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Heating Things Up In The Cabin…

September 28, 2018


Erin Schrader

The temperatures are quickly falling outside while the heat inside is rising these days. Every morning the first thing I’ve been doing immediately proceeding getting out of bed is turning on the fireplace, grabbing a mug of coffee, a cozy blanket and cranking up the heat to take the edge off from the crisp morning. There’s just something so wonderful about the change in temperatures that brings in a new wave of excitement to the daily routine of warming up and cooling off.

As we’re getting more and more settled at the cabin, we’ve been looking for ways to make this place as cozy and comfortable as possible. With us not staying here full-time, keeping the temperature controlled at all times has been a little tricky. Currently myself and the LIY Team work a couple of days a week in this space, however, because somebody may not be there every day, knowing what to set the thermostat to has been a bigger annoyance than one would think. Do you want it warm 24/7? On the cooler side to save those dollar bills? You can see where things get a little tricky. Insert the Nest Learning Thermostat available now at Macy’s.

Here’s why I love it so much for our cabin [and why you would love it for your home]:

By using the Nest Learning Thermostat we are able to control the temperature of the inside of the cabin at ALL times [yes, even while we are away]. This means if I’m headed that direction on an unplanned office day I can quickly hop on my Nest app and crank up the heat or cool it off with air. As a fun bonus – it tells you just how many minutes it will take for your home to reach your desired temperature, both on the thermostat itself and in your app! Additionally, because it is a smart thermostat, you can set-up an auto-schedule where your home will automatically reach the temperature you want on any given day or time, based on your preferences and lifestyle. Example – we always have ours set to lower a few degrees during the night [avoiding those midnight hot flashes like the plague]. 

With just a turn of the hand, your home will be a pleasant place to be in no time. Additionally, the Nest Learning Thermostat  simply looks cool [available in three colors]…and if there are two people in our home who appreciate “looking cool” it’s these two.They are quickly becoming spoiled with all of these smart Nest and Google Home products we’re decking out the cabin in. The next item on the list? The Nest Hello [how fun is that video doorbell though?!] which will allow us to see and talk to anybody who approaches the cabin while we are there or not.

Whether upstairs or down, our cabin has never felt cozier. Gone are the days of walking in after being away for days on end to a freezing home. I love that Macy’s now has these Nest tech items for the home, reminding brides to be that it really is the perfect place to register thanks to the Macy’s Wedding Registry option! Whether you need to create a registry or find a registry, they are a prime destination for all of your new home needs. If you are approaching that exciting time in your life, be sure to turn to Macy’s Wedding Registry to deck your new environment out in all of the latest and greatest!

As for me and my cabin, we are loving these modern advances to a rather rustic space. Combining the old with the new…smart items, I like you.

Disclosure: Thank you to Macy’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Is the couch from Macy’s? I have a leather chair from Macy’s and it’s 14 years old in perfect condition the same color as the couch you have.

  2. Nice! Love something that just totally makes life easy. I love a rustic setting like a cabin, but I’m so with you on the modern conveniences. I would have been the world’s worst pioneer. Hands down, kicked off the wagon train. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I’ve really been thinking about one of these nest thermostats. It seems like such a great idea! Even in our home we live in full time, most of the day we aren’t home and I don’t really want to be paying to keep the house hot for no one buuuuut also want it to be cozy when I walk in the door.

  4. I totally want a smart thermostat. Ours is programmable, but it’s pretty difficult to figure it out. I’ll have to check this one out!

  5. Catherine Gibb says:

    Where did you get your couches? I love them! That’s exactly what I’m looking for?

  6. Dina Yuma says:

    Love everything you are doing to the cabin. Could you share where you got the rug in the livingroom? Love that Aztec print.

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