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What the LIY Team Has on Our Holiday Wishlists

November 26, 2019


Erin Schrader

If there’s one thing you know about the ladies that make up the Living in Yellow team, it’s that we love to shop online! Shopping for ourselves, shopping for others, shopping for our homes, shopping for our pups, we do it all! We spend a lot of time perusing the digital storefronts. So come holiday season, when our family members start asking for our wishlists, you know we’ve got healthy lists started! We thought it’d be fun to share each of our wishlists with you, and tell you a bit about us and why those things made our lists [ya know, in case you need an idea or two to add to your own list ;)]! So take a scroll down the page, get to know each of the team members, and click the little arrows on the right to browse through each of our lists!

Erin’s Wishlist

Hi friends, Erin here! It’s no secret that I shop a lot [maybe a little too much?] in my everyday life, so when it comes to creating my Christmas wish list, I like to stick to items that are somewhat out of the ordinary and that I wouldn’t think to buy for myself. You’ll see random tech gadgets, dream worthy steamers [a girl can only wish] and some beauty products that will hopefully help slow down this whole 30 going on 35 thing that’s happening. When I’m not shopping online, you can find me cozied up at home with my two pups and husband, most likely with candles burning and tea in my hands. I think this year’s wish list reflects both the homebody side of me with a little bit of “extra” sprinkled in 😉

Becca’s Wishlist

Hello, I’m Becca, our team’s Creative Director! Outside of work, I lead a double life — one of a homebody and one of a travel addict! The two might contradict each other but I love them both equally! On my list, you’ll find cozy pieces for staying in and great pieces for traveling the globe! I also love to host — you will often find our home filled with friends and family for fancy dinner parties or causal game nights! So don’t be surprised if you see serving dishes and games sprinkled throughout my list as well!

Steph’s Wishlist

Hello, hello! I’m Steph, Brand Development Manager here at Living in Yellow. I’m a wife and momma to three kiddos, ages 17, 7 and 4 (almost 5!). With a Senior in the house and my youngest starting Kindergarten next year I’m all too aware that time FLYS on by and strive to spend my time as intentionally as I can. To me this means having meaningful interactions with family and friends over dinner or game nights as well as spending time reflecting on my day. In my list you’ll see items to make my house a home, as well as put some purpose to my me-time.


Hannah’s Wishlist

Hi Ladies! I’m Hannah – Sales/Product Specialist at Living in Yellow!! I’m a busy mom of two sweet and sassy kiddos and wife to a police officer!! Fashion is my passion and even when I’m running after my kiddos I’m probably going to be overdressed but feeling my best!! I love integrating new and fun trends into my wardrobe and tend to add items to my wishlist that are things I wouldn’t normally buy myself. While basics are a must, my wish list items are the elevated pieces that my heart desires and my wardrobe adores lol!! This year is no different and includes nicer closet must haves that add a little flair to my everyday look and make a statement on date night!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Cassidy’s Wishlist

Hey gals, I’m Cassidy! I am the team’s Visual Content Creator, and also: a proud dog mama, a newly wed, an eco-friendly enthusiast, a homebody and an interior decorator wanna-be! My wishlist is somewhat a combination of those things while also being a completely random list of items that caught my eye while surfing the web! That being said, I am currently making the finishing touches on my home, attempting to fill my closet with the tried and true basics [hello Spanx leggings], and of course spoiling my pup! You will find everything from reusable kitchen utensils + gadgets to the homebody starter pack [which includes but is not limited to: mulled wine kit, cozy blankets, and Capri Blue candles]! Hopefully some of these items speak your language too, and maybe Santa will be feeling extra generous this year!

Claire’s Wishlist

Hi all, Claire here– Community Engagement Specialist at Living in Yellow! I’m a full-time dog mama to my sweet [and slightly mischievous] goldendoodle, Oliver. I can typically be found at home snuggling with my fur babe or on the dance floor sipping cocktails with my gal pals [there’s no in-between]. This year, my wishlist is full of all-things cozy plus a handful of fun items sprinkled in perfect for hitting the town in style. Long story short, if it’s soft or it smells nice, it’s going on my list. I’d like to think I’ve been really good this year, so fingers crossed I made the Nice List!

Lauren’s Wishlist

Hi friends, I’m Lauren! I’m a mama of a two year old who keeps me on my toes with a husband who likes to keep me on the go, while I’d rather be cuddled up watching a Hallmark movie [or three]. On my wishlist this year, you’ll find lots of items for staying cozy all winter long, along with some miscellaneous home items. I’m working to find the balance between keeping the house picked up and having toys all over the place – I’m learning that storage or a dedicated playroom is key! And 4+ years after being in our home, I’m still in a reno-mindset [slowly but surely we’ll get there]. I also randomly lost an absurd amount of earrings this year, so hoping Santa brings me a few new pairs to re-stock the ol’ jewelry box!

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