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15+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon // May 2020 Edition

May 4, 2020


Erin Schrader

Recipe for a great month of Amazon finds? A sprinkle of organization, a dash of clothing, a cup full of self-care items, and as many home items as you can handle. We’re clearly getting used to this stay-at-home life over here! Whether you’re taking this time to spend more time indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered with plenty of things to pass the time [or make the time a bit more enjoyable – however you’re seeing things!] While some things may take a few more days than we’re used to to arrive, I promise, they’re worth the wait 😉 Take a scroll to see what we all found and loved this month on Amazon! What have you been loving lately?

Erin’s Bath Bombs

I could smell these babies before I even opened the package and I knew it was one of the better Amazon purchases I’ve ever made. If you are familiar with Lush Bath Bombs, these are undoubtedly the closest in comparison I’ve ever found [but half the price]! I love that they come in a box of 12 individually wrapped and are the perfect presentation to gift [or to give yourself]. Not only do they smell incredible, they feel incredible on your skin as you soak and do an amazing job of hydrating. If you don’t trust me, read the 11,000+ other reviews! Ps. I also bought this bath pillow to accompany my bath bomb purchase 😉

Becca’s Grill Tool Set

We just got a new grill and while our BBQ parties only consist of just the three of us these days, you just can’t beat food made on the grill! We snagged this Grill Tool Set and we’ve been impressed so far! It’s made of durable stainless steel, but with rubber grippers for easy use. Each has a hook on the end for hanging and easy storage. And they are all a longer length to keep the flames at arm’s length! Super happy with this purchase!

Steph’s Metal Planters

I love the look of these metal planters to bring some life to our new backyard patio! They’re a great size for including a few different types of plants but not so huge it’s difficult to find somewhere to put them! They do not have drain holes, so I simply drilled a couple of holes in the bottom before filling them up. I also added some recycling (milk jugs, plastic containers the plants came in, pop cans, etc) to the bottom of the containers before filling with dirt to keep the weight down in case I want to move them from one spot to another. Now all I need is some sunshine and warmth for these little beauties to grow and fill out!

Hannah’s Mini Waffle Maker

Least favorite thing to do during the week… make dinner. About half of the week it’s just me and my kiddos and it becomes more difficult to make a full meal for just the three of us. I always tend to make the kids’ favorites [spaghetti, tacos or mac & cheese] but breakfast food for dinner is always a fan fave in our house! Que this easy to clean mini waffle maker that makes the most perfect baby waffles and perfect for just me and my kids! It is SO easy to clean and comes in handy on the nights I want to make dinner but don’t want spaghetti again lol and it doesn’t hurt how cute and petite they are! Warning you may consume more waffles than you intended and adding strawberries and nutella is a must!

Claire’s Self Tanner

Self Tanning Water Mousse // Similar Mitt

As silly as it sounds, self tanner is one of the few things keeping me sane during this time at home. We haven’t had much spring weather here in Indiana [unless you consider snow in April “springy”] so the majority of these days have been spent indoors. A little glow is a HUGE mood booster for me and this is one of my favorite [and affordable] self tanning mousses. It’s a clear/white foam formula and you can apply directly with your hands, but I prefer to use a mitt. It does have a bit of the infamous self-tanner odor disguised as “coconut”, but I typically apply before bed and rinse in the morning!

Cassidy’s Thermacell Patio Bug Repellent 

Okay ladies, who loves hanging out on the back patio but cannot handle the mosquitos?! That would be me! Mosquitos seem to love me [a love I do not accept by the way] and I always swell up when bit! So it goes without saying that I need a solution to this problem. I stumbled across this Thermacell DEET free + scent free bug repellent because it has over 1,500 reviews! Out of all of Thermacell’s products, this seemed to be the most popular so I wanted to give it a try! Here in Indiana it is still pretty cold, so the mosquitos aren’t too bad yet, but we still gave it a test run! It is easy to use and from what we could tell, it worked pretty well! I will keep you all updated and continue to review it as those pesky little bugs get worse!

Lauren’s Drawer Organizers

Our junk drawer was full of a] junk and b] stuff we actually needed frequently but could never find! I ordered this 10 pack drawer organizer set and had my mind blown by how easily I can find everything I need now! It’s amazing what a little organization can do!

Erin’s Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Lighter // Candle

It turns out that quarantine has brought out my best candle burning heart because I can’t stop. Every morning when I wake up it’s the first thing I do and every night before bed it’s part of my wind-down routine. Needless to say, I’m doing a lot of lighting around here so when I spotted this rechargeable lighter [wait, so I never have to buy another one?!] I was intrigued. I love that you just charge it when it’s running low and that the handle is bendable meaning you don’t have to worry about burning yourself as you go in to light up your next candle. A candle lover’s dream!

