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15+ Items We’re Loving on Amazon // November Edition

November 7, 2019


Erin Schrader

Another month, another round up of Amazon finds from the LIY Team. If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you’ll know our love for Amazon runs deep. With fast free shipping and the Holidays right around the corner, we’re not slowing down any time soon. We can’t stop, won’t stop ordering ALL the things– from fashion finds to neck pillows, here are 15+ items we’re loving on Amazon right now. And if you have missed any of the previous team Amazon posts, see them all here! 

PS If you haven’t joined our Amazon Facebook Group, you’re going to want to pop on over there ASAP! We’re sharing all of our Amazon finds [and fails!] with almost 25K people already!

Erin’s Lip Balm

Holy hydration. After spending time in the sun in California and blowing my nose non-stop from a lovely cold, my lips were some of the most chapped and dry they had ever been. Insert this lip balm. A girlfriend of mine told me about it and had me try it one evening and I was instantly hooked. This lip balm hydrates my lips the best out of any product I have tried. I just apply it once a day right before bed and I wake up with the smoothest, softest lips I’ve ever had! It is a little pricey for this size, however, you don’t have to use it often so it should last for awhile. A must for cold harsh winters!

 Erin’s Self-Tan Drops

Another girlfriend recommended product coming in hot! As I was complaining about my dry lips, I also slipped in a comment about how pale my face was [I was obviously on a roll of putting myself up ;)] and she was to the rescue with this Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops! I had never heard of them and now I can’t imagine living without! While I use the medium/dark, if you are lighter skinned the Light / Medium drops can be found here! All you have to do is apply 1-4 drops [you control how much color you want] into your regular nightly moisturizer a couple of times a week. It is streak free, doesn’t have a strong scent and doesn’t transfer to your pillow! This is a before and after photo of just ONE application [after washing my face in the morning the orange tones disappeared but a nice color was left]! This is a great and easy product to use all winter long for keeping the color alive! They also make body products which you can see here!

Erin’s Desktop Stand [Rose Gold]

Who knew $8 could bring so much joy into your life? This little phone stand was yet another product recommended to me by a friend of mine [I owe all good things to my friends these days] and said that she loved using it for FaceTime calls at her desk. I bought one thinking “eh, I’m sure I won’t use it” and now every time I sit down at my computer I prop my phone up next to me on this stand and love having it there! It’s so easy to read incoming texts or like I said, awesome for phone calls while working. Some readers suggested using it for airplane travel [great for sitting on the tray and watching movies], using it while cooking in the kitchen for recipes, etc. You can charge it while it’s on the stand as well which is awesome! This also makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Erin’s Puffer Vest

Amazon Essentials Women’s Mid-Weight Puffer Vest [TTS, wearing small] // Cozy Fleece Top [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Jeans [true to size] // Boots [true to size]

Long live the puffy vest trend. This is one that I hope never dies because as the temps are dropping, I am finding myself reaching for an extra layer every time I leave the house. I was anxious to try this Amazon brand of puffy vest to see what I thought. The verdict is in and it’s perfect! Fleece lined, doesn’t shed an ounce, is a great mid-weight [not too bulky but still plenty warm] and is great quality! If you’re a puffy vest lover like myself, I’d consider adding this one to your closet rotation!

Becca’s Sweater

The Drop Soft Slouchy V-Neck Sweater [TTS, wearing XS in Camel] // Jeans [TTS] //  Booties [similar]

In the short time I have had this sweater, I have already worn it 4 times! It is so soft and comfy, but you look put together at the same time! I found the length to be perfect to pair with any of my high waisted jeans, and with a little tuck, it is the perfect sweater for my pear shaped body!

Becca’s Cookbook

I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive this cookbook! Half Baked Harvest is my all time favorite food blog. All of Tieghan’s recipes explode with flavor, and I make at least one of her recipes each week — if not more! Her first cookbook has been my all time favorite, so when I saw that she was creating a book of easy recipes for simple weekday meals that don’t compromise on flavor, I preordered right away! The photography is beautiful, and the recipes are spot on! From the Easiest Cinnamon Apple Tarts pictured here [bursting with autumn flavors and notes of bourbon], to Harvest Butternut Squash + Apple Pizza, to Spinach + Three Cheese Stuffed Shells and beyond — this book is packed with delicious recipes. To top it off, so many of the recipes are instant pot, slow cooker, one pan, 30 minutes or less or 10 ingredients or less [like the 5 ingredient Hazelnut Brownies I can’t wait to try], so you know you can tackle dinner — even on your busiest nights!

Becca’s Knife Set

We do a lot of cooking in our house, so our knives get a lot of use. My previous set was getting oh so dull, and starting to show wear. I decided to give this Amazon Basics set a try due to its great reviews and incredibly low price! I was so pleasantly surprised! This is a heavier, stronger, better quality set than our previous set but at half the price! And yay for knives that are actually sharp!

