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Your Boobs Will Thank Me For This [Bra Talk]

March 22, 2017


Erin Schrader

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “what is your favorite go-to bra?!” It’s evident that we care more about making our boobs look good and feel great, rather than what we should make for dinner that night. I’m not sure why bras have been such a tricky thing over the years, but I think we can all agree that finding the perfect bra that fits great, makes your ladies stay where you want them to stay and are so comfortable you don’t even realize you are wearing them is virtually impossible.

At least it was until a year or two ago when my girlfriend introduced me to ThirdLove and my bra game changed forever. Initially, she told me about the 24/7 t-shirt bra because of how incredibly comfortable and smooth they are. I decided to give it a shot because I am allllll about the betterment of my breasts and girlfriends, it did not let me down. It is one of those bras that makes me want to walk around saying “look mom! no lines!” or of course, the classic Christmas Vacation reference of “can’t see the lines can you Russ?” Basically, I’m a ball of fun when strapped in. Being able to find my true fit before ordering helped a heck of a ton [that was an inconspicuous way for me to tell you to make sure you take the true fit finder quiz before ordering, you’re welcome].

After a year of swearing by the t-shirt bra it dawned on me that ThirdLove most likely makes other incredible bras and without tooting my own horn, I was right. It happens very infrequently, I have to call attention to it when it does. When I saw their new racerback bra I couldn’t stop with the “oooooh, I think my boobs would like you” mostly because is the prettiest bra I’ve actually ever laid my eyes on. The lace detail in the back makes it for the perfect bra to pair with either open back tops or dresses and the front clasp closure provides a new challenge for Shawn [this is a joke, we don’t do those things children who are reading]. If you need a bra for all of your cute summer tops, look no further than right here.

Speaking of bras for the summer, yes, they do have a strapless bra and yes, I own it and wear it! Finding a strapless bra that stays put is like finding the piece of macaroni noodle that you just dropped in your furry dog’s hair. It’s hard, believe me [it actually happens often, don’t ask]. Other favorite bras you ask? Well you see, on days when you feel like feeling a little bit like a sex pot, they have the perfect contour plunge bra that allows you dive a little deeper on your clothing options while not revealing the parts of your chest that are supposed to remain a secret.

Long story short, if you come to me and ask about my favorite everyday bras, my answer has been and will always be ThirdLove. If you’re into panties [underwear, undergarments, whatever the appropriate term is for those things] they also make sexy little undies that are super comfortable and cute for your pleasure as well! The best part of all? You can click over to ThirdLove to read up on the breast shape dictionary, bra styling guide, and take the Fit Finder quiz to find your perfect fit and style. Bonus: once you finish the quiz, you can even try a ThirdLove bra for free for 30 days! I have a good feeling you won’t be disappointed, but hey – your boobs, not mine.

Anybody else out there swear by these beloved bras? If so, I’d like to think our boobs are celebrating together 😉 Okay that was weird, on that note – gotta go…yaaaaaaay for boobs.

disclosure: Thank you to ThirdLove for partnering together for today’s post. I love working with brands that I have worn and sworn by for years!

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