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How to Throw A Boho Garden Party

October 11, 2019


Becca Grabner

This past weekend our sweet LIY team member and photo and video guru, Cassidy, got married! It was a beautiful day filled with friends, family, donuts, drinks, dancing and lots and lots of love! Rewind a couple of weeks from that beautiful day, and you’ll find yourself at a pretty little shower we threw to celebrate the bride-to-be!

We surprised Cass Pants, as we so lovingly refer to her, by throwing the prettiest Boho Garden Party themed bridal shower! It came together so beautifully, but honestly was super easy for us to put together! So we thought we would share how we went about putting together this Boho set up as a little inspiration for anyone who might be throwing a shower or a special birthday party or Friendsgiving this fall!

Tip One: Table Talk

What does every good Boho Garden Party center around? A beautiful outdoor table! We wanted to try out the pallet table look, so we contacted Erin’s sister to see if we could borrow a few pallets. Many businesses that have to ship a lot of product will have an abundance of pallets, so if you have a friend or connection with a business owner, that may be a good place to start. Or you might even get lucky and find some pallets by the side of the road! Our table was two pallets wide and three pallets tall. It turned out quite perfectly!

Pallet tables do provide a little bit of a challenge, like having to be careful nothing falls thru the slats! So if you decide the pallet route isn’t for you, whether due to lack of pallets or fear of candles and drinks taking a spill, another great route to go down is just taking an indoor dining room table outdoors for the event! Any wooden table will look beautiful in an outdoor setting!

Tip Two: Reference the Registry

One fun tip is to take a look at what the bride has on her registry, and to grab a few items that could work for the shower too! They can double as gifts after the shower is done! We grabbed the outdoor rug off of Cassidy’s registry, as well as her water glasses and bar cart. They matched the party decor perfectly and she was so pumped to see her pieces set up for a pretty party!

Tip Three: Set Up the Seating

Of course there has to be places to sit, so we snagged these pretty pillows for cushions to sit on. You can also just grab some from around your house or borrow pillows as well. We used these copper, gold, pink and cream ones, but any throw pillow will do that goes with your color scheme! They don’t all need to be identical either — adding different colors and textures and patterns just adds to the eclectic boho vibe!

Tip Four: Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

We picked up some dollar store taper candle holders and spray painted them gold. You also could head to your local secondhand store or borrow candle holders from a friend or relative. A cheap, easy and beautiful decoration! Add a few sprigs of eucalyptus and it’s perfection!

Tip Five: Flower Power

We wanted to try edible flowers for this party to add to the garden party vibe. They are a little touch of fancy that makes the event that much more special! The good news is the are SUPER easy to get ahold of and affordable! We snagged some off of Etsy for $12 and they arrived a day before the event! We topped Donuts we purchased with edible flowers and boom! You’re just going to have to trust me in saying that they were instantly Pinterest-level pretty — the pic above was taken after we have devoured half the donuts and had been sitting in the sun for quite a while! We also floated a couple in our cocktails for a super fancy look!

The whole party was beautiful, just like Cassidy, and we were so happy with the turn out! It came together in a snap and looked like it was straight out of a magazine! We hope you enjoyed this little peek at our pretty little party and that it inspires you to throw a party of your own!

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  1. C Lewis says:

    Great read and wonderful ideas but please correct the spelling to pallet not palate.

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