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Name Your New Favorite Tee!

January 8, 2018


Erin Schrader

As some of you may or may not know, I am in the works of collaborating with Gibson Look to create a Living In Yellow clothing line that will be launching at Nordstrom.com on March 8th! Excited is an understatement. While there is so much more to share on this project [don’t worry, I’ll be doing so over the next couple of months], one of my main goals for this line is to get you, the reader, involved in it as much as possible! One fun way to do this is to let you name the basic tee that will be included in the line. Don’t be fooled – when I say basic, I really mean a dream. If you are a lover of soft, non-sheer, longer length perfect tee’s this one will absolutely be a most worn item in your wardrobe.

When naming all of the other pieces, I chose names of women in my life that I love and admire. For this particular tee, we thought it would be fun to choose a woman’s name that embodies one of the characteristcs of women that we admire! Below you will see our choices along with what it means! Whatever name wins will be what it’s called! Get your voting fingers ready, we’re ready for you! 

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  1. Kim rowe says:

    Can’t wait to see the collection so excited for you

    • Andrea says:

      Since 2017 was a year that women across the country stood up to harressment and sexual misconduct , I think it is fitting to call it Matilda women are strong

  2. Donna Mollin says:

    I thought u wanted us to come up with a name, so I was thinking g of tenacity. In any case I picked felicity for happiness.

  3. Leah Crouse says:

    Hey Erin and LIY team! I love that you are doing your own collaboration clothing line! So cool! I mean, if you need a tall girl to show off your perfect white tee or other pieces, I wouldn’t be opposed.????❤️

  4. Linda Serro says:

    When you post examples of tees, I always think of this word.

  5. Brenda says:

    Like other comments, this should be Felici-tee 🙂

  6. Maru says:

    I chose Eloise also because it makes me think of the always spunky girl in the children’s books.

  7. Stacy Allen says:

    Felicity. That is my youngest daughters name.

  8. Monica Scanlan says:

    Felicity would be a great name because of the play on words. Felicitee(shirt). Love LIY! How about some pieces for petites? Maybe a petite model too.

  9. Emily Morgan says:

    Re: choosing the name for yout t-shirt….My 3 year-old daughter is Ellie (Elise, full name). I was estatic to see in on your list. No brainer for this proud mama of a carefree, happy, beautiful little girl!

  10. Cheri Heverly says:

    The right tee = happiness!

  11. TRACIE GLEASON says:


  12. Lisa Young says:

    The “Ellie T” just rolls off the tongue!

  13. Paula says:

    LOVE the choices of names!!!! I may be biased, but I’m rooting for Felicity…that’s my daughter’s name, and she’ll be 1 in March. (Matilda was also a contender for a girl’s name too) Can’t wait to hear the results!

  14. Carla Judd says:

    I just th8nk Eloise is an amazing name for a shirt!

  15. Mindy Case says:

    I would choose Athena
    Greek goddess for wisdom, what smart beautiful woman wouldn’t want the perfect tee!!!!
    My second choice would be Eloise.
    Excited to see the line. Congratulations!

  16. Mary Fowler says:

    Strong women love strong working tees!

  17. Kasey says:

    Name a piece Time’s Up! It would rock!!

  18. Karen Brockmeier says:

    Happiness is a life goal!

  19. Carrie Rose says:

    Ellie just sounds simple, clean, essential. Like a basic tee should be!

  20. Susan Jeffries says:

    So excited for you! This line looks like it will have some simple, classic pieces – my favorite!!

  21. Debbie Gregory says:

    I too love all the features you describe in a tee. Can’t wait to see how well your line does!

  22. Sandi says:

    So excited for you and just so happens that March 8th is my birthday so I guess I will have to buy my birthday present from your new ling.

  23. Lisa says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting and I can’t wait to see what you have. I love your style!

  24. Marlene says:

    So excited for you Erin & LIY team! March 8 makes me happy too, because it’s my birthday! ???? Can’t wait to see the fabulous clothing you designed!

  25. Maria R says:

    Another vote for Felicity ????
    And, congrats, Erin!!! I am so excited for this!

  26. Lorraine says:

    MATILDA! Strong!!!!!

  27. Heidi says:

    Matilda cause it’s my confirmation name ☺️

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