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The LIY Tribe Answers: How to Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

October 10, 2018


Erin Schrader

Fall Beauty

While it may seem like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the first day of summer and changing our toe nail polish to hot pink, believe it or not, we’re already settling into fall. For some states there is no major climate shift, but for some of us [hey fellow Hoosiers!], things can get drastic very quickly! Hot and humid turns into cold and dry within days. Which got us thinking… we know people transition their wardrobe from summer to fall, but what do people do to transition their beauty routine?

We figured what better way to find out, then to ask The LIY Tribe! And what better way to share what we learn, then by sharing direct answers from The LIY Tribe members here! Hopefully you can learn a few tips and tricks as you transition your beauty routine from summer to fall! And if you have never transitioned any of your routine before, don’t worry, you’re not even close to being alone 😉

Check out what The Tribe had to say about the following question:

How do you transition your beauty routine from summer to fall? Hair, makeup, skincare, nails, you name it!

  • Fall is my absolute fav season! First thing I change is my bright nail color to a burgundy, Brown-gold, or deep orange. Then I go to a burgundy lip (great for winter too!). I add darker hues of brown on my lid creases and blend up more towards the brow line. Then I sit back and wait for it to cool down in the south so I can actually curl my hair and bring out the boots!Lisa, Houston, TX
  • I don’t make huge changes, but there are a few subtle changes that make all the difference. For make up I use bronzer year around (obviously going lighter in the winter months) but I swap my peachy blush for more of a warmer, muted tone and same goes for my lip shades. I love to do darker nails in the fall/winter: grays, browns, navy, maroon. And for skincare, I still wear SPF moisturizer but swap the dewy finish for a matte finish. I don’t like to completely change every product I use so I have found products that I use year around and then swap only a few finishing products that make all the difference!Devin, Birmingham, AL
  • I usually wear my hair more curly in the winter because it isn’t as humid . I have to be careful with makeup cause I’m fair and will look to pale. I use a warm bronzer . I also exfoliate my face and legs more ! I use more moisturizer and a moisturizing soap in the winter . I tend to get my fingernails done more often with warm fall colors so they look nice for events . I don’t get my toes done as often in the winter. Donna, Clinton, LA
  • I usually go a little darker with my hair since I won’t be in the sun as much. My make-up palette completely changes to more fall colors (plum eyeshadows or variations, plum eye-liner, a warmer color blush and a slightly darker nude lipstick, but I always have a go to wine color lipstick for nighttime). My nail shades switch to grays, darker nudes and maybe a good merlot shade – to match my switch from rose and chardonnay to merlot and cab vino at night). Mandy, St. Louis, MO
  • I moisturize more frequently. That’s about it though! Jessica, Derby, KS
  • I usually skip the highlights in the cooler months and just maintain my roots. I tend to wear my hair curly in the summer – why fight the humidity – and blow it out more in fall/winter. I also wear less bronzer, but more pink-ish blush and add a darker lip. I don’t always apply sunscreen in the winter but definitely use more moisturizer. Brigid, Birmingham, MI
  • I always use the same cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen year round. Mostly, I just change the colors I use in my makeup. I use a lighter colored foundation in the fall since I am not as tan. I love a light pink blush in the summer along with a lighter foundation. In the fall I use a darker berry shade blush and lip colors, and darker colors on my eyes. I also use darker colors on my nails. In the summer I love coconut scented body washes and lotions, in the winter I prefer a cleaner scent.  Jackie, Cortland, OH
  • I’m currently sitting in the salon getting my hair cut and the summer blond toned out. I use plain old ivory soap to wash my face in the summer and then switch back to an oil control/acne prevention wash in the colder months. I also switch from an aloe based lotion to a lighter body lotion the in fall and winter. As for my nails I usually pink brighter pink and orange colors in the summer abs darker grays and maroons for the colder months. Erin, Fitchburg, MA
  • I feel like my transition is pretty minimal. I move from pink shades of lipstick, nail polish to deeper shades of berry, red and purple. Vanessa, Bothell, WA
  • I still wear sunscreen everyday and start using a heavier moisturizer at night when the weather turns cold and dry. I love darker nail colors like deep reds, grays and black ish. I don’t really change my makeup very much. I also love to get a darker root going in the fall. I also get deep conditioning hair treatments occasionally. Kali, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Step 1. Change my nail color at the salon. Step 2. Get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Step 3. Begin to feel more fallish. Step 4. Begin incorporating fall colors into wardrobe. Step 5. More pumpkin spice….  Jennifer, St Charles, MO
  • Because it’s so hot and humid during the summer, and because I’m usually tan I try to keep it simple with bronzer and eye makeup. I tend to feel like my skin gets a bit more dry during fall and winter so I try to use more moisturizer on my face and a color correcting tinted moisturizer. I also usually stick with neutral eye colors, but add a bit more browns and taupes in the fall instead of cream or nude. A little berry lip color adds that fall touch too! Whitney, Bella Vista, AR
  • I live in Phoenix, so my transition to fall is changing from pink to brown toenail polish to go with my flip flops. Sheryl, Phoenix, AZ

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