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February 1, 2018


Erin Schrader

Back when I started this blog I needed a name to call it, just like all blogs do [side note – naming your blog is one the hardest parts in starting!] While I was sitting at my desk brainstorming ideas [SEVEN years ago TODAY, whoa], I saw a yellow sweater hanging in the closet and instantly I thought “YELLOW! I have to use yellow in the name!” Why you may ask? Well, allow me. You see – whenever I thought I may need a little extra dose of happy for the day [warning signs for this consisted of the typical stuff – starting my period, grey Indiana skies, or things like Mondays] I would turn to wearing yellow to bring a little joy to my outfit. There’s something about yellow that just screams happy. Some assume that yellow must be my favorite color and while yes, I like it, I like what it radiates more – joy, happiness and sunshine [something we are severely lacking in February around these parts]. Technically speaking I think of my blog name translation to be “living with joy” but “living in yellow” seemed a little bit more mysterious 😉

To celebrate both seven official years of blogging and to infuse happiness into all of our days during this sometimes dreadful February month, we came up with #28daysofyellow. A fun and easy to way to document the everyday moments in your life that bring a smile to your face. To join, it’s simple – all you have to do is share a picture on Instagram or Facebook and include the hashtag #28daysofyellow. No, whatever you are photographing doesn’t have to be yellow in color but it does have to be something that makes your day just a little bit better. Maybe it’s that glass of wine at 9 pm, the surprise visit from your sister or that piece of cheese just staring you in the face – whatever it is, snap a photo and share! I think you’ll quickly realize how much happiness is all around when you when you start to look for it. As an added bonus, there may be a good chance that we will be randomly picking people to send little gifts to who have participated in this fun #28daysofyellow to continue the smiles all around!

Who’s ready to live in yellow with me? It’s time to make this world a little more colorful….

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