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Creating A [FUN!] Work Wardrobe Capsule

October 13, 2017


Erin Schrader

I remember the black pants, closed toe pumps and simple button-up shirt office days. In fact, I was the QUEEN of black pants. It’s literally all I wore. I wore them so much the hems would fall out which would result in staples, black sharpie markers and waaa-la, brand new black pants over and over again 😉 It’s always great when you are in a professional setting and the person next to you leans over and whispers “are those staples in your pants?!” Why, yes, yes it is sir.

In my quest to save you from those rather boring 9-5 outfits, I turned to Boden to spice things up [side note: this is not a sponsored post, I am just mildly, also read obnoxiously, obsessed with the brand] and put together a little work capsule wardrobe for you. To make it a little more fun, I went with what should be known as my signature color, yellow, to create said capsule. It’s yellow’s world, I’m just living in it. One thing to note when going through this post – yellow may not be your color and that’s okay [I’ll pretend it is anyhow] but the good news is Boden has a ton of other equally amazing colors you could do this with [ie: fallen fruit or melon crush]. The key takeaway shouldn’t be the exact items themselves, however, the different ideas on pieces that you can put together despite all odds you may have originally thought. Let’s just say this, I was all “no, no way can you put that together” when I started styling these items and then as soon as they were on I was all “omg! this may just be my most favorite outfit I’ve ever worn!” Mind was blown. Well done clothes, well done. Two more quick things to note before we jump headfirst into this workwear wardrobe – First of all, yes Boden is a little on the pricier side but holy.cow. the quality of their pieces is unlike anything I’ve ever purchased and that’s a fact jack. So incredibly well made and I love how every piece feels like it was taken the extra mile between the stitching, the little details on the inside of the pieces and just the way everything fits and feels. Which leads me to my next point, because this is European sizing, I do have to size up in everything. If you’re normally a 6, you’ll probably be an 8 in their items. I am normally a 2 in tops/dresses/skirts and I am a 4 in all things Boden. Right now you can use code 8JUN to save 20% on all dresses, tops and t-shirts and 10% off everything else! Okay, FINALLY. Let’s get started!

For this capsule wardrobe, I purchased 1 top, 1 sweater, 1 skirt, 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, 1 jacket and 1 pair of heels. Out of those items, I created 10+ different looks. The power of a capsule, I tell you, it’s magic! I love how much FUN resides in these outfits – peace out staples, we’ve got a new kid in town.

Look number one = Shirt + Skirt + Heels  Look number two = Shirt + Skirt + Heels + Jacket  Look number three = Cashmere SweaterShirt + Skirt + Heels + Necklace Look number four = Cashmere Sweater + Skirt + Heels + NecklaceLook number five = Cashmere Sweater + PantsHeels + Necklace Look number six = Cashmere Sweater + PantsHeels + Jacket + NecklaceLook number seven = Shirt + PantsHeels Look number eight = Shirt + PantsHeels + JacketLook number nine = Cashmere Sweater + Shirt + PantsHeelsLook number ten = DressHeels + Necklace Look number eleven = DressHeels + JacketNecklace Look number eleven = Cashmere Sweater + DressHeels + Necklace  Look number twelve = DressSkirt + Heels + Necklace  Told you it was magic. It’s amazing what you can do with a few staple pieces and a little bit of creativity. Well ladies, your black pants glory days are over – have fun and light that office up in the most fashionable way possible. Your co-workers are already envious…

photos shot by tina herschberger photography

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