Becca’s Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket [TTS, wearing XS] // Cami [TTS] // Jeans [TTS] // Shoes [TTS]

I’m not sure what it is about a bomber, but I always feel just a little bit cooler when I wear one [I’m certainly nowhere near cool, but it’s fun to pretend!] Maybe they just give me Tom Cruise in Top Gun vibes! This Bomber Jacket is extra special with the mixed media! I love the satin which adds a little feminine flair! The color is more of a taupe than a grey, but I don’t mind.

Steph’s Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress [TTS, wearing in M]

“THIS DRESS HAS POCKETS” I yelled as I ran into the living room flapping my pocket hands like a bird after slipping this baby on. While my husband didn’t quite understand the hype, I trust that you will! A simple dress to slip on for a comfortable Summer look or a pool coverup for around $20 – what more could you hope for? 

Hannah’s Magic Bullet Blender

While our mornings have become less hectic it is still a struggle to get everyone around, work, kids breakfasts, school work and then outside and more often than not I forget to eat. I have been wanting to try smoothies for a while and I love the flexibility of this one! It isn’t a big bulky blender I have to wash, I love that the cup used to mix everything can also be used to drink out of, and all of the pieces make it great for post quarantine and traveling! My current favorite smoothie: Clementine, ½ banana, vitamin C packet, handful of spinach, water and 3 spoonfuls of Vanilla yogurt1 SO SO good and I’m getting extra veggies in!

Claire’s Lightweight Quarter Zip

Lightweight Quarter Zip [true to size, wearing medium] // Denim [size down one] // Sandals [size up .5, wearing Almond Patent]

Introducing the sweatshirt I’ve been wearing on repeat! It’s nice and lightweight for the warmer months and works well with jeans, shorts, AND leggings. With this price tag, I might “need”  one in every color. True to size, wearing medium Aqua.

Cassidy’s Toilet Paper Holder

I am moving in May and loving alllll the matte black accents for our new home! Again, I love finding products with the best reviews on Amazon, and this toilet paper stand has over 1,200 reviews! It comes in three different colors, and even comes in another version that stores toilet paper as well, how fitting for the current times! What I really love about this piece is that it is a fair price and great quality!

Lauren’s Outdoor String Lights

We spend a ton of time on our back deck and have been wanting to add in some string lights for awhile now! So many sets are only 10 or 20 feet, and this one is MUCH longer, which is why it made its way into my Amazon cart [each strand is 48 feet!]. Plus, this is actually a 2 pack, so you really get 96 feet of lights! Looking forward to plenty of evenings sipping wine back here!

Erin’s Joggers

Joggers [true to size, wearing in small in black] // Sweatshirt [true to size, wearing in small] // Sneakers [on sale, true to size]

I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts about how good these joggers were going to be when I ordered them, knowing they were only $15. It turns out that all of my doubts were wrong. They are incredibly comfortable, feel like great quality and I love that they are high waisted.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy more colors. BRB, off to Amazon I go.

Becca’s Fresh Herb Keeper

There is nothing like cooking with fresh herbs! They really take any dish to the next level, but the downside is that they often wilt quickly. Enter this amazing Fresh Herb Keeper! You add water and your herbs to it, and voila! You have fresh herbs that last and last! [Going on day 4 so far, and they look as fresh as the day I bought them!] And it looks like you have a little garden growing inside your fridge!

Hannah’s Scalp Massager

Random things you find on Amazon that instantly become your new best friend — this guy! Who would have thought an under $10 wire would be the most magical thing your head ever felt! This has been great for headaches, scalp massage and I’ve heard it can help with hair growth!! In other words if you have any of the above, do yourself a favor and grab this! You won’t be sorry, I promise!

Claire’s Storage Bench

Last year, I moved into my first apartment of my own! That being said, I’m working with fairly tiny patio space. I’m a firm believer that a small space shouldn’t compromise style. Living near the lake, I needed additional seating for hosting as well as more outdoor storage for allllll the gear. Insert my new storage bench.  Where functional meets practical. Ps. it was SUPER easy to assemble. Sold!

Cassidy’s Cable Stitch Two Tone Sweater

Sweater [sized up one to a small for a looser fit]

In Indiana it is still rather chilly with the occasional warm day! I wanted to snag a sweater that was lightweight and would work as a transitional piece! Not to mention, this sweater has become a common choice for my work from home wardrobe! I love how it can be dressed up [just add white jeans and a wedge] or down [add leggings and slippers]!

Lauren’s Campfire Pie Iron

Have you ever used a pie iron to make a meal over the campfire? Whether you’re camping or setting up for the night in your backyard, it’s a fun and easy way to get out of the house for a meal! Pizza pies, egg sandwiches, or my favorite- desserts! There are so many ideas you can find on Pinterest for how to use yours!  Just type in pie iron!


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