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My Daily Hair Routine // Styling Tips + Favorite Products

August 19, 2019


Erin Schrader

It’s impossible to not laugh when looking at this photo. If there was ever a disturbing “before” photo it is this. Note to self: Never take said picture before [and then proceed to post it all over the internet]. All jokes aside, you can see my hair has gone through a transformation over the past couple of years. If you’ve been following along with this journey for awhile now, you may remember my decision to try NBR or Natural Beaded Row extensions [read more about those here]. Fast forward a year and I felt my hair was finally healthy enough to remove the extensions. Today I’m sharing my daily hair routine and a few of my favorite products!

Favorite Products

Styling Tips & Tricks

Step #1: For Shampoo & Conditioner, I use this Olaplex Bond Maintenance. I feel like my strands of hair have never been stronger or healthier. I’ve used it now for at least 6-8 months and love it! I’m proud to say I aim to wash my hair as little as possible — a maximum of every other day, but I can usually make it to day 3 or 4 using the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. You can find our full Dry Shampoo Comparison post here.

Step #2: This Olaplex treatment mask is great to do once a week. I keep it in the shower so I remember to use it!

Step #3: One small pump of Morrrocanoil goes a long way! I use directly after the shower and/or on dry hair to help with frizz.

Step #4: I use a heat protectant before styling which is so important! Recommending two here–

Step #5-6: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is my personal favorite– you can see my full review and the entire hair dryer comparison post here. To style, I use the L’ange 25 mm Titanium Lustre wand. You can check out a quick styling tutorial here!

Step #7: After styling, I finish it all off with a few spritzes of the Morrocanoil Dry Texture Spray for [you guessed it] texture and volume! Not to mention it smells ahh-mazing.

And that’s a wrap! I’m living breathing proof that with a little effort, a LOT of patience, and consistent hair appointments you can successfully repair your damaged mane one day at a time. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lorrie says:

    Hi Erin, love your blog! I have very coarse and thick hair. My hair is like a Chia pet! Just add water and poof! It keeps growing and growing and gets frizzy! I get a keratin treatment about once o year (maybe twice if I can swing g it) but at $250.00 a pop I can’t always do that. I use the Brazillian Blowout straightening balm. My question is this:. Is there. A spray to spray your hair after it has been flat ironed to keep it from frizzing and keep it straight and sleek. Not a before spray. I’ve tried thermal sprays before and they do not work for me. Any suggestions??

    • Erin Schrader says:

      Hey Lorrie, Claire here! Thanks for checking out the post! Erin and I both use the moroccan oil to help with frizz. A little bit goes a long way, but you can apply it to dry hair after it has been styled. Just use a tiny drop and work though your hair! xoxo

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