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Wear: The Infamous LBD

May 29, 2014


Erin Schrader

necklace: metal marvels [use code LIYSPECIAL for 25% off] // dress: target
 [photo credit house of harkless]

There is nothing I love more [other than sweatpants] than a great little black dress. Always flattering, always in style, and always the right amount of “enough”. While the black dress is a main contender in creating the perfect look, it’s the accessories that make it what it is. It’s kinda like Luke Bryan without his hip thrusting. Sure, he is fine without it…but with it, drool is formed. Make sense now? 
When I found this necklace I knew that I had to have it. Partly because it’s awesome and partly because I would be an idiot not to own it. I like to remain off the idiot list as often as possible [which is basically never] so fortunately, I had no choice but to own it. I’m not sure if you have shopped at metal marvels before but it’s rather what I like to call, dangerous. Take this headband for example. Have I ever worn a little number like this before in my hair? No. Do I absolutely 100% without a doubt need to try it now that I found this? Duh. Hence my previously stated dangerous comment. I MEAN HOW CUTE WOULD THIS BE IN YOUR HEAD? Exactly.
Katie, the owner of this fabulous store would like to take a minute or two to share a little more with you. She may or may not have a thank you gift in return 😉 But seriously, time to sparkle up your life. YOLO baby.

“Hi lovely ladies! Thank You for taking the time to read about us from the amazing Erin. My name is Katie and Metal Marvels is my love child. I am a one woman show trying to make my dreams come true. That dream is to bring you all gorgeous and fun jewelry that doesn’t break your bank. Creating a jewelry wardrobe doesn’t have to empty your wallet and that’s what I aim to do! I strive to buy beautiful, unique jewelry that’s easily affordable for you. In real terms, every piece is under $25 and there’s a wide variety to choose from! We have quirky earrings, bracelets, rings, knuckle rings, and necklaces await you in the store, so click HERE to browse and snap up that special piece calling to you! My dream is to make these fun, flirty beauties in limited quantities — 5 per item at the most — so your jewelry is yours, not yours and a million others too. Make sure you head to the store and check out what we have for you! Oh and follow us on Instagram for specials, new arrivals, selfies and pretty stuff! You’ll see cool things like when Courtney Crozier from the Biggest Loser season 11 shared a collage about how much she loves our stuff, ummmm HELLO #fangirling ! Use the special code LIYSPECIAL to get 25% off everything and enter the giveaway below to win $25 to the store!”

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