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Our Favorite White Jeans // 8 Pairs Compared

April 10, 2019


Erin Schrader

With warmer temperatures comes the natural desire to bust out your favorite pair of white jeans, tan wedges, and bright tanks. Sounds easy enough, right? Not so fast! Maybe the wedges and tanks are no problem, but why in the world is finding a great pair of white jeans so tough? At least that’s how we feel! Either they’re see through, too dressy, not smoothing, too rigid, and on and on and on. So we’ve decided to take the challenge out of finding the perfect pair of jeans for the second year in a row [take a look at last year’s contenders here!].

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Now, let’s get to finding out what the best white jeans for Spring 2019 are!

The white jeans we reviewed:

How we did the jean comparison:

We purchased eight different brands and styles of white jeans across many price points, set up our panel of expert judges and rated each pair of white jeans in the below categories from 1-5 [5 being the best, 1 being the worst]:

  • Sheerness 
  • Stretchiness
  • Overall Fit 
  • Quality 
  • Appearance
  • Total of all categories = Overall Score

The Results:

Steph and Erin [along with the rest of the team] are different shapes and sizes, which lends itself to being very helpful as we’re trying to see how an item may look and fit on different bodies! And this instance was no different. Each girl had a clear winner for their favorite pair [surprise- they’re not the same!], and we also had a few that we gave an immediate “no” to. The rest sort of fell into a mix in the middle, where they checked the boxes, but weren’t our favorites or least favorites! Take a look below to see where each of the 8 pairs we tested landed!

Three Pairs We Didn’t Love

While we wish we could have loved every pair [although our bank accounts are currently thanking us], there were a few pairs that we just couldn’t get on board with. Each for different reasons, these are the jeans that didn’t make the cut.

First up, the American Eagle Next Level Stretch High Rise Jegging.

Size up! Erin wearing size 2 Short // Steph wearing size 10 X Short

If you’ve followed along at LIY for even a few days, you probably know that we’re big fans of American Eagle jeans. So to say we were shocked that these ended up being our least favorite would be an understatement. WHAT?! They definitely checked off some boxes- they weren’t sheer, they didn’t bunch. But they were super thin, and did the complete opposite of hiding rumps and bumps. It showed every single one, and maybe even created some new ones that I’m CERTAIN weren’t there before 😉 While we feel like the photos here don’t accurately portray the bumps going, they were there. Believe us 😉

Next on the side of “didn’t love” is the Liverpool Sienna Pull On Jeans.

Size down! Erin wearing size 2P // Steph wearing size 8P

We tend to love most Liverpool jeans [hint: read on to see where another pair of Liverpool jeans landed in this post!], but these didn’t do the trick for us. One positive about these: no button and zipper. Jeans with stretchy waist bands are great for days where you really need the waist of leggings, but need to look a bit more presentable than that [hello bloated period days]. But unfortunately the rest of these jeans didn’t come together for us. We had some material bunching at the knees, extra fabric near the ankles which made them loose, and they had fake pockets. We just can’t get on board with fake front pockets. Size down at least one size with these!

Now, let’s talk about the Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Jean Leggings.

Size up! Erin wearing size 2 Short // Steph wearing size 10 Short

While the quality seemed good on these Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Jean Leggings, there wasn’t much stretch. They’re super soft, but pretty stiff.  Overall, we just didn’t love them. They didn’t blow us away in any category. If you do want to give them a try, definitely size up at least one!

The Jeans That Checked The Boxes

For you premium jean lovers, we tried the Paige Hoxton High Waist Crop Skinny.

Erin wearing size  26 // Steph wearing size  30

The Paige Hoxton High Waist Crop Skinny were definitely our most expensive pair on the list. With the price [$189], we had expected a unicorn jean, to be honest. Not “it does the trick.” We were very impressed with the smoothing abilities, and the jeans are super soft [with real pockets! Yay!]. But there was bunching at the knees, and Steph sized up one for them to fit right, which left them loose from the knees down. While the quality seemed good, and they weren’t sheer, each girl only gave them a 3.5 [out of 5] on overall fit and stretchiness. We feel pretty strongly that we’d need a 5/5 on those categories if we were going to spend that kind of money.

The next pair that landed in the middle is the Old Navy Rockstars! 

true to size! Erin wearing size 2 // Steph wearing size 10P

These Old Navy jeans checked the boxes, and we didn’t have much negative to say about them! In fact, you’d maybe find us saying that these were actually our FAVORITE $50 range pair! But with Old Navy jeans, you get what you’re paying for at the price, so we’re not sure how well they’d hold up, or if they’d stretch out with wear. While we did notice that they weren’t the smoothest of the group [hi bumps] they were a decent pair of jeans that we would suggest if you’re looking for something more affordable. One thing to note, is that Old Navy Rockstars come in quite a few variations. The pair we tried had both built-in sculpt for a supposedly better fit, and a feature called “clean slate technology,” which is supposed to keep your white jeans white! Feel confident wearing these while you drink red wine or sit in the grass! Size up if in between sizes!

Onto our next pair…the Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Size down! Erin wearing size 2  // Steph wearing size 8P

Steph LOVED these pants. While they’re considered jeans, the material seemed like more of a pant than a jean. The stretch factor is fantastic, and she loved the fit throughout. She’d consider these to be her favorite non-jean feeling white jean [and ranks them #2 overall!]. Erin on the other hand, didn’t love these quite as much as Steph. Erin felt they were a bit too “mom jean” for her liking. One negative from both girls is where the front pockets meets the side seam- there’s a lot going on right there, which seemed a bit odd to us.

And that leads us to our last two pairs of jeans, Steph and Erin’s FAVORITES! Hip hip!

Drumroll please… Our Favorite Jeans!

Erin’s gave two thumbs up to… the Jen 7 Crop Skinny Jeans!

Erin wearing size 2 // Steph wearing size 10

Erin’s favorite pair of white jeans going into this was the Jen 7s, and after trying on these and 7 other pairs, she still stands her ground that these are THE BEST white jeans in town [or on the internet]. She loved the fit, the material, stretchiness, quality, all of it! The only downfall to these is that they definitely attract dirt, lint, etc. quite a bit. That’s definitely a risk you take when you wear white! But other than that, we loved the fit and the material of these jeans. They were actually the most jean like material that we tried on. [Note: Steph liked these, but the length wasn’t working, and at the time they were not available in petite, which is what she would need in order for them to be a better fit!]

And Steph is giving two thumbs up to…. the Liverpool Penny Ankle Skinny Jeans!

Size down! Erin wearing size  // Steph wearing size 8

Both Erin and Steph loved the Liverpool Penny Ankle Skinny Jeans, and Steph loved them enough to make them her top overall pick! There was really no sheerness, they had enough stretch to be pretty mobile, and we know that the quality of Liverpool jeans is fantastic, like these! Plus, these have real pockets [you’d be surprised how rare that is with white jeans!]. Steph plans on wearing these jeans all summer long [in fact, a few other girls on the team have since got them as well!] We’d recommend sizing down at least 1 size for these jeans!

Now that you know our favorites, it’s time to evaluate your white jean situation, and then answer the big question: will I wait until after Memorial Day to wear white?! [Hint: break the rules!]

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