but here I am, 33 [almost 34] years later in the same dilemma. A therapist could come in handy for things like this, I KNOW. I’m currently doing a bible study on the Enneagram and I just really love it. I love knowing why people do what they do and what makes people tick [or ticked off ;)] If you haven’t done so, I highly encourage you to take the official test to find out what number you are [I made my parents take it last weekend because it was killing me to not know what they were] and then go to town learning more about yourself. My lack of contentment [hi, I’m am a 7 followed very closely by 9] explains so much into my “what the heck is wrong with me” moments. Not that it’s an excuse that I can never be content but more of like a “oooooooooh, so that’s why I’m this way, so now what can I do to overcome that!?” type of thing.

I’m not really sure where I’m taking this post but really just wanted to pop in [I always imagine whoever reads this to think I said “I just wanted to poop in”] and give a little bit of a life update. Every time I read an old blog post from years ago I crave blogging like it used to be for me. Here’s to me slightly giving into the craving, thankfully this one doesn’t have too many calories attached 😉

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