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24 Hours in Copenhagen

August 25, 2019


Becca Grabner

When we visited Copenhagen it was a quick stop on our way home from visiting my brother and his wife who were living in Sweden. We didn’t have much time but we made the most of it! If you find yourself with a quick day in Copenhagen before heading on to your next destination, take a look at the recommendations below to get some of the flavor of the city in just 24 hours time!

Start your day with a hot bowl of porridge from Grød. Porridge might sound like a boring breakfast, but I can assure you that from Grød, it is anything but that! Whether you’re in the mood for a savory or sweet breakfast, they have you covered! Your porridge will be overflowing with delicious toppings — from savory mushrooms and herbs to sliced fresh fruit, nuts and homemade caramel sauce. The menu changes seasonally, and there is sure to be something to appeal to everyone! We visited the Jaegersborggade location, which I would highly recommend — it is in a cozy little shop along a cute street with adorable shops and art galleries. [Ps. Take some time to stop in a few little shops, Danish products are absolutely beautiful, and you will want to take a little something home with you!]

Whenever we travel to Europe, we love to stop by the churches or cathedrals nearby. They have the most breathtaking architecture! One that is a little off the beaten path but totally worth the trip is Grundtvig’s Church. It’s size is impressive from the outside, but make sure you step inside for a stunning view of the repeating arch interior. It is awe-strikingly beautiful. 

Next, take a walk around the Rosenborg Castle and the surrounding gardens. The place is buzzing with activity, people enjoying the outdoors and makes for some great people watching as you take in the fresh air. The castle is beautiful and the gardens are gorgeous! 

Grab some street food like a kebab or a hot dog from a street vendor. These stands are everywhere in Copenhagen and you’ll truly get a taste of the city by ordering up one of these popular lunch items! Plus lunch on the go means you can see more of the city! Don’t forget to order yourself a beer to sip while you walk through the city because you can [it’s legal to drink in the streets in Copenhagen] and this is vacation, so why not?!

And of course, no trip to Copenhagen is complete without a stop at the iconic Nyhavn! Take some time to walk along the waterfront, breathe in the sights and smells and take lots of pictures!  And I highly recommend the boat tour, where you can see the city from a whole different perspective, enjoy a beverage while you ride and see a good portion of the city!

When it’s dinner time, you MUST go to Bæst! They have been named several times as one of the Top 10 best pizzas in the world! Their charcuteries and cheeses are made on site, and their organic and top of the line ingredients make this a can’t miss, delicious dining experience! 

Copenhagen is a unique city like no other! There is so much to see and do, 24 hours is certainly not enough! But even if your trip is short like mine was, it is sure to be unforgettable!

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