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Awkward And Awesome [Wednesday?]

May 21, 2014


Erin Schrader

It has been a long time coming since I have done one of these awkward and awesome posts. Typically they would happen on Thursdays because that is apparently when all things awkward and awesome are supposed to be talked about in blog world, however I have always been one to break the rules. I think I thought that awkward things just stopped happening to me all of a sudden so I stopped writing about them. Turns out I just got far too comfortable with awkward things happening to notice them. Lets begin.


1. Eating a giant hot dog in public. For reasons I don’t need to go into. 
2. Having your neighbor boy wait on you to strap your bra and put your tank top straps back on over your shoulders before fetching his football that landed in your yard. I’m pretty sure no boob was exposed in the process of this but if it was, you’re welcome kid. 
3. Starting your period. At work. While not wearing underwear. And then having to explain to a fellow co-worker why no, you can’t go out to lunch anymore. You probably didn’t need to know any part of this story but now you do. Congratulations. My parents are so proud. 
4. Trying to say something smart but pronouncing it completely wrong. I fall victim to this constantly and it’s starting to get old. Somebody order me hooked on phonics already. Please.  
5. My face in this photo according to my husband. I believe the word “hideous” was used when describing what he thought it looked like. “YOU CAN’T POST THAT ON YOUR BLOG!” 
[not hideous is the top I’m wearing from Sugar Love Boutique–use code yellow for 25% off]
Looks like I can sucker. 

1. Fresh pineapple all day every day. Along with ice cream, beer, corn on the cob, and every type of pasta on the planet. 
2. Tan lines that I seem to be accruing daily. Somebody remind me to not sit outside every day this Summer. Somebody also remind me to not listen to that somebody who tells me that. IT’S 80 DEGREES PEOPLE! CELEBRATE! 
3. Wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row. 
Sugar Love Boutique // again, use code yellow for 25% off [i would buy this top too if i were you]
I totally did that this weekend with this top. It’s almost too comfortable and hides everything too well which in return makes my mind believe that “YES! You should order the hamburger stuffed with cheese and a side of fries with ranch!!!” Okay shirt, fine. I will. And so I did. And that was awesome too. 
4. The 21 Day Fix. That’s the workout I’m doing in the morning with my sister and a friend. Each day is a different DVD ranging from arms, to legs, to pilates, to cardio, to abs, to yoga, to more cardio, etc. The best part is each DVD is 30 minutes. And no this isn’t a sales pitch, I’m just telling you should do it because I love it. Carry on now. 
5. A new job on the side I recently picked up. I will share more in a few days but for now all you need to know it is that no, it’s not prostitution and yes, I will still be blogging. I knew you were hoping for one of the two. Fingers crossed that it was the second option and not the first. Plus, I go to bed at 9 pm. Prostitution and I would never get along well. 
That’s all I’ve got today peeps. Remember that Wednesday is your last and final day to order this month’s Love, Yellow items. The good news is that you can now purchase each item separately if you so desire. Check out miss chic for more information and to place your order, remember it’s today only.

I’m off to go create more little bits of awesomeness. And by that I mean pray somebody trips and falls in front of me so that I can write about it in next weeks awkward section. 
[photos in this post courtesy of house of harkless]

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