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12+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon // December Edition

December 10, 2019


Erin Schrader

Items Pictured: Yeti Coffee Mug // Elemis Skincare // Artificial Plants // Elderberry Gummies // Stemless Corkcicle

Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, [packages] right down my drivewaaayy… See what I did there? Alright, so music was never my strong suit, but that won’t stop the holiday jingles anytime soon. Speaking of things that are not stopping anytime soon: Amazon Roundups. The LIY Team can’t stop, won’t stop sharing all the random assortments of goodness. From accent tables to Advent calendars, here are 12+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon: December Edition.

ps. If you have missed any of the previous team Amazon posts, see them all here! 

Erin’s Elderberry Gummies

I don’t know about you, but sickness is running rampant in our area right now. Between the cold I couldn’t shake for a month or so to my husband’s cold that keeps coming and going, it was time to do SOMETHING to protect my immune system from all of the sickness traveling around. Insert Elderberry gummies. I’ve been hearing about Elderberry for quite some time [Hannah on the team swears by them] as a natural way to ward off sickness but never gave them a try. After one too many Kleenex boxes gone through, I knew it was time. I pop two gummies a day and they are supposed to help with immune support. With over 2,000 reviews I knew it was worth giving them a try! I’ll report in a month or two on how effective I feel like they are but so far, so good!

Erin’s Accent Table

Rivet Modern Round Side Accent Table // Vase // Rug

With the new office in full swing, I’ve been scouring the internet for some good deals on accent furniture to get it cozy and to completion! When I spotted these side tables, I knew they were the perfect fit for the space. I am obsessed with Amazon’s home brand, Rivet, as the furniture not only looks great but the quality is there! These are sturdy and a perfect $100 side table option! Highly recommend!

Erin’s Down Jacket

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket [TTS, wearing Green in size XS] // Jeans [true to size] // Rothy’s Shoes [size up one]



Say hello to the oh so “Famous Amazon coat”. This coat has been a HOT topic of conversation for the past year or so and it isn’t leaving the scene anytime soon. I finally decided to give it a try and I can see why it’s made a statement on the scene. It is warm thanks to the down feathers and I love the artificial lamb lining for extra coziness. It’s currently 24% off and is on Amazon’s most wished gift ideas list!

Becca’s Advent Calendar

Similar Tree Skirt // Similar Basket

This will be our daughter Monroe’s first Christmas, and we knew we wanted to start some special traditions that we could carry throughout the years as a family. One of our new traditions is what I am calling our Christmas Book Advent Calendar – a set of 25 Christmas books that I will wrap year after year to be opened and read as a family one per day each December. I scoured the internet for the very best Christmas picture books — and I think I found some really great ones that not only have beautiful imagery but also impactful messages for the season. If you’re interested in starting an advent of your own, or just want to gift a book or two, I’ll give you a few of our favorites so far:

  • The Story of Christmas has vibrantly colored illustrations in a board book version of the first Christmas
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland uses the lyrics of the song we all know as a canvas for some really pretty illustrations to get you in the mood for the season
  • The Night Before Christmas brings to life with captivating imagery the magical poem we all heard as children.
  • Nativity uses the King James version of the first Christmas and adds some really beautiful paintings to tell the story.

Becca’s Sweater

Cable Knit Sweater [TTS, wearing size small in 034-grey] // Similar Denim // Booties

This is the cable knit sweater you have been searching for! The oversized cut makes it extra cozy, and the chunky knit is perfect for sweater season! I love the cowl neck and the looser sleeves, honestly the comfiest sweater in my closet! True to size, wearing size small in 034-grey.

Steph’s Artificial Plants

I am loving the warmth these little potted plants bring to my new office! When I started shopping around for items to decorate I knew I wanted some greenery, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it since I was just starting to figure out the vibe I wanted. Enter these plants – at just $20 for 3, I love the small touches of green they bring around my workspace. For more Amazon office decor, be sure to check out our upcoming LIY HQ Reveal blog post!

Steph’s Cold Press Juicer

Every time I grab a cold-press juice at a cafe I kick myself for spending $7 on something I could easily make at home, and with the ingredients I want rather than picking the closest thing from the menu. I decided to grab this juicer on a whim and it’s quickly become the most used small appliance in our kitchen! Most mornings this baby makes 2-3 juices for my family, each one catered to that person’s specific fruit and vegetable likes. The juice pictured here was my son’s creation: 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 bunch of grapes and 1 carrot. Some of my other favorite ingredients to add are greens, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and beets. While my kids do a fairly good job of eating fruits and vegetables, I love that this is another way to add some more nutrients to their diet. If making more than one type of juice in a morning, I simply run a glass of water through the juicer and we’re ready to get started on the next creation.. When we’re done using it for the day I rinse off the parts (only 4 plus the two plastic containers you see here!) and toss it in the top rack OF THE DISHWASHER! Adding more goodness to our day could not be easier!

