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A New Me

May 19, 2014


Erin Schrader

A few things to note as of recent…I have started working out at 6:00 am, every.single.day [yes, that includes Saturday and Sunday]. This means that every morning my cell phone wakes me up at 5:45 which is as lame and miserable as it sounds. However, by 6:15 I am convinced it is the best decision I have ever made. Clearly while my body is functioning correctly at this hour, my brain isn’t. While I have started this new routine, my food intake has stayed the same which includes hot dogs smothered in pulled pork AND macaroni and cheese for lunch. I also still choose beer over water at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon. Balance is key friends and I’ve got it. Fortunately I do think the working out thing has helped sculpt my arms a tiny bit and a few of my pants actually button now which is a weird concept. To celebrate the buttoning of the pants I went out and bought a pair of new running shoes. I also hosted a pants buttoning ceremony in front of my dog but that’s another story for another day. I bought these suckers at Kohls only because I had Kohls Cash [aka gold], a 30% off coupon, and store credit. Basically they paid me to buy them. Allow me to introduce you…blog, shoes. Shoes, blog. 
Anyhow I haven’t used them yet but I am sure I will be a running marathon next week because of them. Stay tuned for that update [so basically never expect to hear the word marathon again on this blog]. 
In other news, I have a little lady I would like to introduce to you today if you haven’t met her yet. Let me give you a few hints–she has really pretty eyelashes, flawless skin, and wears the perfect shade of lip gloss. If you still don’t know, here we have her. 
Told you. That would be Ashley from The Grits Blog. I actually discovered a year or so ago when Helene was polling for the best blogger of the year. Ashley’s blog was mentioned over and over again so I knew I had to check her out. Now I know why her blog was thrown into the mix multiple times. From beauty to food to blog design, she covers it all. Throw in her hubby and precious doggies and you’ve got the whole package. 

Ashley is a natural beauty inside and out and has always been an uplifting face in the blogosphere for me and many others. Heck, if she lived closer you better believe I would drag her butt out of bed to workout at 6 am with me [true love really]. Make sure to pay Ashley a visit and say hello. If there is one thing we as humans like more than anything it is love and attention. Lets give some of that up. In return, she has something to give back to you. If are into Sephora and ad space, today is your lucky day. Enter the giveaway below and don’t forget to take advantage of the code below for a discount on all ad space and blog design!

I’m off to go on a run take a nap.

Use code IHEARTGRITS for 25% off all ad spaces and blog design 

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