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Wear Color Confidently // LIY Color Challenge

April 29, 2018


Erin Schrader

This blog was founded on happiness. A place where together we could look at the world through bright, cheerful, yellow colored glasses. I think that there is so much JOY around us when we pay attention and sometimes when it’s lacking, it’s up to US to bring that joy [and color] to the world. Hence the blog name, Living In Yellow. A simple principle founded by the fact that when I was feeling down and out, I would turn to yellow to put a little pep in my step. It was one particular yellow sweater that still comes to the top of my mind which was my go-to for all of those gray Indiana days, “that” time of the month, etc. That sweater was just the ticket for stepping up my cheerful game when I needed it most. It’s amazing what a simple color can do for our spirits sometimes.

It’s interesting to me how often color can be associated with intimidation, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. But here’s the thing – I don’t think we were called to live a life wearing only black, gray and white. Shouldn’t we sometimes want to put ourselves out there just a little bit, make a statement in a room or at the very least be able to look in the mirror and smile because that bright orange dress really does illuminate your smile perfectly? For the month of May, I am challenging YOU to set aside some of your color fears and branch out for a bit. And with that, I introduce you to the Living In Yellow Color Challenge.

Join me as we embark on a 5-week series to bring out your best side and learn which colors really do suit you best [you know what they say – you don’t know until you try]! Here’s how it will work – in today’s blog post I will present the 5 different colors in this challenge, broken down by the week that we will be rockin’ that particular color [every week is a different color]. You’ll see the outfit I put together based on the color at hand and then you’ll see a widget with lots of different clothing, shoe and jewelry options in that same color! I encourage you to look for something [this could be as simple as digging through your closet] or purchasing an item that sparks your interest to try. Then, each week on social media you’ll see me wearing that week’s color a few different days and you will have the chance to post your own photos rockin’ the same color! Use the hashtag #LIYColorChallenge. as we will be searching on both Facebook and Instagram and will be sending random surprise gifts to those who participate. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to get us all out of our comfort box a little bit, try something new and learn what you look and feel best in. I dare to believe that you may just fall in love with wearing color along the way.

Now, let’s get this challenge officially kicked off!

Week One [May 1st – May 5th]: LAVENDER 

You have probably seen lavender, lilac or ultraviolet popping up everywhere these days. All things purple are the rage right now and I can’t say I’m mad about it. It is such a fresh color and makes for either a great statement piece or can easily be incorporated into your accessories! To try this trend, I went with a great pair of lavender pants [sounds like a fun nickname] and to keep the outfit tamed down, paired it with a basic gray tank and some cute little sandals.

tank [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // pants [true to size] // sandals [true to size, wearing in rose] // leather earrings [wearing in size medium]

Week Two [May 6th – 12th]: YELLOW
I would venture to guess that yellow is most people’s least favorite color to wear [good job branding yourself there Erin] BUT I think it can be one of the most FUN colors to wear. Yellow means joy and happiness – there isn’t anything to not love about it. From shades ranging from mustard, pale, neon and more – there is a yellow that I think can work for almost everybody! Instead of just pants, I also opted for a top with some yellow in it as well. Why limit yourself to just one piece of yellow when you can have it all?
similar top [true to size, wearing in XS] // pants [size up if in between] // nude heels [true to size] // leather earrings [wearing in size medium]

Week Three [May 13th – 19th]: BLUE

As crazy as this may sound, I often find blue to be one of the most challenging colors to wear, especially when it comes to tops. I think blue can be tricky when it comes to pairing with denim jeans, however, there are so many other ways to rock this color and when it comes to wearing white jeans, there isn’t a better color top to pair with them! From navy to baby, there is a shade of blue for everybody! To experiment with this color trend, I turned to the comfiest dress alive and combined it with a little bit of blush to make the perfect spring look [or you know, as a guest to baby gender reveal party and I want to stay neutral to both options].

dress [size down if in between, wearing in small but could have done XS] // converse [true to size] // similar crossbody // leather earrings [wearing in size medium]

Week Four [May 20th – 26th]: Poppy
This is another color that is popping [pun intended] up everywhere! It is the perfect mix of orange/red/coral which all of those colors can be very frightening for a lot of people to wear. Two words – try it. I have become a little bit of obsessed with this color and even designed several of the Gibson x Living In Yellow pieces in this shade! Before you knock it, you should definitely give something in this color a try – if a clothing piece is too much for you, bring it into your accessories or shoes! I decided to go big and wore it over my entire body in this adorable little dress.

Dress [true to size, wearing in 2] // shoes [true to size] // leather earrings [wearing in size medium]

Week Five [May 27th – 31st]: Green

Last but not least, green has to be one of my all-time favorite colors to wear! Whether it be emerald, kelly, teal, olive, I don’t care – if it’s green, I’ll wear it. It can be such a flattering color on so many skin tones, I highly encourage you to try a shade of it if you haven’t already. Whether you weave it into your clothing or accessories, there is no wrong way to wear green in my opinion!
top [true to size, wearing in small] // white jeans [true to size] //shoes [true to size] // clutch // leather earrings [wearing in size medium]

And that concludes the LIY Color Challenge! Who’s ready to wear a little color and brighten up their lives with us?! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LIYColorChallenge for your chance to be featured and/or win a fun little goodie from us! Here’s to stepping out of our comfort zones and living that colorful life! Ready, set, GO!

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  1. Karen Sisk says:

    Amen on the blue! I struggle with pairing it with denim too!

  2. Melanie says:

    Oh man, I just bought the cutest lavender top today, but… it’s maternity and I haven’t been spreading the news on fb/ig yet! Maybe I can take it from behind to hide my little bump. ????

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