Becca’s Skin Cream

When I saw a commercial for this product, I grabbed my phone and had purchased it before the commercial even ended! Thank you, magical Buy Now button! I have had bumpy arms ever since I was a little girl, and anything claiming to rid me of those little red bumps is something I want to try! I wanted to like this product so badly, but it just did not work for me! A few times I have slathered on this cream post shower, only to find that a couple hours later I am rubbing clumps of it off of my skin! Maybe with a few weeks of continued use it would take care of the bumps, but I personally can’t tolerate it long enough to find out! The search continues!

Hannah’s Dutch Oven[Lagoon]

I’m feeling like such an adult right now 🙂 I have had my eye on a dutch oven for some time and finally pulled the trigger!! This one happened to be on sale and had rave reviews so it was a no brainer add to cart! I finally cooked my first pot roast and it was everything I have dreamed of! SO easy to make and made dinner hassle free and easy cleanup! I also love that it can be used on my electric stove top!! Fall meals just got a lot more yummy!!

Hannah’s Self Tanner

I have tried A LOT of sunless tanners so when I saw this one had over 4,000 near perfect reviews I thought I would give it a try! It did not disappoint! It’s a thicker lotion and goes on really well! The smell is better than most sunless tanners I have used [smells like a light coconut vacation] however it once it started drying it smelled like normal sunless tanners! I did like that I didn’t have to shower off right away and it didn’t feel heavy! It also didn’t transfer to any of my clothes and the color gradually started showing after a few hours! I definitely recommend this one!

Cassidy’s Buffalo Plaid Rug [23×51]

Love love love the extra little something this buffalo rug gives my patio! I love that I can use it with my Halloween decor all the way to my Christmas decor! It is super durable and cleans off nicely!

Lauren’s Pimple Patches

My skin has been going CRAZY lately with breakouts, acting like it’s a 16 year old again! What I should do: drink more water, wash my face consistently, eat better, see a dermatologist. What I did: ordered a random Amazon product from China for a quick fix.  Cassidy on the team tried a different brand and had no luck, but I’d heard great things so figured I had to try too! The version I got has little microneedels which are supposed to really help the “secret” solution really get in there. I used it on a few spots that have been really having problems lately in hopes of a miracle, and the only thing that happened was maybe something that could have been on that show Dr. Pimple Popper. Eek! I have read that sometimes it takes a few attempts, so I guess I’ll keep trying. One other thing to note: the 9 pack [which is what I bought] comes written completely in Chinese, so I had to hop on Amazon to get directions. If you go big for the 27 pack, you get it in English. I guess that’s a good way to get you to buy in bulk. 😉

Lauren’s Faux Rock Key Hider

Never get locked out of your house again with this key hider that looks and feels SO much like a real rock! No more days of the SUPER creative hiding the key under the mat or above the door! This is more about hiding it in plain sight! The bottom of this “rock” slides out and has a holder for a key, and the whole thing is only about 3” long, so it can easily blend in with other rocks already in your landscape! The only issue you may have is losing track of this rock since it looks so realistic!

Lauren’s Massager for Neck and Back

Add this massager to everyone’s list that you’re buying for this Christmas! One of my friends has one of these that I may or may not have borrowed for a solid month [hi, sorry again for keeping it so long], but we [me, my husband, AND my dog – yes, my goldendoodle] all loved it. With several heat, speed, and rotational settings, you can work out those kinks at home rather than scheduling bi-weekly massages! I know I sure can’t afford that!

Lauren’s Sports Bra [TTS, medium]

I’d been hearing great things about this brand for athletic wear, and wanted to test out their sports bras! I personally prefer really strappy styles, both for fashion and function, and this one checks those boxes! I understand that this style may not work for everyone [I’m a B cup], but for me, it’s what I prefer and think this is a great option for those that like this style!

Claire’s Sherpa Pullover & Leggings

BTFBM Womens Fleece Sherpa [size down if in between, wearing medium] // Colorfulkoala High Waist Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // Boots [size down .5 if in between]

It’s sherpa season, folks! If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been fighting this trend for about a year now. I finally decided to pull the trigger and let me tell ya, there’s no going back now. If you want to dip your toes into the cozy trend too [or maybe you’re already riding the sherpa bandwagon] this affordable option doesn’t disappoint. Size down if in between, wearing my regular medium, but could have done a small! [Bonus: I wore it all day with black leggings and it didn’t shed any of those annoying fuzzies!] // Speaking of leggings, can we talk about this $22 pair of buttery soft goodness? If you’re a fan of the Lululemon Aligns, this “save” option is the closest dupe I’ve found yet. Super soft and not “shiny” so they work well for casual wear as well as a trip to the gym!

Cassidy’s Travel Neck Pillow

I am soon headed for my honeymoon [eeeekkk!] and we will be traveling to Belize! That being said, I am not a fan of flying… so in hopes of making our time in the air a little more comfortable, I purchased these neck support pillows! These are a major step up from your typical neck pillow and actually support your neck so you can sleep comfortably without straining your neck or spine. These are a great gift for a traveler in your life! They come as a bundle or individually and are machine washable, even better!

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