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15+ Amazon Team Favorites // June 2020 Edition

June 9, 2020


Erin Schrader

If there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s Amazon having all the things we need [and a whole lot of things we didn’t know we needed]. From fashion to beauty to backyard games, the team is getting ready for Summer fun in all the ways. If only Amazon could deliver the perfect 75 degree days.  Until then, the delivery trucks are coming around the corner on two wheels, and we’re greeting them with open arms. And if you’ve missed them, you can see the rest of the team’s Amazon finds here!

Erin’s Spa Bath Pillow

I feel like I just graduated into adulthood with this purchase. I’m a huge bath girl, but I’ve never enjoyed laying my head against the hard surface of the back of the tub when trying to read a book or enjoy a few sips of wine. Insert this bath pillow. It sticks to the tub super well and provides a nice comfortable place for your head to land at the end of a long day. If you’re a fellow bath lover, indulge yourself with this! Ps. Last month I shared these bath bombs which are a perfect accompaniment to this purchase!

Becca’s Ticket to Ride Europe Game

Due to the pandemic, our trip to Europe got canceled. So we’re making the best of being homebound by dreaming we are taking a train ride throughout the continent with Ticket to Ride Europe! This game is a ton of fun and with some strategy and travel vibes added to the mix, it is easily a family favorite in our house! This game has a couple of spin offs from the original, but still sticks to the essence of the game. While the weather may be getting warmer, we still find ourselves wanting to play games in the evenings, whether indoors or out on the patio!

Steph’s Flatware

Flatware [Matte Black] / Plate [Dark Grey]

After almost 10 years of owning our previous silverware set, we often find ourselves with no forks to eat with, TONS of spoons though. I’m guessing several of the forks have made their way into the silverware drawer at our respective employers, other people’s houses, thrown out with lunch boxes, etc. Since I seem to be on the hunt for making everything in my life grey, I decided to try out this dark grey set. We’ve been using it for about a month now and so far no scratches or finish coming off. I feel like the quality will be long lasting!

Hannah’s Dash Compact Mixer

You know you’re an adult when…. you get REALLY excited about a new mixer! What can I say it’s so cute and compact! If you don’t have a ton of Kitchen cabinet space, if you need something that’s light and compact, something in your camper for traveling, this hand mixer is the perfect size and a beast!! Since using it, it works really well and there are 3 speed settings! It’s tiny but mighty! Anyone have a life changing chocolate chip cookie dough recipe!? Send it my way please!!

Cassidy’s Globe Lamps + Light Bulbs + Box Spring Cover

I recently moved and was in the market for some bedside lamps! I found these modern lamps and fell in love! They totally have that industrial vibe and are super affordable! I paired them with these globe bulbs and am so happy with how it turned out!

Then, this seems like such a boring and random purchase but it made all the difference! We have this headboard with a metal frame and I wanted to cover our box spring. I thought about a traditional bed skirt but I feel like those are a bit dated, so I searched for something more simple and less noticeable! I found this box spring cover! Super happy with this purchase!

Lauren’s Ring Toss Game

I was introduced to this game by one of our local waterfront restaurants years ago, and now I’m excited to have it on our own back deck! Who would have thought that simply trying to get a ring on a hook would be so addicting!

Erin’s Joggers

Daily Ritual Sandwashed Modal Jogger Pant [true to size, wearing in small in washed blue] // AE Waffle Shirt [size down one, wearing in XS]

Introducing the pants I haven’t wanted to take off since receiving them. Holy comfortable BatMan. I am obsessed with these joggers for both sleeping and hanging around the house. They are nice and lightweight making them perfect for summer and the fabric is something straight from the fabric Gods. Additionally, they have pockets which is the sprinkle on top of the frosted sugar cookie.

Becca’s Slippers

I have long since put my fuzzy Ugg loafer slippers away for the season, but I am finding myself missing the coziness of wearing them around the house. While it is far too warm for that pair this time of year, I still wanted something to warm my feet indoors. These slippers are the perfect little fuzzballs to keep my feet cozy, but the open toe allows for some airflow and to show off my summer pedicure [albeit, a diy home pedicure these days!] Plus, they have a hard sole, so I feel great wearing them out on the patio or to run and get the mail. Definitely happy with this purchase!

Steph’s Servingware

Servingware [Matte Black S] / Plate [Dark Grey]

I have been in desperate need of servingware for quite some time. The problem is, I always forget I’d like to have some until I find myself on Thanksgiving morning pulling out the wooden mixing spoons to serve mashed potatoes and stuffing. When these popped up as a matching set to the silverware I had just purchased, I thought “the time has come, no more cereal spoons serving up my cranberry sauce.” It really wasn’t that dramatic, but I have enjoyed having these!

Hannah’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

FINALLY ordered my first pair of blue light blocking glasses and WHY did I wait this long… No more headaches, no more eye strain, no more difficulty falling asleep!! They’re also super cute, have over 4,000 perfect reviews and under $12!!

Lauren’s Laundry Basket

With baby #2 arriving in a few short weeks, we’re working on getting the nursery ready! We have one of these baskets for our 2 year old’s laundry and love it! With the size of the rooms, the laundry basket is out in the open [not really tucked away], so I wanted it to at least be a little cuter than a simple plastic traditional laundry basket! These come in a TON of prints and colors, and are nice and lightweight for moving around!

Erin’s Hot Honey

Whoa boy. If you thought your go-to pizza was good before, wait until you drizzle some of this on top. After eating a year or so ago in New York where a restaurant served a chicken parmesan dish with a hot honey drizzled on top, I became fascinated by this concept. A year later, I’m scrolling Amazon and voila, this appears. Apparently it’s the hottest food condiment on the market as it receives rave reviews and can be used on [and in] so many foods and drinks! A must-have pantry staple.

Becca’s St. Tropez Bronzing Face Mist

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this face mist as I have never used anything like it, but I am a fan of the St. Tropez self tanner so I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did! The mist is a super fine delicate mist and it feels easy to apply in an even way. It has a faint floral smell which is nice, although throughout the day I did notice that scent switch to a more traditional self tanner smell. What I really like about it is that it slowly develops throughout the day to a subtle glow, and you have the ability to build day by day without worrying that it would become too dark. It says that you could put it on under or over makeup, but I think I would just stick to under so that there is not a risk of streaks or unevenness. All in all I am a fan of this product!

Hannah’s Racerback Sports Bra

Can’t believe I am saying this but I could live in these sports bras!! They are the most comfortable thing I’ve worn to hold the ladies up! Over 8,000 4 ½ star reviews these sports bras live up to the reviews! Removable cups, comfy and not too restrictive while also supporting and keeping the ladies straight! Highly recommend if you have been looking for new sports bras!

Lauren’s Pregnancy Belly Mask

We all love the at-home face masks, and now all of us pregnant ladies can love the at-home belly masks! One of my girlfriends got me a belly mask a few months back, and it was such a fun way to treat myself during pregnancy! This one is intended to help with stretch marks [plenty of those happening over here!], but there are other options out there as well, like this one my girlfriend gifted me!

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