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Our Summer Patio Space

May 30, 2018


Erin Schrader

There is nothing I love more than spending time outside on our patio. Over the past few years, we have done everything in our power to make our patio space a true oasis for us to relax and enjoy. On most days [especially mornings] you can find me outside either pulled up to the table, laptop in hand or under the umbrella fully horizontal on one of the chaise loungers. Crank those pool fountains on and I am set for life. We truly bought this house because of the outdoors [we live on a channel of a major river in our area] and so investing in this space made sense to us from a number of uses perspective. With that being said, however, it took some time [and work, lots of work] to get our patio in the condition it is today. Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane for a second to be reminded of what things looked like around here when we first bought our house several years ago…

And there she is in all of her beauty. It still baffles me that this was once our house when comparing it to what it looks like today. A fresh coat of paint on the brick [we went with White Duck by Sherwin Williams], a tree chopped down, a much larger concrete patio area poured, an inground pool installed, steps down to the water and anything else you can think of and it happened here. Every year was a new project over the past three years, but dare I say we are finally done….Now that all of the major projects are done, it’s a matter of just keeping it updated with current decor. I love to add a few new things every year [nothing major, it’s amazing what a $2 plate can do for a table or $10 water jug] so this year, I thought I’d share this space with you all over again with a few new finds for summer. Tour time, let’s do this…

table [on sale!] // umbrella [LOVE, on sale!] // similar chairs

We’ll start with the main patio space where you walk out to which houses both a conversation set and dining table. All pieces on this space our from Hayneedle as I have a major addiction with their outdoor furniture. I love that we have a space to eat and also a space to chill. The egg chair is my favorite seat in the house [or outside if we’re being technical] and this fire table has come in handy many cool summer and fall evenings.

egg chair with cushion // wicker loveseat and cushions // wicker chairs and cushions // fire pit tables // rug from Target last year // clock from a local vintage store // pillows from Target two years ago

tee [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // sunglasses // white jeans //similar planterswicker chairs and cushions //  pillow from Target two years ago

Moving over to the dining table, this is where it gets fun with Target’s outdoor dining accessories. I’m a sucker for a fun accessory or really anything from Target, so there’s that.  This year we picked up some new melamine [I think that’s a fancy word for plastic] plates, placemats, lanterns and a few other serving pieces. One more thing I should mention quickly – these umbrellas are our FAVORITE umbrellas we have ever owned. They have lights lining the underneath side of the umbrella which is solar powered, however, the umbrella has an on/off switch giving you full control when you want them on. They also tilt any direction you want, come in six colors [we have tuscan] and are under $100! Long story short, I love them and highly recommend. We bought this umbrella base because we believe in finding the sturdiest of sturdy umbrella bases apparently. TRY ME NOW WIND.

table [on sale!] // umbrella [LOVE, on sale!] // similar chairs
Opalhouse Round Starburst Placemat // dinner plates // Solar Lantern with Candle

What’s an outdoor space without a little bar cart action [correction – what’s a patio without a potting bench turned bar cart]? I love to have this space to house food and drinks when entertaining. Whether you use it for gardening or for cocktails [cocktails will always win that competition in my books] it’s such cute piece to add to your outdoor space. Another piece that is CRUCIAL for an outdoor patio? An outdoor trashcan. I know, exciting stuff, but holy lifesaver. Do you know how glorious it is to not have to track through the house everytime somebody has a piece of trash? One of those little things you may not always think about, but GENIUS.

potting bench // Opalhouse Plastic Beverage Dispenser // serving platter // Opalhouse Seagrass Woven Napkin Holder
Opalhouse Melamine Taco Holder // Floral Moscow Mule Mugs // Project 62 Brown Metal Weave Outdoor Lantern // outdoor trashcan

Alright, now that we got the whole dining area out of the way – let’s jump over [and in!] to the pool area. We had this inground pool installed the fall of 2016 so this will be our second summer being able to enjoy it and yes, it has been worth every single stinkin’ dollar. We spend most of our weekend days and some evenings during the week floating away and have never regretted one Corona I have drunk in this space. I am so glad we decided to have these cute little fountains installed when putting in the pool as it wasn’t much of an extra cost and the vibes it gives off is oh so fun.

Adirondack chairs // chaise lounge chairs // lounge cushions // umbrella

We went with these lounge chairs which have worked out perfectly for our lounging needs and then found these cushions at good ole Target to complete the space.

chaise lounge chairs // lounge cushions // umbrella // rug from Target last year

Tucked back behind our lounge chairs, we have our grilling area and a small little firepit with two additional Adirondack chairs to hang out in. We’ve got a thing for fires and sitting apparently. I love these Adirondack chairs as they are weather resistant, fold up for easy storage and are so comfortable.

light up anchor sign

And there we have it, friends. Our patio in its full glory for a new summer season ahead! Now the only question left to ask is who wants to come swim? See you in 3…2….splash.

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