Steph’s High Waisted Leggings

Colorfulkoala ⅞ Length High Waisted Yoga Pants [size down if in between, wearing large] // Santa Sweatshirt [Use code LIYTRIBE for 15% off, size up if in between, wearing large] // Camo Sneakers [TTS]

I heard so much about these buttery soft leggings, I just had to give them a try for myself! The results are in, and I’m torn! Yes, they are SOFT SOFT SOFT and oh so comfy! I also love the side pocket. I’m not sure why because I don’t really keep anything in it, but I like that it’s there in case I need somewhere to put my phone for a quick minute. They don’t receive 5 stars from me because I didn’t have a little trouble with them rolling or needing pulled up throughout the day. I do have that issue occasionally with some more costly brands of leggings I own, but it happened much more frequently with the Colorfulkoala. I do float between a Medium and Large, it is quite possible that sizing down rather than up would have solved this issue for me. Regardless, I say they’re worth a try because the price is much better than similar pairs. Just maybe size down if in between!

Steph’s Tee

Good Threads Tee [TTS, wearing Dark Green in size medium] // Similar Denim // Camo Sneakers [TTS] 

I have really been liking the Good Threads brand over the last few months as I have begun ordering more and more fashion items from Amazon. This tee is no exception! A good length, not too deep of a neckline, fitted but not tight! At this price, I’ll be grabbing a few more for layering!

Hannah’s Steamer

Beautural 1200-Watt Steamer // Top

Anyone else hate ironing clothes as much as me! I would much rather wear a wrinkly top then get the iron out.. So I figured it was time to take the plunge and get a steamer! Calling this beauty small but mighty! With 3,000 perfect reviews this steamer is legit! It didn’t spill water all over my top, did a very quick and easy job of getting the wrinkles out and WAY less painful than getting an iron and ironing board out! If you’re tired of being wrinkly can’t recommend this one enough!

Hannah’s Mud Face Mask

Let’s get muddin’ lol okay, but really weather changes and my skin do NOT do well together… And lately my skin has been breaking out like the first time I went through puberty and so dry that I couldn’t drink enough water to fix it. SO, it was time to treat my skin and this stuff is pretty awesome and lives up to its over 2,000 near perfect reviews! It doesn’t smell too bad, tingles a little and there was a noticeable difference the next morning after using it! I highly recommend this mask for a little skin TLC!!

Lauren’s Advanced Skincare

Elemis Revitalizing Face Mask // ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash // ELEMIS Balancing Lavender Purifying Facial Toner

 I’d been hearing more and more about the Elemis products, and finally decided to bite the bullet Cyber Monday [I’m a sucker for a sale]. I wanted to find a “cleaner” product that I could get behind, and the Drunk Elephant I had been using for months all of a sudden just stopped doing the trick. I guess our skin changes over time and we have to make tweaks! I’ve only been using these three products [face wash, toner, and mask] for about a week so far, but so far so good! The breakouts I’d been experiencing are diminishing, so I’m thinking I’m heading in the right direction!

Lauren’s Velvet Throw Pillow Covers


When decorating for Christmas, I try to decorate our house in a way that the items can be left up much of winter [think greenery and added pops of color instead of “Merry Christmas” signs]. The Christmas season is too short to take it down so fast! Insert this year’s newest addition: these red velvet pillow covers! Pillow covers are an easy way to swap things out for the season without taking up much space in storage, and they can easily be thrown in the wash! They’re SUPER soft [husband approved] and come in a ton of other colors and sizes if Wine Red isn’t what you’re looking for! These are the 20″x20″ in Wine Red.

Lauren’s Apple Watch & Phone Stand

My nightstand = a disaster every night. Phone, watch, glasses, retainer, water, baby monitor, lamp, and whatever other contraptions my toddler dropped off throughout the day! I added in this phone and Apple Watch stand into the mix [what’s one more thing] to try to organize the space a bit. Simply slide your charging cords through the back of the stand, and you’re setup for quick and easy charging overnight!

Claire’s Yeti Coffee Mug

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; I LOVE THIS COFFEE MUG. If you own any Yeti products, then you already know just how good they are. This mug keeps your cup of joe extra-steamy, comes in a ton of fun colors, and makes the perfect under $25 gift for the coffee lover in your life! ps. I use this sliding lid to keep things extra toasty and avoid spillage on the go.

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