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Color Schemes + Outfits For Fall Family Photos

October 19, 2017


Becca Grabner

Let’s be real here — family photos can be a headache. You shuffle the schedule 13 times and finally find a one hour time slot where none of your kids have soccer practice or piano lessons, your hubby’s favorite baseball team doesn’t have a “super important” game, you don’t have book club and This is Us is not on tv — only to have to reschedule with your photographer because of inclement weather. And after you have found a new date, made sure everyone in the fam is free, the last thing you really want to think about is what in the world the entire family is going to wear in these photos that you are going to hang on your wall for 10 years and will be sending to everyone and their mother in the form of a Christmas card.

After being a part of the Living in Yellow team for 9 months [this is Becca by the way], I have come to realize that this might be a scenario you find yourself in. So many of you have reached out asking “What in the heck should we wear for family photos?” — you ask, we answer! We have compiled 6 different color schemes for you to choose from — and not only that, but we have provided clothing choices for EVERY member of your family [look for the arrows for even more options!] Hopefully, we take a little bit of the guesswork out of family photos so that you can focus on more important things, like what kind of candy would best bribe your toddler to actually smile in the photos.

Made up of plum, mustard and army green, this color scheme screams fall!

For a color scheme that will blend in well with your home decor [remember, you are probably hanging this on your living room wall] give neutrals like brown, camel and grey a try!

This color scheme is almost monochromatic and is an easy color for anyone to pull off! Try mixing dark green, medium green and ivory!

Willing to try something out of the box? Try this fun colorful mix of orange, mustard and dusty aqua!

Classic with a twist is how I would describe this complementary color scheme. The orange accents will pop when mixed with navy and chambray pieces!

Your family will be looking sharp when they wear this classy color scheme of burgundy, grey and black!
Hope you found some inspiration from the color schemes above! What color scheme are you using for your family photos? If you use any of the above, please send us pictures — we would LOVE to see them!

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