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May 17, 2017


Erin Schrader

Every once in awhile I like to do these “currently I’m” posts, mostly because it involves basically zero creativity and brain power, which is apparently what I’m going for 24/7 these days when it comes to blog land. Gosh I suck. I think I’ve said it 1,383 times but I’ll say it for the 1,384th time – I really do want to take this blog back to what it used to be. What was that you ask? Fun! And funny! And had real life moments contained in it! So much so that I would be able to look back a year later and know pretty much everything that was going on in our lives at that point in time. Come next year, I am going to be so screwed if I try to recall what was happening in the year 2017. At least I will be able to remind myself how to wear Converse 😉

In a very small effort to return to the everyday life I’m going to bust this currently thing out right now and see where it takes us..let’s begin!
+ Crying about Ben and Lauren.
yes, we were best friends – no, I don’t want to talk about it right now #toomanyemotions
You guys, not only was I going to be their flower girl in the wedding [the wedding that was never going to happen] I now owe a friend $100 for losing a bet that they would stay together forever. Here’s the deal guys, Ben is legit. Lauren likes booty shots on Instagram. And I’m not saying there is anything wrong with booty shots necessarily, I’m just saying I think Ben prefers something a little different. Here’s the other problem – I freaking loved Lauren when we met her. She was so real and nice and funny and stinkin’ adorable. SO WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? Ben, come home to Indiana where you belong. Ugh, next subject please.
+ Soaking up the best part of the day, which in my opinion is the morning. Preferably between 6:30-9:30 or so. We can all agree this part of the day is magical right? This may be because of coffee, but I also think because it feels like the world is still quiet and that nobody else is really doing much during this time so it’s like a free pass to be as lazy/relaxed as you want to be. At least that’s how I look at it. To celebrate this time, I’m sitting outside in a lounge chair drinking that cup of joe, dogs locked up in their playpen next to me and writing this post. It looks a little something like this…
obsessed with these pants
+ Nervous that my computer is about to die which means this perfect little situation will have to be taken inside where I can plug this bad boy in and then MY DAY WILL BE RUINED. That’s a joke. Kinda.
+ Thinking that I should probably get my crap together for tonight’s pool party/cookout with friends. I have this thing recently where I like to wait until approximately one hour before any event to get prepped for it. Some call this stupidity, I call it ulcer inducing. Good work Erin!

+ Setting a goal to use my regular camera more this summer. The iPhone has ruined me.+ Listening to The Chainsmokers. So here’s my question – do we think they are actually addicted to smoking?

+ Behind on literally everything in life. Emails, calls to friends, shaving my legs, Stitch Fix returns, you name it, I’m not doing it. At what point do you hit rock bottom and make a change? I’ve gotta be getting close…

+ Loving these dweebs like crazy. They may be awnry, but they sure are cute. They may also decide to vomit all over me [this happened yesterday and I will forever be traumatized] but they do have a few redeeming qualities, like when they sleep! Gosh I love them so much when they sleep!

+ Can’t stop watching Thomas Rhett’s IG stories with their new adopted daughter. Maybe this is why I am no longer getting anything done. Between her cuteness and Thomas’s voice, I really just can’t handle it. What I am trying to say is that I want to be his adopted daughter.

+ Excited about the macaroni salad I am about to go dominate [at 8:20 am]. Gotta get that beach bod ready one way or another 😉

And on that note, I’m outta here…those noodles aren’t going to eat themselves! Peace out.

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