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What I’m Loving on Amazon Lately [$25 and under!]

February 7, 2019


Lauren Farver

Faux Suede Top [TTS, size medium] // Leopard Heels

Lauren here- resident Amazon addict at Team LIY! When my husband and I first moved into our current house, the UPS driver told us he hadn’t made a delivery to our address before. We assured him that that would quickly be changing, and 3.5 years later, I don’t feel like we’ve let him down in the slightest, thanks to Amazon Prime.

For pieces that I’m going to wear a lot- boots, jeans, coats- I tend to spend more for guaranteed quality. But what I’ve found to be true for a lot of my tops and dresses, is that I don’t wear them enough to spend a bunch on them. By the next season, it’s out of trend, and I’m taking it to the local consignment store. So that’s where my BFF Amazon came into play. I’m seeing more and more pieces on there that I love, for a fraction of what I would normally pay. And if it doesn’t hold up for years to come, no biggie, because I didn’t spend a ton on it. And if it ends up being fantastic quality, you better believe I’m grabbing it in another color.

While the amount of Amazon packages that arrive at my house each week is a bit embarrassing [and trust me, a lot of it is pretty boring], here are 10 items that I’m loving lately! [PS did you know that Erin has a space on the blog where she includes ALL of her Amazon purchases in one spot?]

1. Leopard is a Neutral
I’m digging these new leopard heels! These leopard heels are the perfect height for me- not too tall, not too short- and the heel is wide enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to break an ankle any second [captain clumsy, here!]. When it comes to leopard, I usually incorporate into my looks via accessories. I feel like I get more longevity out of it when it’s in little pieces here and there, rather than a full top or dress. For example, I have some leopard scarves and belts that I’ve had for years, and am able to keep busting ‘em out! Shoes are another favorite way to bring in the spotted look- flats, heels, wedges, booties, the options are endless!

2. Longchamp Lookalike
You’ve probably heard of the bag brand Longchamp. But have you heard of Bekilole [probably not]. I put this bag right next to my Longchamp, and there are some differences, but the overall look of the bag is super, super similar. The zipper on the Amazon version has a little flower instead of the Longchamp logo, the inside lining is a different material [still a nylon], and instead of a “Longchamp” stamped into the leather, it’s “Bekilole.” If you want the Longchamp look without the price tag, this is a great alternative option! By the way, they come in a few sizes, and mine is the Large!

3. Faux Suede Faux the Win
This faux suede top is definitely a bit out of my element, but the Amazon model made it looked cute, so I said why not. And I’m glad I did! This shirt is SO soft, has the perfect amount of flowiness to it, and has some extra cute bell sleeves! I paired it with jeans and my new leopard heels, but it’d be cute tucked in with a leopard belt and some flats, too.

4. Aviator Sunglasses
I’m super picky when it comes to aviator style sunglasses for my face. They’re either too big, too high, too wide, the wrong lens shape, etc. etc. So when I find a pair that I love, I usually buy at least two pairs, because knowing how rough I am on sunnies, they’re going to have some scratches in them real quick. I love how this pair worked out, and the simple black on black color. The brand script is definitely a knockoff of Ray Ban, but unless you look closely at the glasses, no one would ever assume they weren’t actual Ray Bans.

5. Retro Sunglasses
Another pair of sunnies I’m loving is this more retro style. For probably 6 months I’ve been eyeing Ray Ban Erika’s, but just couldn’t pull the trigger because of the price. So you better believe I was PUMPED when these showed up and they were almost exact dupes. For about $130 less! These come in both polarized and traditional lenses

6. Tassel Earrings
Most days, I’m wearing either no earrings, or a simple pair of studs, so I’m not looking to pay much for statement earrings. At only $8.99 and 17 available colors, these were a no brainer. They look like the ever so popular Baublebars, but at a fraction of the price. That’s a win!

7. Coffee Creamer
I’ve started using this coffee creamer with my morning coffee, and I’m loving it! I don’t like a sweet coffee drink, but I don’t love black coffee, so I usually just do a splash to give it some flavor. We’re also trying to be a little more conscious about what we put into our bodies [ya know, aside from the wine, chocolate, and pizza], and this fits the bill! It’s dairy free, Whole 30, keto, vegan, and paleo approved for if you’re living any of those lifestyles! It did separate a bit from the coffee, but a quick stir of the spoon keep things evened out!

8. Kitsch Hair Ties
I have a lot of hair. My husband doesn’t know how I still do since it’s all over the house, but that’s neither here nor there. Switching to the “coil” style of hair ties has been a game changer for me! These don’t leave kinks in your hair. So whether you’re throwing your hair up at the office, keeping it from getting wet in the shower [if you’re team dry shampoo like me], or getting a quick workout in, these are your hair ties. I’ve also tried the Teleties brand, and those worked equally as well, these are a bit more affordable!  **Tip: if they stretch out, hit them with some heat from your hair dryer, and they’ll shrink back down! I keep mine around nail polish lids, and they always shrink on their on!

9. Off the Shoulder Top
If you follow Living in Yellow on Facebook, you may have seen this post last week about one of my new favorite tops. This off the shoulder number comes in so many fun colors, and I’m thinking I need to add another to my cart. I love the green, but let’s be real- my favorite color is black. It does run a little on the big size [for a loose, oversize fit]. I ordered a medium, but probably could have got away with a small!

10. Baubelrella Bling Brush
I’ve actually had this for a few years, and still love it, so making sure you all know about it! While the jeweler may clean your ring every time you take it in to get inspected, wouldn’t it be nice if it always had that shiny new ring sparkle? With this Bling Brush, you simply twist, brush your ring, polish with a dry cloth, and you’re done! I probably do this once a month, but you could do it way more often than that! It’s also the perfect gift for that newly engaged girl in your life!

Some what else I’ve bought and loved from Amazon lately!

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