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3 Must-Have Jackets For Spring

March 25, 2020


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Express and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and worn by yours truly.

Remember the days when we could freely walk outside, wave hello to our friends and bop around from here to there and everywhere? Those days will return, I promise you, but for now I’ll look back on the times a few weeks ago when all of those everyday things we took for granted were still in effect. While I know that life looks a little differently than it did when we shot photos for this post, the message remains the same – spring is on its way and I think we are all ready. I know we’re all dealing with what’s going on in the world in different ways and for me personally I am practicing having an attitude of gratitude [I say practicing because it takes work and it isn’t always easy] while keeping much anticipation and excitement about the bright days ahead. Spring, your weird weather patterns are welcomed here in Indiana any day now. You know what I mean about the weird weather patterns, right? It’s the season where you start the day in the 40s, hit 75 degrees and sunshine in the middle of the day, and get stuck in a surprise rain shower somewhere in the middle. Does this sound about right to anyone else? While it keeps us on our toes, it provides us with green grass, flowering daffodils, and tells us that boating season is right around the corner, so I’m going to stay Team Spring!

The other thing that Spring brings is cute jackets! And Express is the headquarters for on trend jackets for every occasion. Whether it’s an extra layering piece to pull your outfit together or it’s the layer that makes us feel put-together while working from home right now, they’ve got it all. I turned to Express when I knew I wanted to share a few Spring jacket ideas with you all, because I knew they’d have exactly I was looking for. Plus, with free shipping on orders over $50, you can have your jackets of choice on your doorstep in no time. I’ve realized that putting on pieces from Express gives me an extra boost of confidence and I think joy and confidence is something we could all use a little extra of right now. So, in this time where things may seem a bit unsettled, let’s let the jackets in our closet do double duty and work a little harder, covering us both at home and when out and about.

Added bonus- right now, Express is having a 40% off everything sale [exclusions apply]. See the whole sale here!

The Classic Trench

Classic Double Breasted Trench Coat [TTS, wearing size small]  // Fitted Crew Neck Sweater [TTS, wearing size small] // High Waisted Raw Hem Cropped Flare Jeans [TTS, wearing size 4] // Express Genuine Leather Pointed Toe Pumps

A classic trench coat is something every woman’s closet should have, and I love the blush hue of this one!  Leave it open for a casual extra layer, or button up and tie it up tight for added waist definition! And if your daily outfit is looking a little more casual these days like many of ours are, this is a great jacket to throw on if you do need to run out. It can keep much of your outfit hidden away 😉

The Draped Flyaway

Drape Front Flyaway Cinched Back Jacket [TTS, wearing size small]  // Floral Pleated V-neck Cami [TTS, wearing size small]  // High Waisted Raw Hem Cropped Flare Jeans [TTS, wearing size 4] // Express Genuine Leather Pointed Toe Pumps

One of these days, we’ll be able to go on date nights again, but for now, this is the perfect jacket for an at-home candle lit dinner over frozen pizza! It’s not only cute, but comfy too, which makes it perfect for an easy transition from dinner to [at home] movie! And if white scares you, don’t worry, it also comes in pink and black!

The Bomber

Satin Bomber Jacket [TTS, wearing size small]  //Downtown Cami [TTS, wearing size small] //  Mid Rise Denim Perfect Dark Wash Ankle Leggings [TTS, wearing size 4] // Express Steve Madden Philosophy Sneakers [TTS]

Bomber jackets are not only stylish, but comfy too,  and I’m all about anything comfy right now! I love that this one has a satin finish which makes it seem a bit dressier. Perfect for throwing on with jeans and tennis shoes for running around town, and just as a great with a pair of sweats and slippers for work from home life!

Do you have jackets that you can turn to for both home and out and about [because I promise, we will be out and about again some day!]?

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