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11 Gifts Under $100 Gifts For HIM

November 16, 2018


Erin Schrader

Men: Gotta Love ‘Em

The husbands, the dads, the boyfriends, the father-in-laws, the BFFs, the kids, the coworkers. I could go on and on and on. They’re the men in our lives. We love ‘em [most of the time], and they do a pretty darn good job of loving us right back. It’s only fitting that during the holidays we find them the best gifts we can, something they’ll truly appreciate, use, and love. And sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to find! I’ve rounded up ten items for all the men in your life, with all items under $100! Whether he’s outdoorsy, artsy, or likes lounging and drinking a beer, we’ve got him covered!

And we, being the loving wife, daughter, or friend, know how to find a great gift at the best price. One of my favorite ways to shop as of late is using ShopStyle.com. If I know I want a specific Patagonia pullover, I can hop on ShopStyle.com and see all of the stores that are selling it, AND what their prices are! Price comparisons have never been simpler. I’m certain our husband’s will appreciate our savings [Say it with me now: “Honey, but it was 50% off, so I practically MADE money by buying it!”] And if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, you can check out what’s trending, gift guides, and other categories- all with easy to shop links! And if you’re more of an app [phone app, not appetizer, although if you’re like me you’re both], ShopStyle has you covered with an easy to use app as well!

Now, onto the gift guide for all those men in our lives!

Mens Gift Guide Under $100

1. Patagonia PulloverThis Patagonia Pullover is one of Shawn’s all-time favorite quarter zips. It’s thick enough to keep you warm, without adding much bulk. Shawn will wear it with jeans for a casual dinner, with sweats to get work done around the house, and even over a polo if he needs to be out and about for work! If you’re looking for a pullover, sweatshirt, or sweater to give to your man [I think this can technically be categorized as all three], this is it.

2. Herschel BagI LOVE this Herschel bag. It’s a great size for a gym bag or a 2-3 night getaway [for him, not for me… I most definitely do not pack that light]. Herschel is a great quality and this bag is no different. It’s lightweight enough without being too flimsy, and comes in a ton of colors. Also, I love when a bag has a separate shoe compartment- especially when it’s being used as a gym bag, and this bad boy has just that! It keeps the stinky shoes from getting mixed in with everything else!

3. Retro Radio

This Victrola Radio is so COOL. So often in order to get today’s technology for sound, we end up getting something looking so contemporary looking. Not with this baby. This radio has a retro look and feel to it, even including a traditional analog clock and FM dial, so you can continue to listen to the FM radio if you’re really not feeling what’s on your iPhone at that moment. While it looks retro, it still has all the modern day sound technologies you crave- bluetooth, USB charging, and an alarm!

4. Fizzics Beer Tap

Have you ever heard the man in your life say “I really want to get some beer taps setup in the house”…? Guess what? DONE. With this easy to use Fizzics Beer Tap, you can take any beer bottle or can, and turn it into a draft style beer. Plus, you’re not having to buy any special add-ins [can you tell I have no clue how you brew your own beer?], because it uses sonic technology. With this, your man can have his very own brewery in the kitchen, and great tasting beer in a snap! [note- while this is technically over $100, those 20% off coupons are constantly hitting inboxes and mailboxes nationwide].

5. Nike Free RN

Nike Free RN shoes are a household favorite [for both me AND Shawn]. They come in SO many colors and are seriously so comfortable. Now, they’re probably not going to be marathon running worthy- but if your man is like me, and DOESN’T run marathons, these are perfect. So comfortable for lifting weights, cross-training, running, or just running around. And if your guy needs that kick in the rear-end to get his butt to the gym, sometimes a new pair of shoes is just what’s needed. One of these days I’m going to start wearing my workout shoes to actually workout again…

6. North Face Jacket

If your’e looking for a lightweight rain or wind jacket, LOOK NO FURTHER. THIS IS IT. It’s waterproof, wind proof, and is the perfect weight so you’re not getting sweaty and sticky [ew] while getting rained on. You can easily layer it with a sweater or sweatshirt for cooler days, as it’s not too tight. And it has a convenient stowaway hood for if you’d rather just have the collar! Keep in mind- it does run a bit larger, so if you’re debating size you may want to size down [unless you want plenty of room underneath for layering].

7. Double Wall Beer Glasses

I hate when I’ve got a nice, cold, adult beverage in a glass and next thing you know, the outside is covered in condensation, dripping on me, leaving rings on the table, and the dogs are trying to lick the glass. Struggles, I know. Insert these double wall beer glasses to save the day. They’re insulated to keep tables and hands dry, and to keep the drink cold! And get this- they’re made of mouth blown glass [yes, you read that right- mouth blown]. And for the price, these would be a great gift for an under $25 gift exchange that they’re guaranteed to love!

8. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

This Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Bose speaker is SO CUTE. Okay, cuteness is probably not going to do anything to get the guys on your list wanting it, but still, it’s cute. It’s just barely bigger than a phone, which makes it super portable for on-the-go sound! But the best part about it is the durability! It’s waterproof, and resistant to dents, scratches, and cracks. It also includes a strap for attaching it to a bike or backpack to keep your hands free. The Bose sound quality is unmatched, so having something I can take on the go and feel comfortable about not getting dings in is something I want to share with every male on my shopping list!

9. UGG Scuff SlipperI think we all know how much I love UGG slippers, socks, robes, and sweaters. And I think it’s time we start sharing that love with all the men in our lives. I know that the second Shawn puts his foot in these slippers, he’s going to be sold on the fact that nothing beats UGG slippers.  This pair easily slides on and off, which is perfect for Saturdays watching the kids [or dogs] play, and Sunday afternoons watching football. If you have wood or solid surface floors like we do, sometimes you need something soft and warm for your tootsies in the winter months. Solution found. And if you don’t own a pair [seriously, add them to your wish list] UGG slippers last forever, and don’t wear down like some other brands have. They’re worth the investment!

10. Pistachio Pedestal

Is there anything worse than eating a pistachio and then having nowhere to put the outside shell of your now eaten pistachio? I think not. It’s a problem I didn’t know existed until I recently upped my nut eating game. This Pistachio Pedestal has solved all my problems. The upper tier holds the pistachios, while the lower tier holds the discarded shells, keeping them in a neat, confined space. AKA not all over your lap and couch. Gone are the days of finding pistachio shells three months later under couch cushions. Grab this baby for the nut-eater in your life!

11. MVMT Watch

I love the masculine, yet GQ-esque look of MVMT watches. I’m not a huge fan of the super athletic or metal-look watches, so when I saw MVMT for the first time, I was sold. They’re such clean, simple designs, but whoever designed them knows how to make checking the time happen in a serious way. I never thought a watch could be sexy, but man! These watches look good! Heads up Shawn, looks like you’re getting one of these bad boys for Christmas.

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