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10 Ways to Simplify the Holidays from Your Couch

November 20, 2019


Erin Schrader

The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. But more times than not, we’re so busy making sure we’ve got everything taken care of [meals, gifts, outfits, travel] that we don’t take the time to enjoy the season. We want you to be able to be in the moment with your loved ones, not worrying about “did I remember this” or “I need to leave to get to the store.” [And can we make one thing clear? Hence the photo above, wrapping gifts is HARD. Save your energy for that, because you know I’m going to need all of mine for wrapping if my friends and family don’t want to get their gifts in plastic grocery bags again this year].

So LIY’s stepping in to share some tips we have for simplifying the holidays, by taking advantage of the technological resources that are at our fingertips. Don’t get stressed out by running all over town or scrambling for last minute items. With a little planning, you can do just about everything from the comfort of your couch with a cup of eggnog. So turn on some holiday tunes, grab your computer, and let’s start checking some things off your list.

Wrapping Paper // Tape // Tissue Paper // Scissors

1. Ship your gifts & gift wrapping items

If you’re going to be spending the holidays somewhere else [say, the in-laws across the country], have all the gifts shipped to that address instead of to your house, and then trying to travel with them all! Then, pick out some cute wrapping paper and have that, your scissors, tape, tags, and all sent to that address as well! That way, when you get there, you can get to wrapping without traveling with a single gift! *obviously clear this with the homeowners who you’re going to be staying with. You’ll want to have them set those packages aside! Consider using a store such as Amazon or Target, where you automatically get free shipping or it’s an easy low minimum to reach!

2. Shopping the LIY Gift Guides

At a loss for what to get your grandparents, your kids’ teachers, the artsy guy, or your pet? Look no further than the Living in Yellow Gift Guides. We’ve put together the ULTIMATE gift guide resource to take the stress out of wondering what to get each person in your life. Warning: there’s a lot. You might want to refill your eggnog before diving in.

3. Shop early to avoid expedited shipping

While most stores will end up getting you your gift in time for an expedited shipping fee, why risk wondering of when it will arrive/will I have enough time to wrap it? I suggest shopping early, and getting your list knocked out so you can enjoy the season and be done stressing over gifts!

Glassware // Plates // Cutlery

4. Buy your table setting items online

While it would be the environmentally conscious thing to do to use dishes, glassware, and silverware that you own, depending on the size of your party, this can wear down the dishwasher’s sanity [human or machine]. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can have nice looking dinnerware items sent to your home that will keep you away from the sink post-meal, and spending more time with your guests.

5. Purchase any remaining holiday decor online

Chances are, you’re not overhauling your entire holiday decor setup every year [if you are, girl, please talk to Shawn for me!]. You’re more than likely adding a few pieces and taking away a few pieces. For those items that you are looking to add, just grab them online! There’s no need to go to the store where things are picked over. Most likely the online store will have a larger stock. Plus, last year Amazon started selling real Christmas trees online! Just waiting for them to say say ho ho ho they’re here again this year! While there’s something about going to an actual Christmas tree farm, convenience is convenience am I right?

Coffee Mug Gift Card Holders // Nordstrom Gift Card // Peace On Earth Gift Card Holder

6.  Buy gift cards online

Just because you’re planning to give someone a gift card doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to that store to make that happen! Almost all stores sell gift-cards online, AND Amazon sells gift cards for several stores all in one spot! Bonus: you can also buy gift card holders online, as well as gift cards that already come wrapped and ready to go! You know it’s a gift they’re going to love 😉

7. Order your groceries for pickup

The grocery store around the holidays can be a scary, scary place. Don’t risk fighting over that last package of dinner rolls, when you can click “add to cart” online! So many stores now offer order online, pick up in store, or even grocery delivery service! This way, you’re also not buying the extra things you may see in the aisles that maybe don’t actually need to make their way into your pantry.

8. Order your main dish pre-cooked and delivered!

Another great option is to buy your main dish [turkey, ham, prime rib, etc] from a company like Burgers Smokehouse! We used them last year for a ham and this year for a turkey, and we’ve been blown away by the ease of prepping and the flavor! Most items come pre-cooked, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven for an hour or two, and you have a delicious main dish, ready to impress!

Tissue Paper // Gift Tags

9. Don’t be afraid to give the same gift to two [or more] people

There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t give the same great gift to both your friend and your sister [or your mom, or the teacher or the sister-in-law]. If you think they’ll both love it, knock out two birds with one stone! Plus, it may get you to free shipping by checking out at a higher amount!

10.  Make a list [and check it twice] so you aren’t buying more than you need

Just like Santa, you want to make a list and check it twice! Without a list of exactly what you’ve bought or are hoping to buy for each person, you’ll end up spending way more than you anticipate because you start to lose track! Make. That. List. Girlfriend!

11. Get some holiday outfit Inspo here

Last but not least, holiday outfits. Don’t stress over what to wear. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board of inspo dedicated to dressing for the holidays!

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