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Uh-oh…7 Wardrobe Malfunctions [and how to fix them]

June 14, 2019


Becca Grabner

Have you ever felt like your outfit is conspiring against you? Your bra straps are on the loose, the end of your belt is flapping in the wind, your heels are killing your feet and to top it off you look down and realize you have deodorant all over your top! Sometimes getting our clothes to cooperate is a difficult process! We feel you! But not to worry — the LIY Team has rounded up seven products that take care of these pesky wardrobe malfunctions once and for all, and we’re letting you in on the secrets! And the best part? They are all available on Amazon for $15 or less!

Erin’s Bra Strap Clip

Whoa, talk about a game changer. I have always been a huge fan of buying racer back style tops and dresses, however, I’ve found myself shying away from reaching for them in my closet due to those two dreaded words — strapless bra. Until now. These racerback bra clips are GOLD. I feel like my closet just increased in size ten fold thanks to all of the tops and dresses I’ll actually start wearing again! I couldn’t believe how well these clips worked and that I had zero problems with it during the day. The clip stayed right where I put it and I love that you can slide it up or down on your bra to land where it needs to for the top you have on. If you’re trying to avoid having to wear strapless bras but want to wear all of the fun racer back styles this summer, these clips are for you!

Becca’s Deodorant Sponge

Black is one of my favorite colors to wear — it’s classic and slimming, what more could a girl ask for? But the downside of wearing black, the deodorant stains! They are a pain to get out once you get them on – I usually end up scrubbing a pair of panty hose on my shirt to try and get it out, and probably ruining the tights in the process. But then I found out about this Deodorant Removing Sponge by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. It successfully got out my deodorant stains — and I put on A LOT to exaggerate it for the photoshoot! Simply scrub on any clothing you get D.O. on, and it erases all the white residue! It’s super soft, so you don’t have to worry about it snagging or ruining the fabric in the process. I give it a two thumbs up!

Cassidy’s Belt Loopy

Being a gal who will never give up the waist belt trend, I am always struggling with belts that never stay in place! I love the way Belt Loopy works because not only does it hold down the flap of my belt, it also gives it a little added reinforcement so the belt stays in place all day! Belt Loopy comes with four different colors and acts as an adjustable belt loop! You can curve and bend it to fit nearly any size belt! Giving this product a 10/10! Fashion Problem, SOLVED!

Steph’s Fashion Tape

Button up shirts – love the look, hate the hassle! When you are a little more blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it!) in the chest region, wearing a button up shirt is not normally in the cards. Sure, the shirt lays fine if you don’t move, but one raise of the arm and BAM, instant line of peepholes between each button. Or how about this? I’ll unbutton half of the shirt so none of the buttons look like they’re holding on for dear life! Suddenly my shirt is a little more country hoedown and a little less polished business woman. That is, until I recently discovered fashion tape! The precut pieces fit perfectly between the buttons on my shirt and truly held everything together giving me the freedom to move and breathe as I pleased. Now to find room in my closet for all the flannels I can finally invest in this Fall….

Lauren’s Metatarsal Foot Pads

You know the Marilyn Monroe quote, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Well there’s a slight issue- sometimes you’re CERTAIN they’re the right heels, but man do they hurt! Wearing heels to a wedding, a girls night out on the town, or even to the office frequently ends with me running around barefoot because the balls of my feet hurt [which seems to be acceptable in college but frowned up in adult life. Who knew?]. These metatarsal pads take care of that issue, giving you relief right where you need it, allowing you to keep on dancing through the night!
Make note: These are made for closed toe shoes, because the gel pad is going to wrap around your toe so it’d be visible with open toe shoes! Here’s an option for open toe shoes that we haven’t had a chance to try yet, but has great reviews!

Claire’s Dress Weights

If you were to ask any of the girls on the LIY Team, they would tell you I’m a romper girl at heart. They could also probably tell you I’m happily riding the Panty-Free Bandwagon these days. Insert a dress and a strong gust of wind to the equation and it’s game over for me. As a girl who typically gravitates to shorts and rompers instead of dress and skirts [for obvious reasons] I was excited to give Dress Downs a try. Simply peel off the adhesive tab and stick the weights directly to the inside seam of your dress or skirt. They were discreet, easy to use, and I was no longer worried about baring it all every time the wind blew. Bonus: they’re completely reusable! And just like that, my dress phobia was cured.

Hannah’s Heel Stoppers

There is nothing more annoying than walking around at an outdoor event and getting your heel stuck in the grass! BUT there is a solution friends and it actually works!! I tested these GOGO Heel Stoppers and was surprised at how well they worked!! I tried them in the grass after it had rained and my heel didn’t get stuck once! Bonus points — they are clear so they don’t detract from the look for your shoes! If you want to avoid asking someone to pull you out of the grass ???? I HIGHLY suggest using these!! Before ordering, look at your heel size so that the stopper stays on!

And that’s a wrap! Seven common wardrobe malfunctions fixed with a simple product you can snag on Amazon for $15 or less! [And if you need to add another product or two to the cart, find some fun Amazon items here! We even do a monthly series on our current Amazon faves!]Can you relate to any of these fashion problems? We’d love to hear how you solve your wardrobe issues! Leave a comment below with your go-to’s!

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