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Getting Summer Ready with Walmart // Log Cabin Patio Reveal!

April 30, 2019


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Walmart and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and styled by me! 

One of my favorite parts about spring, summer, and fall? Sitting outside on our patio every single chance I get. Whether that’s during the day to get some work done, or in the evenings with Shawn or a group of friends, you can find me outside 9 times out of 10 when the sun is out! Guess where I am right now? You got it- sitting outside. Specifically, on our newly completed patio space at the cabin! You know those shirts that say “I’m outdoorsy, as in I like to have drinks on the patio?” Yea, I LOVE the outdoors 😉

Since we moved into the cabin [which seems like ages ago, although it hasn’t been that long #timeflies] we’ve given the majority of our focus to restyling the inside! Whether it was the master bathroom, the sunroom turned LIY Headquarters, or our bedroom, the cabin has been getting some love! Now it’s time to start giving some love to the outside!

On office days, “it looks so nice out” is probably said at least 10 times a day. That may actually be an understatement. Up until now, we would just look out there, say “yep, sure does” and keep on moving with our day. Not anymore! Now on those nice sunny days, we can all grab our computers and head outdoors!

The Patio

If you have not checked out Walmart’s outdoor decor and furniture selection– seriously, stop what you are doing and go now. There are so many stylish and on trend pieces available, and they really are available at every budget! If you’re looking for a two seater, they’ve got that. If you want something more elaborate, they’ve got that. It’s no secret that I’ve been impressed with Walmart’s selection lately, including some of their clothes, and their furniture has made me a fan now too! While I’ve been posting frequently recently about their We Dress America campaign [I have been SO impressed with several Walmart Exclusive brands recently, Time & Tru ranking at the top of the list — both pieces you’ll see in today’s post are this brand and I can’t recommend them more! The shorts are the best $15 purchase you may ever make, promise].

Wicker Sofa Sectional Patio Dining Set // Cereal Bowl, 4-Pack  // Dinner Plate, 4-Pack //  Salad Plate, 4-Pack // Blush Pink Throw Pillow // Square Throw Pillow // Light Blue Throw Pillow // Outdoor Area Rug

I wanted to make sure that the space could accommodate a group, but still feel cozy enough if it’s just one or two people out there! We decided to go with a large L-shaped sofa dining table combination, as well as an egg chair for the main pieces. This would allow us to have one larger space where we could set plates or laptops down, play cards with friends around, and still have a separate space for one or two people over at the egg!

Shirt [true to size, wearing in small] // Shorts [size up, wearing in 4] // Cereal Bowl, 4-Pack  // Dinner Plate, 4-Pack //  Salad Plate, 4-Pack

When we’re eating outside, we don’t necessarily want to bring our normal dishes from the dining room out with us. From wind gusts to walking with dishes, there’s many reasons that switching to melamine dishes for outdoors is the way to go! Nothing like shattering your nice dining dishes on the patio! No thank you, I’ll take these ones! Plus, these patterns are cute!

Wicker Sofa Sectional Patio Dining Set //  Outdoor Area Rug

There’s something about a rug, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, that ties a space together. So as soon as we started to plan out this space, I knew a rug would be in order. This outdoor rug pulls in the colors from the different pillows and adds a bit more color to the space! Plus it’s water resistant and UV stabilized for durability, so I know it’s not going to fall apart after the first month!

White Embossed Garden Stool // Large Lantern  // Medium Lantern// 8″ Garden Accents Succulent Plant // Woven Foldable Storage Plant Basket

In addition to the main pieces- the dining set and egg chair- I wanted to add a BIT more decor to make it a bit more homey! I’m a big fan of lanterns for outdoor use, so I chose both a small and large lantern. I also added in some greenery for this mostly concrete space. I heard succulents are hard to kill – here’s hoping!

Shirt [true to size, wearing in small] // Shorts [size up, wearing in 4] // Double Egg Chair with Cushion and Stand // Ottoman Pouf // Blush Pink Throw Pillow // Square Throw Pillow // Outdoor Area Rug

The thing that pairs best with a cute top or a brand-new pair of shorts? An egg chair of course. This.Egg.Chair.Is.AWESOME. Seriously. We have an egg chair at our house on the water, and an egg chair in the office, but this one takes the cake [I clearly can’t get enough eggs in my life]. It’s so big and so comfortable. It seems like I could lay in it [maybe a stretch], but if nothing else, Shawn and I could definitely cuddle up in there and sip on some cocktails [or the team could work on their computers in there- either way].

Now that I’ve shown you the new outdoor digs, it’s time to invite some friends over, fire up the grill and get those margaritas in regular rotation! Who’s ready for summer?!

For some additional summer outfit ideas, see widget below!


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