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April 30, 2020


Erin Schrader

It’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these “currently I’m” posts but they are always fun to put together and don’t require much effort which is right down my alley — fun without work, sums me up in a nutshell. While it may not feel like I’m currently doing much of anything these days, it turns out I am currently…..

+ Drinking: It’s 3:45 pm, what would you guess I’m drinking? If you guessed a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee you would be correct. Caramel Vanilla Cream to be exact. Also just to be clear: on any given day the answer could be coffee, Bubly, bubbly [the good kind ;)], Diet Pepsi, water or all of the above. Anything less than 3 drinks in my possession at any given time is mildly anxiety inducing.

+ Eating: A granola bar made by the Amish. Never underestimate how delicious life can be until you live near the Amish.

+ Watching: The recap of the Facebook Live I did earlier this afternoon. Between the boxes falling, my boobs *almost* being on display 2017 times, my crotch being front and center and not being able to pronounce any of the brands, I’d say it went well. Or at least can be filed under “met expectations” on my Facebook Live report card. Give me a few hours and I’ll either be tuned into Ozark, I’m Sorry on Netflix [it makes me laugh out loud] or re-watching The Last Dance to further deepen my Chicago Bulls / Michael Jordan era obsession.

+ Excited for: EVERYTHING. Let me write anything down on my planner and I’ll be thrilled. I’m excited for the next time we can travel, the next time I can sit in a bar and drink a fancy cocktail, the next time I can go to a concert, the next time I can go braless for 47 days straight. Oh wait.

+ Reading: Technically speaking, the only reading I’ve done so far is the cover, but I’m excited to dive into The Honest Enneagram.

+ Amazed by: A fly’s persistence. These are the things you notice when quarantined in your house. But for real, once a little fly gets in your house they are bound and determined to never leave that place again. My husband says it’s all my fault that we have flies flying around because I “leave the doors open” which I think is ridiculous because I’m clearing just “letting the birds sing to us” but whatever.

+ Buying: This lip mask. The people on the internet told me it was good and well, apparently I’m easily influenced.

+ Confused by: HA. 2020, are you reading? YOU. You confuse me 2020.

+ Cooking: This Hearty Potato Soup. While I may not have half of the ingredients, I do have creative people in my life who can tell me things like “instead of heavy cream try using cream cheese”. It’s like said creative people knew I bought 5 blocks of cream cheese just for the heck of it the other day. Put the word “cheese” on anything and I’ll buy 5 of ’em for the heck of it. VITAMIN COMPANIES, ARE YOU READING?

+ Wearing: Wouldn’t you like to know? JK. I’ll stop making sexual references to strangers. This tunic and these jeans, defying all odds that it is still possible to get dressed in things that require a button and zipper despite what our brains and hearts will try to tell us. It’s good to prove yourself wrong sometimes.

+ Regretting: NO RAGRETS HERE [name that movie]. No but for real, I am regretting the fact that I didn’t invest in some root coverup spray at the beginning of this whole quarantine thing because we’re about 2 days away from people getting me mixed up for my grandma. I suppose this is better than getting mixed up for a boy which is what happened in my 2nd grade years.

+ Wishing: I could have Halsey’s singing voice and not one that resembles the worst noise you’ve ever heard in your life.

+ Thinking About: Why our entire bodies aren’t as smooth and soft as the inside of our upper arms? Go ahead and touch yours. Now you’re thinking about it too.

+ Considering: Swapping my coffee for wine. Yep, it’s 5:00. I’ve confirmed it. Cabernet time. TTYL, LYLAS, G2G.

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