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August 20, 2015


Erin Schrader

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This whole “blogging for money” topic has been on my mind a lot recently. When I wake up in the morning, when I sit silent at dinner and when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. It all started a few days ago when I received a message on Facebook that mentioned how I’ve lost them as a reader – that I used to write about personal stories but now with every blog post I’m promoting a sponsor or product. They obviously preferred the personal stories [as per anybody] but finished the comment with “maybe one day you’ll understand…”

My first reaction was to get angry because I felt like I needed to defend myself about how I do understand and HOW DARE HER. But then I remembered that I had just written a post about using our words for good and how love wins so I bit my tongue and responded back by saying how much I appreciate the feedback and that she is exactly right – my blog has become a lot more sponsored than it had ever been before and while I don’t exactly love that about it, I have chosen that. To go along with that I also made the comment how as soon as my mortgage company will allow me to pay my monthly payment with a personal story I will end all sponsored stuff. Because here’s the deal – whether you like it or not, my blog is my business. It is my job. It is my source of income. And because of that, I have to make money off it it because I have chosen that for myself and my career.

Last night as Shawn was getting home from work and I was in the kitchen making dinner I felt myself verging on tears as I had just read another comment from a loyal reader about how my blog feels like a big commercial sometimes. As I started explaining how I was feeling to him and started questioning whether or not I should make money from blogging he kindly reminded me that this is what I do now. I’ve either got to make it here or I need to make it somewhere else. And by somewhere else that means working 40 hours a week for somebody other than myself [no thanks]. He proceeded to go on about how no justification is needed when it comes to this. We don’t question others making a living from showing up to their place of employment so why should we here? And then I started reflecting on this journey – what it started out as, where it has led me to, how it has evolved, the places it has allowed me to go, the products and brands I have been introduced to, the people it has allowed me to meet, etc. And while yes, I agree that sometimes things do feel less personal around here it’s still a place I love to come back to daily to write, share, laugh and store not just memories of things happening day to day but a whole period of time that I can look back on and say “remember when I had that really awesome job that allowed me to drink wine at 2 pm on a Tuesday in sweatpants while still providing a way for us to live?!?” So cool. After this conversation and reflecting on it all I was filled up with so much joy and gratitude. This was all obviously proceeded by singing loudly in my kitchen while doing the robot because gosh, revelations are worth celebrating.

I am so thankful to those of you who started out with me in the beginning and still check back from time to time – I know things have changed some and while I am always looking for ways to bring more balance into this space I am so grateful that opportunities like this exist for anybody willing to put in the work. I promise to never stop weaving my own stories and daily happenings in this space. 1160 posts later, it’s amazing I still have an ounce of anything left to talk about but I have hope – as long as periods are still a thing and male country singers still get my body a little hot we should be okay.

Whatever you are doing – do it confidently. Listen to those around you who love you well, be open to criticism and look for ways to grow, be smart, and always remember this – work is work, it isn’t always going to be easy and it’s certainly not always fun. There are people out there admiring your efforts and passion for whatever it may be. Know why you are doing what you are doing and press on.

And on that long note, lets get personal – any questions you’d like to ask that I can answer in a post soon? Whether it be about blogging for an income, house remodel updates, my horrible diet, etc – I’d love to hear it! Ask below in the comments and I’ll put that baby together asap. In the mean time, please enjoy my first ever q&a post that took place back in 2012 (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat)! According to that sucker I should have a child by now. Oops. Off to go work on that if you know what I mean….wink.

ps. it should also be noted that while I may say “yes” often to opportunities presented to me, I will continue to only say “yes” to those that I am 100% confident in sharing with you all. If I’m ever blogging about stirrups or fishing bait, you know we have a problem.

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