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How to Throw a Party Without Cleaning Your House // Flower Arranging Party

August 16, 2018


Becca Grabner

flower arranging partyIf I could sum up this time of year in one word, it would be hectic! Between trying to squeeze the last drop of goodness out of summer before it’s gone, kids starting school and shifting back into a new routine, life has become absolutely nuts for so many of us! With all you have going on, time set aside for you and your girlfriends is probably limited — but if you are anything like me, you still need it for your own sanity!

Each month the LIY Team and I [this is your gal, Becca by the way!] have been bringing you a preplanned party complete with recipes, activities, decor, invitations and so on, all wrapped up in a neat little blog post package so that you can hang out with your ladies without having to scour Pinterest for hours for theme ideas or the latest appetizer recipe. [Check out all the previous party ideas here]. With the extra craziness that this month brings, we wanted to present you with an easy, stress-free girlfriend get together that would not only require very little prep, but would also be a super fun treat for you and your besties!

So, without further adieu, here is what we propose for this month — find that one free night or afternoon on your calendar and learn something new with your girlfriends! There are so many wonderful local classes out there — cooking classes, pottery classes, wine and cheese pairing classes [yum] — or heck, even pole dancing classes! Take a look online to find what your city has to offer, and send a quick group text those gals who make you laugh, bring you joy, build you up and put a smile on your face! It’s as easy as that! A fun night to remember without the stress of planning or even cleaning your house!

marie grace floral designThe LIY Team looked at our local offerings and landed on taking a flower arranging class! We called up a local florist [Marie + Grace Floral Design is totally amazing by the way, check it out!] and set up a date for her to teach us all her magical ways! Some local teachers have their own venue for the classes, while others prefer to come to you — we opted this time for hosting the party ourselves.

farm tableOur set up for this fabulous party was pretty simple. First, we arranged the date for the party with the florist. She brought all the supplies, the beautiful and wonderful smelling flowers, and everything needed for the class. The only other prep on our part was food and drink. We kept it totally simple to not add unneeded stress to our busy schedules — and hope you will do the same! If you want food and drink at your party, ask the teacher of the class if they are providing it. If not, see if they would allow you to bring a bottle of wine and some snacks or if that isn’t allowed, you could go grab a cocktail and appetizers before the class. Simple and easy.

sherbert wine rosemary drinkflower arranging partyWe recycled a fave cocktail from our cocktail tasting party we threw in May because it is pretty like the flowers, absolutely delicious, and only takes 3 simple ingredients. Scoop some raspberry sorbet into a martini glass, pour over w your favorite bottle of bubbly and top it with a fresh sprig of rosemary! [Or for a mocktail version — which this preggo mama opted for — just sub the champagne with Sprite].

flower arranging partyAnd as for the food, it could not be simpler. We swung into a local bakery and picked up an assortment of sweet treats. Totally delicious, and took ZERO time and effort on our part! Perfect!

flower arranging flower arrangingflower arrangingflower arranging class flower arranging class flower arranging classWe all learned so much during our class — to start with greenery, add your filler pieces, and lastly your accents; how to give a fresh cut and keep the arrangement balanced. But most importantly, we laughed, drank our delicious cocktails, and had a really fun time — and our hands smelled like eucalyptus for the rest of the day, which in my book is a win!

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