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LIY Team Try-On // Sole Society Edition

January 24, 2020


Erin Schrader

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that shoes are a girl’s best friend. Booties? Love ’em. Flats or heels? Both. Sneakers? We like those too. Really, there’s not a shoe we don’t love. So when the team started browsing the virtual isles of Sole Society, we found it necessary to share the love with you all. If you’ve followed along for any length of time, you may already know that Sole Society has been near and dear to our hearts for several years. If you’re a newbie, here’s the lowdown. You can’t go wrong in the shoe department, but they also carry a ton of cute [and high-quality] accessories & handbags with price tags that have us hitting “Add to Cart” all too often. Bonus: Shipping is speedy and free with a $50+ purchase. What more could a girl ask for? Besides possibly a free puppy and bowl of mac & cheese included with every order… but I’ll save that suggestion for rainy day. So without further ado, let’s walk [or run, skip, jump.. go buck-wild] into this month’s LIY Team Try-On: Sole Society Edition.

Erin’s Loafers

Baretta Loafer Flat[Porcini, size down .5] // Shirt [size down one, wearing in XS] // Jeans [true to size]

Slip these on, feel classy. At least that’s what happened to me. I’ve always been on the fence about loafers and if I was really a “loafer girl” [whatever that actually means] until I got these. They are simple, chic and make any outfit look effortlessly cool.

Erin’s Bow Flats

Tamani Bow Flat [Nat Multi, size down .5] // Cardigan [size down, wearing in XS] // Cami [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Jeans [size down if in between]

As much as my husband is hating the snakeskin trend, I am not. There’s just something about wearing animal print that makes me feel like I know what I’m doing with my life and know a thing or two about fashion. Take the animal print and put a bow on it and it’s double trouble. I think these are oozing with style and are perfect for dressing up or down! I will note that they take a few wears to truly break in!

Erin’s Weekender Tote

Ashla Weekender Tote [Natural Combo]


If there is ONE thing I would tell you to buy from Sole Society, it is their travel bags. I have been buying and using their travel bags for years now as they make awesome personal items for flights [that yes, all fit under the seat in front of you] while holding SO much. This bag in particular is one of the best I’ve found for how much it can actually hold. As an added benefit it’s so eye catching and cute and bonus: it does have an inside zipper pocket along with slots for your phone and whatever else you may need!

Becca’s Ruana

Chevron Print Ruana [Beige Multi, One Size] //  Turtleneck [size up] // Jazda Bootie [Earl Grey, TTS] // Jeans [similar]

I bought this piece with one thing in mind — it would be the perfect travel piece! It’s a perfect lightweight layer, so comfortable and neutral enough to pair with lots of different outfits. The subtle chevron pattern is so pretty! Bonus points — it can act as a blanket for airplane naps. Now, time to book a trip!

Becca’s Booties 

Nadima Bootie [Honey, TTS]

I’ve had my eye on these booties for MONTHS. The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger immediately was that they didn’t have my size. At the end of the day I decided to just buy a half size up because I wanted them so badly, and even if they are a little big [these are true to size] I don’t even care because they’re so cute! I love the little shearling lining to give a little cozy warmth to the winter days!

Steph’s Finds

Eesha Strappy Flat Sandal [Spanish Tile, TTS] // Chele Suede Crossbody [Mushroom] // Emiranza Twisted Flat Sandal  [Soft Grey, TTS]

EeshaI ordered these sandals for my upcoming Spring Break trip and I love the way they look! I’m so glad I got this color – It’s just a little pink, but still neutral enough to go with almost every outfit. They’re very comfortable, but have zero arch support so I’ll opt for something different on days we do lots of walking.

Chele Suede Crossbody: Somehow, until I ordered this bag I did not own a crossbody! Well, correction – I owned something that probably classified as a crossbody, but used it as my mom-suitcase. You know the bag – large enough to carry a full day’s worth of snacks for 3 people, water bottles and space to shove my kids’ coats when their arms were too tired to carry them around a store anymore. I’ve been searching for a bag that was a liiiiitle more space conscious for carrying when I’m not with my kids, and specifically wanted a good size for fitting in suitcases when traveling. I love that this bag has lots of pockets while maintaining a compact size.

Emiranza: These sandals are also headed on Spring Break with me! Much like the others, they are comfortable but offer no arch support. Another cute pair to wear to dinner, afternoon ice cream and as a fun way to tie together outfits.

Hannah’s Heels

Renelle T-Strap Pump [Black, TTS]

Nothing like a classic black pump with a twist!! These Sole Society heels are SO comfortable!! The heel isn’t too short and I wore them all day without a single issue!! The “T” strap is also a fun little elevated look to the classic black pump without going overboard!

Hannah’s Handbag

Hudson Tote [Blush Snake]

Note to self…. Check the size before ordering or the word “tote” lol what I thought was going to be a smaller crossbody ended up being quite larger BUT this print is so pretty!! While the size was larger than I was looking for the overall look and ability to hold it or wear it as a crossbody is fun and it does hold quite a bit! If you are looking for something bigger than your average crossbody this one is perfect, if you are looking for something smaller I would suggest something more like this.

Cassidy’s Loafers

Brileigh Louise et Cie Slip-On Loafer [Malachite, TSS]

I have been on the hunt for a great loafer, and let’s be honest… I am a sucker for a slip-on shoe! [Maybe that just means I’m lazy… oh well] I am loving that this flat has just enough class to totally dress up my outfit without hurting my feet! This green color is IN and I am here for it. Another plus, the tortoise detailing makes it easy to style with black or brown! Great with a pair of jeans or slacks. LOVE the functionality because these shoes may be a bit of an investment. I highly recommend!

Lauren’s Loafers

Breck Elastic Back Loafer // Cardigan [TTS, wearing medium] // Pants [TTS] Tank [TTS, wearing medium]

Who can turn down a pair of flats that are a] leopard b] comfy? My shoe closet is not lacking in the boot and bootie area, but definitely needed some flat/loafer love. I love that this pair has an elastic back, keeping the shoe in place without giving you that heel rub that some flats give as you walk! The one thing I *DON’T* love about these is that they are tight around the toes, so they’re starting to rub a lot on the outside of my pinky toes. I wonder if switching to the wide version would help!

Lauren’s Earrings

X Stud Earrings

 You’ll rarely find me wearing big earrings, but you WILL almost always find me with a pair of studs in. Gotta fill all those piercing holes from high school 😉 I love that this pair is mostly flat against my ear, so it won’t get caught getting dressed/undressed, but it’s large enough to stand out a bit more than a smaller pair.

Claire’s Studded Heels

Tiia Studded T-Strap Heel [Adobe, TTS] // Chambray Shirt [TTS] // Denim [size down if in between]

We can’t talk about Sole Society without talking about these heels. I’ve been drooling over this pair ever since I first laid eyes on them [Erin owns them in black]. With their designer look [“save” version of the classic Valentino pumps] and wallet-friendly price tag, they’re everything I dreamed they would be. Bonus: these are surprisingly comfortable; really, the type of shoe you never want to take off. I’m really not a stiletto heel girl, but had no trouble walking like a normal human and wearing them all day long. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down– the world is your oyster. True to size, also available in black.

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