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The Mattress of Our Dreams

July 3, 2018


Erin Schrader

If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you’ve probably noticed me talking about our new SleepFresh Bed that I am quickly becoming obsessed with. Yes, I’m obsessed with a bed. Insert adulthood. When shopping for mattresses for the master bedroom at the log cabin, I stumbled upon SleepFresh Bed, saw the words “temperature controlled” and was instantly hooked. For the past twelve years of my life, I have gone to bed freezing [we’re talking pants, socks, sweatshirts AND a heating pad] and Shawn goes to bed hotter than hot [stripped down to nearly nothing. hi mom!] The thought of bringing peace into the bedroom for once and for all was too good not to move forward with, so move forward I did.

What is a SleepFresh Bed you ask?

Like I mentioned above, it is a temperature controlled mattresses that offers EACH side their ability to control their temperature limits to their liking. There are five heat settings and five cool settings along with a neutral fan setting. This means I can heat my side up to drift off to sleep at the warm temperature I prefer and Shawn can cool his side down and we both wake up happy in the morning. Think of it as heated and air conditioned seats in your car. The Dual Zone Temperature is controlled one of two ways – either by the unit that comes with the bed [as pictured on the floor and yes, it can fit under the bed] or via bluetooth using your cell phone. One of the things I love the most is that you can set a timer for each side when changing the temperature setting so if I want it to only stay warm for an hour as I drift off to sleep, I set the timer to an hour.

Additionally, SleepFresh Bed offers a few different options when it comes to choosing the mattress of your choice. Between coil,  foam or latex, there is a comfort level for each body. Here’s the biggest thing that sold me on SleepFresh Bed – you can call or chat with a customer service rep and they will help you personalize the bed that is best for you. After speaking to one of their representatives, we were able to nail down based on Shawn and I’s weight, height and preferred comfort level that a latex mattress was the best for us [we like it a little more on the firm side]. Yes, I’m trying my hardest to not insert a “that’s what she said” comment here. ANYHOW. Not only do you have a choice on the size of your mattress, the type of mattress you want but you can also choose between a flat or adjustable base. Here’s the thing, I always thought of adjustable mattresses being for those who are 80+ but now that I’ve experienced being able to sit up and work on my laptop or watch TV, I’m sold. Both the head and foot sections of the bed can raise or lower which allow you to be at your max comfort level. Our SleepFresh Bed is truly the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on and I can’t wait to see how our bodies feel and improve after months of sleeping on this. 

What are the benefits of sleeping on a temperature controlled bed?

It’s incredible just how big of an impact temperature has on our sleep. Temperature is actually the number one disrupter of sleep which as you know, without a good night of sleep all heck can break lose. The ability to heat or cool your bed can be so helpful to those who have diabetes, neuropathy, epilepsy, high blood pressure and the list goes on. Additionally, for those of you who may be experiencing that wonderful thing known as menopause, hot flashes can become a lot more manageable when you are able to cool your bed down. Best bonus: Happy wife, happy life.

Are there any specials right now when purchasing a SleepFresh Bed?

Glad you asked 😉 YES! Right now if you use code USA5 you will receive $500 off any bed of your choice from now until the end of July. Additionally, if you mention Living in Yellow with your purchase, you’ll receive a free set of the recommended Tencel bed sheets. Now is the best time to buy as this is the biggest discount they have ever offered. I’d RUN if I were you…and then sleep for a long period of time on your new bed because running is exhausting.

What happens if I don’t love my SleepFresh Bed?

While I think you will love your bed, SleepFresh Bed does offer a 100 day sleep trial where if you are not satisfied with your bed within 30-100 days of sleeping on it, you can exchange or refund your bed. I love that this gives you the ability to try out a new mattress that could dramatically change your sleeping habits for almost zero risk.

How do I order my own SleepFresh Bed?

Easy! I’d start by calling 833-801-2994 to speak to customer service and get your preferred mattress type nailed down. Once you know the route you want to go, simply checkout on SleepFreshBed.Com! Your mattress will be delivered and installed [for free!] and be ready for you in no time to enjoy the sleep of your dreams!  If you have any questions about our own SleepFresh Bed ask them below and I’ll be sure to answer. I can’t wait for you to experience the same great sleep [at the temperature of your dreams] as well! Cheers to the best sleep you never knew existed!

Disclosure: Thank you to SleepFresh Bed for partnering on today’s post. I’m so thankful to work with brands I use and love!

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