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Make Your Home New Years Eve Ready in Minutes

December 12, 2018


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Etsy and ShopStyle for partnering on today’s post.

From Christmas to New Years Eve

We put so much time into decorating our home with Christmas trees, string lights, and all things red and green that by the time December 26th comes along, we’re decor’d out! But yet, there’s one more holiday to get ready for in record time- New Years Eve! With a quick turn around, a few simple decor pieces can make all the impact that’s needed, to clearly say “Hello dearest friends, Christmas is over, and New Years Eve has arrived.”

For NYE, Shawn and I usually like to either A] go out to eat with friends and then return home to our pjs, pups, bubbly, and the couch, or B] host friends at our house! Elbowing my way to the bar for a cocktail that’s been marked up twice as much, followed by being on the roads with drivers who may have been drinking isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Therefore- COUCH PARTY AT THE SCHRADERS, where the fire will be roarin’ and the bubbly will be flowin’!

While I love my home to look like I spent hours crafting decor, honestly, I don’t like crafting. I choose to turn to those who LOVE making items, so much so that they’ve made a business out of it. Etsy is full of small [and growing larger!] businesses with unique, one-of-a-kind products. I love shopping on Etsy because I know I’m not going to walk into someone else’s home and see the exact same items that I also bought at the store down the road. Plus, shopping at small businesses feels good, knowing you’re supporting something that others are passionate about! So this year, I’m shopping small by turning to Etsy shops for my NYE party decor!


New Years Eve Banner // Black & Gold Party Rosettes // Party Hats // Fringe Party Horns

It’s 2018 [almost 2019!], and we all know that “if there’s not a pic did it even happen?” So I made sure there is an Instagram-worthy backdrop for my midnight kiss [c’mere puppies, I mean Shawn]. I layered these fun black and gold rosettes with a NYE banner, and wham, done. I also like to set out party hats and noise makers so people can grab them throughout the night, or choose to wait until closer to midnight to get extra festive.

What to Wear

Champagne Long Sleeve Shirt [size up, wearing in Small] // Gold Dipped Feather Earrings //  Cheers Slate Serving Tray // Fringe Party Horns //Party Hats // New Years Eve Banner // Black & Gold Party Rosettes

There are two main routes to go for New Years Eve attire: all things sparkle or all things pajamas. I chose to go with a middle of the road look, although I’m sure my friends would be a-okay if I told them it was going to be a PJ party. Nothing says “I’m going to drink champagne on New Years Eve” than a shirt that clearly states CHAMPAGNE. Throw on a pair of gold dipped feather earrings, a faux-leather moto jacket, and you’re ready to pop the bubbly.

Food and Drinks

Champagne Long Sleeve Shirt [size up, wearing in Small] // Plastic Champagne Flutes // Gold and Black Party Straws // Cheers Slate Serving Tray // Party Hats

After all the hustle and bustle around Christmas, the last thing I want to do is cook. So if we’re going to stay in, we’ll either do a potluck or just order some delivery pizzas, have a few appetizers, and most importantly- beverages. I love the “cheers” on this slate tray, which would be perfect for a meat and cheese spread, an appetizer, or even some dessert! For drinks, champagne is a must, so I made sure to have some plastic champagne flutes on hand [hello, shatterproof!].

Now all I need is for New Years Eve to get here, the bubbly to be popped, and my man to meet me at midnight!

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  1. Bev Moshier says:

    Where is Erin’s leather jacket from that she’s wearing with champagne long sleeve tee?

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